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What to look for in a Dental Crown in London SE1

3170978_blogIf you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered from bad tooth decay or lost a tooth, you need to recover the situation pretty quick in order that you avoid the risk of further complications developing in the future; the usual cosmetic way is to have a crown fitted. Crowns will not only recreate the look of the tooth once again, but it will help to maintain the alignment of the jaws when they close together. Your dentist will give you the option at this point to choose what material you would like your crown made from. You can choose anything that you like, but there are three general types used in most dental surgeries today. Two of the strongest materials are gold and porcelain-over-metal; normally these will be used where there are a lot of forces involved, generally that involves chewing, so you would normally see them being placed towards the back of the mouth on the larger teeth. The third option is a purely porcelain crown; this looks very natural, though it is a lot weaker than the other two, so a dentist would locate this towards the front of the mouth. On saying that, it may not have passed you by that a lot of people in London SE1 have gold crowns at the front of the mouth and it is rather ‘cool’. The choice is always yours, so as long as you are practical about your choice, you have whatever takes your fancy, after all, you are paying for it.


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