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Getting your Teeth Aligned in London SE1

If you have had the misfortune of having your teeth grow crooked and awkwardly in London SE1, they may or may not be an issue for you and the way you project yourself whenever your mouth is opened. However, the reason why your dentist will suggest a brace or an aligner is not essentially for vanity reasons, but more for the protection of your occlusion (the mouth’s bite) and to ensure that it is healthy for the rest of your life. Now if your teeth are really bad, fixed braces can be made-up in order to get the best treatment you can to get them into shape, and it may take time. However there are some terrific devices on the market that work very fast and very discreetly, so don’t just plump for the first option offered to you- get advice and shop around. Aligners though are the real dandies on the circuit right now and as well as working quickly for you, they can be removed throughout your treatment and are extremely discreet compared to fixed brace. There is another option as well- veneers. If your teeth aren’t too bad, the surfaces of the teeth can be ground down and then covered up with the veneers after. Do your homework, but also take advice on what the best option is for you


Straightening your Teeth in London SE1

There are a lot of techniques and treatments in dentistry over the last 20 years that have become an art form in their own right and help to keep your mouth healthy throughout your lives- one such area of expertise that has rather adopted the painter’s beret is orthodontics (teeth straightening to you). In very intricate and extreme cases, the braces need to be made bespoke to the work that they have to do and the more complex the treatment you require, the more complex the wire-work you will need in your mouth and even though it will be beneficial to you in the end, it will not look that pretty. But generally, most people can buy off-the-shelf ones to suit specific peculiar conditions in their mouths; there has been a huge range of devices come onto the market to cover all these requirements. How your brace or aligner looks has become a very important factor when people choose and the industry has got its act together on this problem. Most fixed braces you can buy use materials that are colored to match your teeth and so become more discreet when they sit in your mouth. Others however have taken discretion to the ultimate level- invisibility: there are a few clear aligners flying around London SE1 made from transparent materials that are virtually impossible to detect in the mouth. Speed of treatment is also an important factor and most work faster than ever before and in one particular case, as quick as 6 weeks!


The range of Dental Procedures in London SE1

There are an incredible range of dental procedures available to get you though life in London SE1. Some are there, and always have been, to ensure that your mouth remains healthy. General procedures include x-rays, teeth straightening, fillings, root canals, extractions, deep cleaning and polishing, and these are the sort of things that can be found, and be born out of, a run-of-the-mill check-up with your dentist. But then you enter into the world of cosmetic dentistry and the procedures get really interesting, because here, you are making the choice to have them done. There is a great clamour right now to get the best look from your teeth as is possible and there are many ways you can have this done. Teeth in poor shape can be treated with cosmetic bonding or dental veneers, gums can be contoured with laser treatment, holes can be plugged up by a dental implant, bridges, crowns and partial dentures, or if you are lucky enough, you can improve the way you look just by having your teeth bleached. What we have here in the modern world of dentistry is a procedure for every occasion with ‘no job too big’…..there’s never been a better time to smile people!


Get straight teeth with Invisalign from your South East London dentist.

For many years permanently affixed metal braces have been the most effective way to realign crooked teeth. While these are effective in many respects, it is often felt by patients that these can be unsightly and diminish their self-esteem, making them nervous to even smile. Being permanently fixed into place also meant that any alterations to the plan required a significant procedure of removal and adjustment.

A new alternative to braces has been developed and patented which deals with both of these issues. Invisalign are an invisible and removable retainer that is capable of reshaping your teeth to be straight, strong and beautiful. Your South East London dentist will take an impression, xray and photograph of your teeth from which Invisalign shape the perfect design specific for the individual shape of your teeth and gums. Using a clear plastic, a series of Invisaligns will be created. Each one in turn gradually aligns the teeth into the correct position, normally you will begin using a new set every two weeks. It is necessary to wear the Invisalign at least 22 hours a day, they should be removed for cleaning and eating.

Unlike metal bracers, because of the transparent material of Invisalign even when worn throughout the day people will not notice them. They are especially designed to fit the contours of your teeth and will be almost invisible. While they may provide some additional protection to your teeth this is not their primary purpose, and so it is as essential to maintain a good dental routine, with brushing and floss regularly.


Ask your London SE1 dentist is Inman aligners can help you.

Many people suffer from crooked teeth. While some are born with it, others suffer dental injuries that can change and alter the shape of your teeth. Left unaddressed, crooked teeth can continue to get worse over time. With usage, whether eat, drinking or talking, the crooked teeth will be pressured in different directions, gradually worsening the problem over the years. It is important to address the issue as soon as possible. Your London SE1 dentist suggests Inman aligners as a possible solution that is relatively quick and easy and does not involve extensive surgery or years of maintain braces.

Your dentist will be able to professionally fit a set of removable Inman aligner which gently, but firmly, shift your teeth back into the correct direction, making a set of beautifully aligned front teeth in as little as a week. Since they are easily removable you can take them out to clean them, when you need to eat or when attending social events. Unlike some bracers, it is not necessary to have them permanently attached to your teeth for a long period of time.

Using tiny nickel titanium springs at the back and a wire running along the front, Inman aligners will keep continuous pressure on your front teeth (both top and bottom) to move them back into the correct position and orientation. The only side effects should be mild and last a few days as you adjust to wearing the product initially. Beyond the first few days you will most likely forget you are even wearing it.


Dentists in South East London offer patients the chance to improve their looks with cosmetic dentistry procedures

Dentists rightly have a reputation for looking after the health of our teeth. This is because at your teeth six months check ups in the surgery, they will mainly be talking about the amount of plaque or tartar that is on your teeth or the state of your gums. But dentists are not only concerned with your oral hygiene, they are also able to offer a wide variety of procedures and treatments such as cosmetic dentures, smile makeovers and whitening which are specially designed to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of different treatments, many of which can be found at your local South East London dentist’s surgery. There are various tooth whitening treatments which can restore even the most stained teeth to the whitest possible shade of tooth tone by using various gels and curing lights.

