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Sort of crooked teeth once and for all with speedy Six Months Smile from London SE1 dentists

Aside from how unsightly traditional metal braces look, many people are put off from tooth straightening treatment because of the great length of the time that one has to wear the device for. Two years is a very long time to wear anything in your mouth that is not removable and even though the results will be most satisfactory, people have often wondered if it might be possible to straighten teeth in a shorter space of time than two years.

The new treatment called Six Months Smile can do just that. As the name suggests, it often only needs to be worn for six months in order to correct minor alignment issues with the teeth. This is far more preferable to many people who want to have their smiles straightened but don’t want to have to wear a brace for two years.

Six Months Smile works on the same principles as a traditional metal brace in that there are brackets attached to the teeth which have wires threaded through them. At regular appointments with your dentist, adjustments will be made so that your teeth are gently moved into more desirable positions that will create, as a whole, a straightened out smile.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Six Months Smile is that the brackets and wires are the same colour as teeth. This means that it is far more discreet than a traditional brace. During the treatment time you need not worry so much about the appearance of your mouth because Six Months Smile is that bit more subtle than its traditional relative.

If all of this interests you then you should ask your London SE1 dentist if they are able to offer the Six Months Smile treatment to you.

London SE1 dentists are experts in teeth straightening

Having a crooked smile not only doesn’t look that good, it can also cause problems of its own. Those with misaligned teeth are more likely to grind their teeth when they sleep (dentists call this bruxism) and teeth which are bunched up and crowded can be more likely to develop cavities because it can be difficult to clean in between them.

Thankfully dentists have been effectively straightening out teeth for many, many decades now. With the flourishing of new technologies and increased investment in dental research, there are also a number of different ways in which you can get your teeth straightened.

The old faithful that has been a stalwart of dentistry for a long time, is the traditional metal brace. These devices amount to a series of brackets secured to your teeth, through which metal wires are threaded. These wires can be tightened and loosened as needed so that your teeth are slowly moved into more desirable positions.

Many people were frustrated though with how unsightly these braces could look, not to mention how messy they became and how long the period of treatment could be. In response to this, a number of new methods for straightening teeth have come onto the market which seek to alleviate these problems.

There is Invisalign which dispenses with wires and brackets all together and adjusts teeth with a series of clear plastic plates which are totally removable and replaced once they have achieved all their teeth movement. Six Months Smile uses brackets and wires but cleverly colours them the same tone as teeth so they are vastly more discreet.

Your London SE1 dentist will tell you that traditional metal braces are still the most effective way to solve all teeth alignment problems as some of the other methods cannot rotate teeth.

London SE1 patients astonished at the results their dentists achieve with Six Months Smile

If there are any aspects of your mouth that you are not quite happy with then you shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that they can’t be effectively solved. The things that your dentist can do these days are nothing short of incredible.

If the problem is that you are putting up with teeth that are crooked or misaligned, you might subscribe to the stereotypical view that you will have to wear an ugly looking brace for several years that is difficult to clean and will lead to a lack of confidence in your persona. But this does not have to be the case. Of course braces are always available and they are reliable and effective too, but you should consider the newer products on the market too.

One of them is called Six Months Smile and it can sort out issues with your teeth in only half a year. The improvement is as dramatic as it seems: no more two year stints with a mouth full of metal. Having Six Months Smile fitted means that you can get on with your life after a short period of treatment, happy in the knowledge that your teeth look terrific.

Six Months Smile is like a brace in many respects but different in crucial aspects. It does use wires to straighten out your teeth into the desired positions but the wires are made out of special nickel titanium which is matched to the colour of your teeth so that the product is barely noticeable.

It will be very much worth your while to discuss your options regarding straightening your teeth with your London SE1 dentist and considering Six Months Smile.

Getting a 6 Months Smile in London’s SE1

We have a lot to thank the U.S for, when it comes to teeth re-alignment. Their obsession with the achieving the perfect smile has lead to some pretty amazing aligners hitting the UK market- so you won’t be surprised to discover that the 6 Months Smile is another invention from the boys across the pond and it’s available now in London’s SE1. Like most boasts that come with American aligners, they do what they say on the packet too. If you suffer from overcrowding teeth that stick out in all directions, this may be the treatment for you and because of the speed with which it works, it means that you can plan your year around having it done. It all starts with getting measured up at the dentists. Photographs and x-rays will assess your suitability and then sent away to the U.S so that your aligner can be made. It’s fairly unobtrusive in the mouth, once it’s fitted; a small wire threads through a series of small, tooth coloured, ceramic plates that are positioned on each of the offending teeth- generally the teeth that show when you smile. As the treatment starts to work, you will need to make regular visits to the dentist to have constant adjustments. Cleaning of the teeth requires extra vigilance, which your dentist will be able to give you advice on. Most dentists will be able to set up a payment to suit your pocket, so come on! Whatever your age, you don’t have to suffer for all eternity, get your teeth straightened today!

