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Look years younger with facial rejuvenation from South East London dentist

Facial rejuvenation includes a variety of long and short-term procedures aimed at making the face look younger. These procedures can include permanent plastic surgery, mid-range surgical procedures and non invasive temporary skin treatments. Facial rejuvenation form a South East London dentist will usually take the form of the latter two types of treatment: mid-range surgical procedures and non-invasive skin treatments.

More and more dentists are offering facial rejuvenation treatments as part of a wider smile makeover, after all the face and lips do frame the smile. Mid-range surgical treatments involve the injection of artificial materials into the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make it look firmer, plumper and younger, The two best known treatments of this type are botox and collagen. They both aim to interrupt the messages sent through muscular tissue that causes wrinkles. These kinds of treatments are relatively safe and the effects last for up to four months before follow up treatments are required.

Non-invasive skin treatments come in the form of moisturisers and exfoliants aimed at naturally making the skin healthier. Other treatments of this type include anti-oxidant therapy aimed at reducing the damage caused by free-radicals in the body. More severe skin treatments come in the form of chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing which stimulate the skin to rejuvenate by removing the dying top layer. These can be painful and require significant recovery time. Ask your dentist to see which of these treatments would be best suited to your particular skin and you could lose years from the appearance of your face.

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