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The dangers behind a Dry Socket in South East London

2977218_blogThere are many serious conditions that can arise in your mouth and threaten your oral health in south east London, one being a dry socket which can attack after you have had a tooth extracted. When a tooth has been taken out, the body will try to repair the damage and shock to the area by going into self healing mode. It starts with a blood clot forming over the hole and when the gums have recovered and fused together, the blood clot will fall away: this is a very delicate time and you must give your mouth a chance to heal; be careful with your brushing, eating and avoid smoking, then you will be fine. The problem comes if this clot, for whatever reason falls out prematurely, and then you will have the bone below exposed to the elements- a dry socket. Now as well as being deadly painful, your mouth is dangerously exposed to infection and you need to act fact to prevent any further problems. You will need to visit your dentist daily to have the wound dressed properly with healing products; you’ll need to sluice with an anti-bacterial mouthwash each day and you can take painkillers to numb any discomfort. This should reverse the problem within the week; if it doesn’t, the problem could worsen further still.

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