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Looking out for Teeth Erosion in South East London

2658670_blogAmong the many issues that can occur in the mouth, some can go unnoticed for ages until much of the damage has been done. Now a dentist will pick up on these quickly, treat you and then advise you on what to do about it for the future. The general meaning of ‘erosion’ is that the enamel has been worn away from the surfaces of the teeth, and this is where the danger begins because without the protection of the enamel, the teeth are extremely vulnerable to caries and full blown tooth decay. Erosion can be caused by a myriad of things: sugary and starch based foods and drinks are lethal unless they are removed from the surfaces so oral hygiene is a key here to stop these things attacking; dental sealants can also prevent bacteria settling on the enamel. However, don’t get too excited with your brushing; heavy brushing can also have detrimental affects on the teeth and wear away the enamel. The worst destruction though comes from teeth grinding; if you suffer heavily from this condition, it will wreck your teeth in no time at all. If you identify with any of this or feel you are in danger of tooth erosion, get along to your dentist in south east London for advice on the matter.


Halting Teeth Erosion in South East London

Throughout your life, your teeth will always be running the gauntlet of attacks from all angles and no matter how well you fight the problems off, occasionally, something will get through. One such attack in south east London will come from teeth erosion and erosion is all about the brutality it does to the enamel of your teeth. The most common form of erosion comes from the lack of oral hygiene that allows plaque acids to languish on the surface of the teeth, and left to do their worst, the acids will start to eat through the enamel and infect the inside, killing the pulp and the roots. But there are also other forms of erosion that threaten the enamel of your teeth. You should first sit back and consider what you put in your mouth on a daily basis, as some forms of food and drink do more damage to the surfaces of your teeth than others and of course, in your efforts to remove these evils, it is all so easy to get a bit heavy-handed with your brushing and too much can also see a deterioration in the thickness in your enamel. But probably the most instantly destructive damage done comes from grinding your teeth and not only does it destroy the teeth, but it also halves the workload for the acids to break through as well. You can get a guard made up for this problem, you can also have dental sealants put on the surfaces of you teeth to prevent acid damage, essentially though, you need to be aware of the dangers lurking around in your mouth.


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