Getting a smile in 6 months in S.E. London

As we get older in south-east London, the idea of having a brace fitted seems rather ridiculous. It’s something we associate with our teenage years and most of us would consider such ‘lengthy’ treatments rather alien at such a late time in our lives. But having our teeth corrected should be seen as an ongoing process not only for oral health, but for cosmetic reasons too. So thanks to advances in dental technology, help is on hand for those of us with crooked or buck teeth. The 6 months smile can correct such problems. It’s fairly unobtrusive and quick method of closing those gaps and giving you back the confidence to smile again. It’s a very simple and painless treatment- once decided upon, a series of small, tooth coloured plates will be attached to the ‘guilty’ teeth by a wire that will be altered every month to ensure the correct pressure on the teeth is maintained until the treatment is finished. It works incredibly efficiently and it’s all over in 6 months and following this, a retainer will be worn, for a short period at leisure to prevent the teeth falling back into their original position. Depending on the level of treatment required, it’s a snip at around £1800. But consider this for a vanity moment. Half a year is not a long time in your life and it can be pre-planned to fit in around big social occasions such as a wedding or a holiday in the future.

The Six Month Smile and why it`s good for us. By a South East London

A South East London dentist has spoken out about the wonders of a six month smile. The system takes six months to accomplish, rather than having a life span of six months. Many of us are embarrassed about our teeth, nobody`s teeth grow straight and we all need some help during our lifetime to make them as perfect as we can get them. The six month smile consists of a series of clear braces that are fitted every two weeks, over that period they move the teeth and can straighten overlapped, crooked and misaligned teeth; they also close gaps in between our molars to give us an almost perfect smile to be proud of. The braces are all self contained and come in the form of what looks like a sports gum shield, with lots of wires and tiny pulleys embedded within the inner side of the device. You can remove them yourself when you want to eat and clean your teeth, then you simply place them back in position. They can be removed for up to around 4 hours a day, so when you`re socialising you can take them out and no one will know you are having the treatment. They are very tight fitting when they are first put in, but as they do their job they loosen up and by the time the fortnight is up they are very loose. This indicates that they have done their job well for that stage of the process, and the next stage brace can be fitted.

Discreet straightening with Six Month Smile from South East London dentist

Many people are embarrassed or self-conscious about their crooked teeth. Sometimes even to the point of being ashamed, which can be very damaging to the self-confidence. However, they are often unwilling to make the sacrifice of wearing braces for as long as two to three years. But what they might not know is that there are now braces available that can straighten teeth in a fraction of that time and are far more discreet than the old fashioned metal braces.

One such brace is the Six Month Smile. Devised in America at the tail-end of the last century, Six Month Smile braces have been sweeping the US and are now finally available in the UK. The braces are able to achieve such rapid straightening by concentrating solely on the teeth that show when smiling. Also, because the brace only focuses on the teeth and not the bite, the forces needed to move the teeth into position are significantly less than with other braces. This means that they are far more comfortable and involve no uncomfortable tightening sessions at the dentist.

Six Month smile braces are also made from very thin and discreet tooth coloured wires and brackets to reduce the visual impact of the brace. South East London dentists are now offering the Six Month treatment to patients who may have been reluctant to wear other braces as they have addressed all the negative issues commonly complained about with the old braces. Be among the first in the UK to experience the amazing comfortable straightening power of Six Month Smile braces.

London SE1 dentist corrects teeth with Six Month Smile braces

Pioneered in the United States, the home of cosmetic dentistry, a new treatment is sweeping the UK providing a real alternative to traditional brace technology and invisible retainer braces. The Six Month Smile treatment is a revolutionary straightening system that provides incredibly fast results both quickly and very discreetly.

Traditional fixed braces are effective but they are also ugly and uncomfortable as anyone who has worn them will tell you. They can also take up to two and a half years to fully complete treatment. Invisible braces are sleek and discreet but there are always some concerns about their effectiveness for all patients. They can also take years of treatment to be fully effective. The Six Month Smile brace is filling the middle ground offering braces that are both effective and also discreet. But the additional bonus is the incredible speed of treatment, with results possible on average in just six-months, hence the name.

The braces are manufactured with small, tooth coloured titanium wires and brackets, which reduce the visual impact of the brace when in the mouth. As treatment focuses on the teeth visible at the front of the mouth, a small metal bar will be visible over the front of the teeth but even this is very discreet. This focussed treatment allows the brace to be so effective and produce its ultra fast results.

The Six Month Smile treatment is also gaining renown for the ease and comfort of the treatment. Fewer appointments are needed than with most other straightening systems and the need for regular uncomfortable straightening is similarly reduced. Patients at London SE1 dentists are already enjoying the benefits provided by Six Month Smile braces so if you have always been unsure about conventional orthodontic treatment, now could be the time to ask your dentist about the Six Month Smile.

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