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Dry Mouths and Cavities in South East London

iStock_000002986202SmallThe mouth relies on saliva to form a natural defense against bacteria developing into plaque and tartar. To maintain this, you should strive for a high level of oral hygiene, a good diet and try to cut out, or at least, down on bad habits such as smoking. Because if you don’t, you are in serious danger of getting a dry mouth and it can lead to some pretty nasty situations such as trouble with your speech, difficulty in chewing and swallowing and bad breath- to name a few. But it can also lead to the development of cavities; it’s because of the lack of saliva to protect the surface of the teeth, and because bacteria flourishes, the gums can become diseased and tooth decay can set in. Acids in the foods cannot be broken down so easily without saliva and so they start to eat away at the teeth’s enamel and sooner or later, break into the tooth and then cavities start to form. And all of these things thrown into the mix can lead to periodontal disease and in the end, the loss of all of your teeth. A dry mouth needs to be rectified as soon as you start to experience any problems, and the only way to start doing this is to seek professional advice from your dentist. For some people, it can be a long road back to a healthy, hydrated mouth, but one you must take.

Keeping your gums pretty in South East London

4732933_blogWhilst we are busy brushing away furiously at our teeth to keep them pretty and healthy, spare a thought for your gums, for they too need a little TLC too in south east London, if not, your teeth will fall out! Gum tissue is far softer that tooth enamel, so you should really think about that when buying a brush, and also learn how to use it with a good toothpaste as well. But when it comes to really caring for your gums, herbal remedies are excellent for this. Soaking your tooth brush and floss in tea tree oil first helps to take away any heat in the gums and then soothe them. Echinacea and Aloe Vera are excellent for massaging the gums after brushing and flossing as it rejuvenates the blood flow through the tiny veins; in some cases where gum disease has been present, such remedies have actually started to reverse the disease and should your gums start to bleed after brushing, table salt on the brush and in warm water to rinse with, stops the blood and heals the wounds. Finally, keeping up a healthy diet with lots of vitamins will not only strengthen your gums, but look after your heart and other vital organs in the long run.

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