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Why you must stop grinding your Teeth in South East London

3534882_blogIt isn’t easy to unwind after a long and taxing day in south east London, it’s a hectic place, but if you haven’t de-stressed by the time your head hits the pillow, you will be taking these stresses into your sleep; it can leave you fatigued the next day but more destructively, it is very likely to lead to you grinding your teeth. Now this will wear away the enamel quickly and leave you more likely to suffer tooth decay; your dentist will pick up on this and give you a mouth-guard to stop the damage to your teeth. However, you are by no means out of the woods, far from it because it won’t stop you from the grinding action and if you don’t address this, you will be wrecking your jaws, your head, neck and upper back, and this can do very serious injury- even to your nervous chord. The only way to overcome this is to seek professional help to get to the root of your stress- it may even include anger management but once this has been identified, then you can employ a series of calming techniques to ensure you chill-out completely at night so that you are stress-free when you sleep, and shortly afterwards, the grinding should cease altogether.

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