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Oral cancer: get the facts from London SE1 dentists

Of all the afflictions which can affect your mouth, one of the most dangerous is oral cancer. It serves as another reminder to visit your dentist every six months so that your mouth can be checked by a trained and dedicated professional. With access to your mouth your dentist will be able to examine it for any early signs of the condition and nip it in the bud. Survival rates are actually quite good for oral cancer but it is imperative that you spot it early so it can be dealt with.

The high risk lifestyle-groups for oral cancer are those who smoke tobacco and regularly drink to excess. The disease is also more prevalent in men than it is in women. But you should be vigilant for oral cancer if you are not from one of these groups.

Dentists will be on the look out for discoloured patches in your mouth. These patches might be a sort of rusty colour and may be also be hardened. You may notice that you suddenly have unpleasant, almost metallic tastes in your mouth and sudden, otherwise unexplained weight loss might occur. You can look out for these signs at home, perhaps when you are flossing or brushing. If you discover any of the symptoms then you should report them to your dentist immediately; don’t simply wait for your next six months check up.

Like many other oral ailments, oral cancer needs to be diagnosed early so that it can be dealt with. Treatment is able to be far more effective if it is done at the early stages and you are less likely to have to undergo invasive treatment which might compromise your health. If you have not had a check up in a while, contact your London SE1 dentist to make an appointment.

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