Teeth straightening is carried out for the health of the mouth as well as to improve the aesthetics so one could classify it as cosmetic dentistry. The traditional metal brace is only one option these days and there are a number of other methods of getting an aligned smile.

Porcelain dental crowns and porcelain dental veneers are fitted over teeth which are cracked, chipped, broken down or fundamentally stained. Demonstrating how swift some of these cosmetic dentistry procedures are, veneers and crowns can be fitted in no time at all thanks to advances in the digitization of technology in dental surgeries.

With many dentists offering interest free repayment plans, it is within the financial reach of an increasing number of people to have cosmetic dentistry work done and improve the look of your smile.

Sort of crooked teeth once and for all with speedy Six Months Smile from London SE1 dentists

Aside from how unsightly traditional metal braces look, many people are put off from tooth straightening treatment because of the great length of the time that one has to wear the device for. Two years is a very long time to wear anything in your mouth that is not removable and even though the results will be most satisfactory, people have often wondered if it might be possible to straighten teeth in a shorter space of time than two years.

The new treatment called Six Months Smile can do just that. As the name suggests, it often only needs to be worn for six months in order to correct minor alignment issues with the teeth. This is far more preferable to many people who want to have their smiles straightened but don’t want to have to wear a brace for two years.

Six Months Smile works on the same principles as a traditional metal brace in that there are brackets attached to the teeth which have wires threaded through them. At regular appointments with your dentist, adjustments will be made so that your teeth are gently moved into more desirable positions that will create, as a whole, a straightened out smile.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Six Months Smile is that the brackets and wires are the same colour as teeth. This means that it is far more discreet than a traditional brace. During the treatment time you need not worry so much about the appearance of your mouth because Six Months Smile is that bit more subtle than its traditional relative.

If all of this interests you then you should ask your London SE1 dentist if they are able to offer the Six Months Smile treatment to you.

London SE1 dentists are experts in teeth straightening

Having a crooked smile not only doesn’t look that good, it can also cause problems of its own. Those with misaligned teeth are more likely to grind their teeth when they sleep (dentists call this bruxism) and teeth which are bunched up and crowded can be more likely to develop cavities because it can be difficult to clean in between them.

Thankfully dentists have been effectively straightening out teeth for many, many decades now. With the flourishing of new technologies and increased investment in dental research, there are also a number of different ways in which you can get your teeth straightened.

The old faithful that has been a stalwart of dentistry for a long time, is the traditional metal brace. These devices amount to a series of brackets secured to your teeth, through which metal wires are threaded. These wires can be tightened and loosened as needed so that your teeth are slowly moved into more desirable positions.

Many people were frustrated though with how unsightly these braces could look, not to mention how messy they became and how long the period of treatment could be. In response to this, a number of new methods for straightening teeth have come onto the market which seek to alleviate these problems.

There is Invisalign which dispenses with wires and brackets all together and adjusts teeth with a series of clear plastic plates which are totally removable and replaced once they have achieved all their teeth movement. Six Months Smile uses brackets and wires but cleverly colours them the same tone as teeth so they are vastly more discreet.

Your London SE1 dentist will tell you that traditional metal braces are still the most effective way to solve all teeth alignment problems as some of the other methods cannot rotate teeth.

Getting those Teeth fixed in South East London with Invisalign

If you got to the stage in life where you need your teeth straightened but are afraid of the implications that come with wearing a brace, then you may well like to take a look at America’s latest export- Invisalign. It fly’s in the face of against any conception you may have of having to wear a brace and the benefits far outweigh the cost of the treatment. Once you’ve been measured up and you’re eligible for the course, you are fitted with the first of a series of aligners that get to work on your teeth straight away. But because of its design, it’s removable, meaning that throughout your treatment, you can take it out for eating, brushing your teeth and for the odd ‘intimate’ social occasion- now that’s got to be good for your oral health and your love-life! But this aligner gets even better. It’s made from a completely transparent material which means it’s almost impossible to see when it sits in the mouth. Now any teenager will tell you the amount of ‘ribbing’ you are going to avoid with one of those in your mouth; not that you’ll have it there for long, for this little device take a third of the time to correct your teeth than more conventional, ‘ugly’, fixed braces. OK, so the whole program starts from around £1800, more than other treatments, but there are so many advantages attached to this aligner and you don’t have to go far to find it; Invisalign is available now and it’s available here, in south east London.

Why choose Damon Braces in South East London

It’s a minefield of choice in south east London when it comes to braces and aligners and braces. Generally, the condition of your teeth, will dictate the the type of treatment that is suitable for you. But people who have to wear them, prefer them to be comfortable and discreet- the fixed Damon brace offers just that and more, making it a viable contender- whatever your age. A thin ‘memory’ wire connects a number of clear, ceramic plates through tiny ‘sliding doors’, that are placed on each tooth, but what sets this treatment apart from others is that it is self litigating, that is, it adjusts the pressure on your teeth automatically, throughout the time it is in your mouth, meaning, it also cuts out the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist. It’s because the wire causes very little friction to the teeth, they respond very quickly to movement- this reflects on it’s costs too; depending on the level of correction you require, the Damon Brace starts from around £2500, which can be spread over the course of the treatment with a payment plan. There is very minimal mechanics in the mouth, which makes it very easy to clean, important considering that this brace is ‘fixed’ in the mouth throughout the treatment. The Damon is a very attractive choice, offering great results and available to people of all ages.

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