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White Dental Fillings in Southwark, SE1

White amalgam-free fillings offer an aesthetically-pleasing and practical solution for restoring decayed teeth. At London Bridge Dental Practice, our white fillings are designed to match your natural teeth for a beautiful smile.

Getting White Fillings
If you have a cavity, it is crucial to remove the decay to prevent it from spreading throughout the tooth. Before we apply the white filling, we carefully remove any plaque or decay from the tooth and thoroughly clean the cavity. We then use clean compressed air to dry the area, and we apply a specialised adhesive gel to bond the filling in place.

Your dentist will colour-match composite resin to your tooth shade and apply it to the prepared cavity in thin layers. A special light is used to cure and harden the composite layers and adhere it to the tooth.

Once the filling is in place, both the tooth and filling are shaped and polished to achieve a seamless appearance. Your dentist will ask you to bite down on articulating paper to ensure your bite alignment is correct.

Repair and Restore Your Teeth with White Fillings
The tooth-coloured composite resin is easy to work with and highly malleable so it can be used to reshape your teeth. Composite is an ideal restoration solution for small chips and gaps.

The Pros and Cons of White Fillings

  • Tooth-Friendly

The composite adheres directly to your teeth, so less grinding and drilling are required to achieve the right fit.

  • Realistic Appearance

The composite resin can be custom-matched to the shade of your tooth and is easily shaped, giving your smile a more natural look.

  • Safer than Amalgam

Mercury-amalgam fillings have been known to slowly leech heavy metals into the body leading to a host of health issues. Composite resin is a benign substance that won’t expand or leak, making it a safer restorative option.

If you have cavities, call the experienced team at London Bridge Dental Practice on 0207 407 1920 to book your appointment for a white filling and preserve the health of your smile.

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