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Clearing out the rot in South East London

2143132_blogThere are a lot of people alive today in south east London that may well have bad memories from the past about root canal treatment; it was once be quite a tough and painful treatment involving drills and possibly scalpels in order to clear the inside of a tooth from decay. You see, tooth decay is a direct result of sloppy oral hygiene; maybe you were not paying enough attention to cleaning your teeth properly, eating poorly and most importantly, missing out on dental check-ups because your dentist would have spotted the decay and you may well have got away with a filling. But to have to have a root canal done, it means the decay has eaten its way into the tooth and infected the pulp and roots inside. Now if you have got to this level, you are in danger of losing the tooth altogether and an abscess breaking out. The procedure involves taking the top of the tooth away and then removing the pulp before the roots can be drilled out. Once clear, the tooth can be filled in and possibly crowned if the tooth is badly damaged. Using a conventional drill could be tricky as roots grow twisted, so to remove these meant coming in through the gums and into the side of the tooth- very painful. Now though, laser surgery has made this a simple procedure which is quick and painless.

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