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Beautiful White Fillings in London SE1

There are a lot of cosmetic trends going through dentistry in London SE1 right now all designed at giving you the most best, natural looking teeth possible and among all the options within the make-over, you will find white fillings. Sadly, the old, dull looking amalgam fillings, it seems, have had their day and have had to give way to the trendier upstarts. These fillings are generally made from resin, glass particles or composite porcelain but it is because they are white or can be made to fit in with the rest of your teeth colour-wise, they give the whole of the mouth a more natural look and feel. However, they do come with their faults, aside from looking beautiful, white fillings are a lot more fragile that amalgam ones and tend to need replacing more often. They are also pretty useless in areas of the mouth that suffer a lot of chewing forces and they tend to break a lot quicker, they also have the habit of falling out more often because they tend to shrink. But then that is not the essential ethics behind having them done; if you are going to have a make-over, then you go the whole way to look beautiful and that involves the fillings as well. If you have any questions about such fillings, you should consult your dentist beforehand.


White fillings in London SE1 cosmetically enhance patients’ smiles

White fillings are a restoration made from composite material, which is designed to strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage caused by decay. White fillings unify with the natural colour of the teeth, so that the filling is invisible when you smile. Fillings are very common and more than half of adults in the UK have at least one filling.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

The major selling-point of the white filling in London SE1 is the aesthetic appeal. White fillings cannot be seen when you smile because the filling is matched to the colour of the natural teeth. Surveys and polls consistently show that the majority of people consider their smile their most important physical feature and it is no surprise that most people would have a preference for white fillings rather than a metal amalgam filling, which is highly visible.

Are there any drawbacks?

White fillings are very popular due to aesthetic reasons, but they are not always the best treatment option. If you have a cavity in one of your molars, for example, you may be advised to have an amalgam filling, as they are more durable and the molars are required to handle a lot of pressure due to their role in the breakdown of food. White filings are also more expensive than amalgam fillings.

What does the white filling procedure involve?

The procedure to fit a filling is relatively straightforward. First the affected tooth is numbed prior to the procedure to prevent any pain and then the decayed tissue is removed. Once the infected tooth tissue has been removed, the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly before filling material is poured into the cavity. An intensive light bean is then used to set the material and the filling is then finally trimmed to ensure it fits the cavity perfectly. If you are nervous about having injections or dental treatment, talk to your dentist, as they will be able to take steps to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during the procedure


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