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Inman Aligners explained in easy terms by a dentist in London SE1

Inman Aligners are a very clever way of straightening teeth they were devised to not only progress dental methods of aligning teeth, but also to improve the confidence of the patience. Braces have always had an impact on the wearer and this has over the generations given children an unkind stigma, and led to bullying in a lot of cases. The great advantage that Inman Aligners have is their flexibility and the unique way they work to straighten teeth in a short time. Unlike traditional braces and invisible braces the Inman method uses springs that adjust more evenly, this way the teeth can be manoeuvred into position without too much readjustment. In fact most of the adjustment is actually done by the teeth themselves, as they are moved on a daily basis the springs will tighten or loosen on the necessary points and this makes the whole procedure work quicker. Inman Aligners are however most effective on the front teeth on the top and bottom sets, Invisaligns are used mostly for the back teeth says a dentist from SE1 in London. However, the good news is that most U.K. dentists now use a combination of both these braces to fix whole sets of badly misaligned teeth. The Inman Aligners have been popular in the U.S. and are now used widely in the U.K. either on their own, or in conjunction with other methods to solve the problem of our misaligned teeth. Fewer visits to the dentist chair are another advantage of Inman Aligners, unlike other methods that sometimes need a visit every few weeks the Inman method is a self adjusting one. It works quite simply by gently squeezing the teeth into the right position with the springs doing most of the work; this is then adjusted by a counter bar that repositions the springs and the pressure. As they are behind the teeth they are also harder to see.

London SE1 dentist corrects teeth with Six Month Smile braces

Pioneered in the United States, the home of cosmetic dentistry, a new treatment is sweeping the UK providing a real alternative to traditional brace technology and invisible retainer braces. The Six Month Smile treatment is a revolutionary straightening system that provides incredibly fast results both quickly and very discreetly.

Traditional fixed braces are effective but they are also ugly and uncomfortable as anyone who has worn them will tell you. They can also take up to two and a half years to fully complete treatment. Invisible braces are sleek and discreet but there are always some concerns about their effectiveness for all patients. They can also take years of treatment to be fully effective. The Six Month Smile brace is filling the middle ground offering braces that are both effective and also discreet. But the additional bonus is the incredible speed of treatment, with results possible on average in just six-months, hence the name.

The braces are manufactured with small, tooth coloured titanium wires and brackets, which reduce the visual impact of the brace when in the mouth. As treatment focuses on the teeth visible at the front of the mouth, a small metal bar will be visible over the front of the teeth but even this is very discreet. This focussed treatment allows the brace to be so effective and produce its ultra fast results.

The Six Month Smile treatment is also gaining renown for the ease and comfort of the treatment. Fewer appointments are needed than with most other straightening systems and the need for regular uncomfortable straightening is similarly reduced. Patients at London SE1 dentists are already enjoying the benefits provided by Six Month Smile braces so if you have always been unsure about conventional orthodontic treatment, now could be the time to ask your dentist about the Six Month Smile.

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