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Cosmetic Braces | Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment allows you to correct any jagged teeth you might have, but it can be a bother to wear such cumbersome appliances for long periods of time. Traditional braces can complicate matters of dental hygiene, and cause discomfort in those wearing them. Worse, metal braces are immediately noticeable upon first glance, and can be embarrassing to show to others. Thankfully, there are alternatives to regular dental braces, and London Bridge Dental Practice is proud to offer these solutions to you. Whether you need lingual or invisible braces in London, we have them all for you.

Our cosmetic braces options are:

Clear Braces

Dental braces, while effective, can be jarring to look at. Their gleaming metal parts can make their wearers feel too self-conscious about themselves. Patients, however, can always opt for braces that use clear brackets instead. We provide both Sic Month Smiles and DamonⓇ clear braces in our London dental office, which align patients' teeth as efficiently as regular braces but without the obvious metal components standing out.

Lingual Braces

The problem with dental braces is that they attract too much attention being in front of your teeth; what if you could hide them at the back of your teeth instead? That is the basic idea of lingual braces, which are placed behind teeth without sacrificing their ability to adjust malocclusions. Our practice uses Ormco's STb Social 6 aligner to help you achieve a perfect smile as discreetly as possible.

Aligner Therapies

Braces are not just a pain to look at; they are bulky and extremely uncomfortable to wear. It is not unusual to hear of wearers complaining about canker sores and wounds as a result of wearing braces. They even make brushing harder, since wearers cannot just use regular brushes to reach awkward spots blocked by the brackets. Worse, they limit the types of food wearers can eat, which means no chocolate, gum, nuts, sweets, and the like. A good alternative to the traditional semi-permanent appliance would be to use clear aligners.

Specially-made aligners such as the Inman Aligner can be removed before eating and brushing, allowing wearers to comfortably dine on food and clean their teeth without worry. Because they are removable, they can provide wearers some respite from having to attach an appliance in their mouths for hours on end. Additionally, certain aligners, like InvisalignⓇ, are clear-coloured and draw little attention to themselves. London Bridge Dental Practice offers both Damon braces and Invisalign braces to all of its patients in London.

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