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Guarding your mouth in South East London

As much as you look after your teeth and gums in the bathroom, you must also be aware of any danger you may be exposing them to in the big wide world, especially if you love your sports in south east London, because without taking the precaution of getting a decent mouth-guard, you could be exposing your mouth to serious damage. Contact sports are the perfect example of this as your mouth will suffer from impacts at some point so you need to be guarded against this. If you are deadly serious about doing your sport, then you should be deadly serious about the guard that you wear and so, you should get a tailor made mouth-guard made up that will be bespoke to you and the sport that you do. There are some that you can buy that you can mould to your mouth yourself, or if you are a cheap-skate and you’re not so serious about the sport that you play, you buy one straight off the peg. Dentistry also uses mouth-guards for the protection of your teeth; teeth grinding is common place in the city and so a guard can protect the teeth from serious wear and tear. Such ‘mouth-guards’ are also used in orthodontic procedures when straightening teeth.


Enjoy rugby? Boxing? Contact sports? Contact your South East London dentist about mouth guards.

When playing full contact sports such as rugby or boxing it is essential to consider your dental health. Mouth guards are an easy way to protect your teeth against that stray elbow or boot which risks knocking out a tooth or two. Relatively cheap and very easy to use mouth guards offer a shield against physical injury.

Mouth guards generally rubber, sometimes plastic, and should be worn whenever there is a risk of physical damage to your teeth. Whether custom designed or loosely moulded, the mouth guard should fit your specific set of teeth. A cheap mouth guard can be immersive in boiling water briefly before inserted into the mouth and bitten on for several minutes (once it has cooled slightly). The rubber will mould itself to the shape of your teeth and will maintain that shape once cooled.

Your South East London dentist recommends having a custom-made mouth guard fitted to your exact specifications. Although these are more expensive, compared to emergence dental work they are well worth the money. Custom-made mouth guards offer fuller protection that can help beyond just the teeth by supporting the jaw and neck from strong contact. Like any sports equipment it will be necessary to replace your mouth guard on occasion as it wears down. Life spans can be extended by thoroughly washing and maintaining the guard between uses.

Mouth guards come in a huge range of colours. Your dentist will be able to show you the full range of possibilities. Mouth guards are, of course, not full proof and it is necessary to still look out for your teeth as much as possible when playing contact sports but they will provide an extra line of defence.


Dentists in South East London advise patients to get mouth guards fitted

Protecting your teeth is absolutely crucial. Hopefully you are brushing your teeth and flossing, as well as paying regular visits to your dentist so that your teeth stay in good health. But it is possible that you are putting your teeth in danger because of activities or hobbies that you undertake. If this is the case then South East London dentists advise you to get a mouth guard so that your teeth don’t get damaged.

Certain sports can put your teeth at risk of being harmed. Rugby, American football, lacrosse and both field and ice hockey can involve your mouth suffering from impact either from another player or one of the implements that is used. In mountain biking, any fall from the bicycle can injure the mouth. These injuries might leave you with teeth that get cracked or chipped or even fall out.

Thankfully mouth guards are widely available. The most basic kind of mouth guard can be purchased from any high street sports retailer. These stock products are affordable and can be worn immediately but the protection they offer is only minimal. So called ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards offer a higher level of production because they are moulded to the unique shape of your mouth by plunging them into boiling water and then biting into them.

The highest degree of protection is offered by mouth guards which are fitted individually by your dentist. These are constructed to fit your mouth perfectly and protect your teeth from heavy impact. It is recommended that you wear some kind of mouth guard if you indulge in any of the afore mentioned activities. It is better, after all, to protect your teeth than to have to deal with the consequences of damage.

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