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Shaping your Teeth in South East London

There are a lot of cosmetic procedures in dental surgeries around south east London that are all designed to make your teeth aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Some can involve quite intricate work, but there are small, cute procedures designed just to touch-up the teeth- one of which is teeth contouring. This procedure is painless and fairly quick- anywhere up to an hour in the chair, depending of the work required and is designed for healthy teeth with small problems such as sharp pointed, overlapping and uneven length teeth, it is also a procedure that can be used to treat pitted teeth and small chips or tiny cracks in the enamel. When you first go to the dentist, your mouth will first be x-rayed (to check the health of your mouth) and then photographed for reference purposes, then the dentist can start in earnest; with a variety of equipment, they will slowly polish the tooth and then shape the tooth for the desired effect and when the shaping has been completed, the teeth will be smoothed out. The good thing about this is that no major harm is being done to the teeth but it will leave them looking uniform and smooth in size and in their shape and enhance the smile of your mouth


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