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The Truth About Dental Extraction

585986_blogThe word ‘extraction’ is enough to make many patients feel apprehensive, but we are able to extract teeth with minimal pain and we have many years of experience in treating patients who suffer from anxiety and nerves. Our aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and to extract your troublesome tooth without you feeling any pain at all.

About tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is the procedure used to remove a tooth. Usually, teeth are only extracted when they are causing problems, such as pain, or when they are severely decayed or infected. In cases where the tooth is infected, we may be able to save a tooth using root canal treatment; however, if this is not possible, extraction is usually the only option.

It is also fairly common for patients to come in for wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop and this means that there is often not enough space for them to grow fully. If there is a lack of space in the jaw, this can cause the teeth to become impacted; impacted teeth are teeth that grow at an angle, usually pushing up against the neighbouring tooth. The wisdom teeth are not essential for your health or the function of your mouth so if they are causing you pain, usually the best course of action is to take them out.

How does tooth extraction work?

Before you have a tooth extracted, the tooth and surrounding gum tissue will be numbed to prevent pain. Your dentist will then start to ease the tooth in the socket using special instruments; they will loosen the tooth in the socket before pulling to release the tooth roots and remove the tooth. After extraction, bleeding will be stemmed by applying gentle pressure and we may advise you to tae over the counter painkillers. It is normal for the gum to be slightly sore after extraction but painkillers should make you feel more comfortable.

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