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London SE1’s Crowning glory

2797271_blogLosing a tooth, or getting through serious tooth decay will need some serious restoration if you want to keep a healthy balance in your mouth and a great aesthetic look for the future in London SE1. The way to get through this and restore your mouth to its former glory is to have a crown placed in the troubled areas. Now crowns are generally made from two commonly used materials, gold and porcelain. Obviously, porcelain looks and matches in naturally to the general look of the teeth that surround it: a full porcelain crown is generally more for the aesthetic look whereas porcelain-over-metal crowns are used for strength. Gold too is very durable and strong and is good for damage or loss done at the back of the mouth; however some people love to show-off their golden look at the front of the mouth. The choice is completely down to your fancy and what you can afford; you can have one made from any material that floats your boat from wood to brass to copper (???), through to silver, platinum and diamonds. Whatever your choice, having a crown will be good for you in the future and not only will it be good for stopping other things going wrong in your mouth, but it will give you peace of mind and restore your confidence again.

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