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Your Child’s oral Health in South East London

Children are beautiful things and it can be the proudest day of your life when a stork flies one onto your doorstep in south east London- but you better strap yourself in for a turbulent ride and be prepared to look after your ‘little cherub’. As they grow it is just so important how you look after their health by how you feed them and it is also important how you look after their dental health as well. Every child is at risk from tooth decay the moment pop into the world so it is vital you have a game plan in your back pocket and enlist the practice of a fine pediatrician in the early days. All children go through such turmoil with their teeth up until their teenage years and then by this time, they should be able to care for themselves. You are going to have to nurse them through the teething period, then you are going to get them around their secondary teeth coming through- how you teach them to look after their teeth at this stage will stick with them forever. But you don’t get off that lightly, because then they may have to wear braces in their early teens. Then the icing on this dental cake is that you may have to watch them deal with their wisdom teeth as well. You had them and no one ever said it was going to be easy but look after the lovely little rascals, and they will, hopefully thank you for it later in life- that’s the plan.

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