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Healthy mouths restored after root canal treatment from London SE1 dentists

For most people, a bit of diligence when it comes to taking care of their teeth at home and regular visits to the dental surgery will mean a long life of excellent oral health. But things do sometimes go wrong in the mouth and often not even because of something you have done or not done. Although your teeth are highly resilient and durable parts of your body, they are also complex.

One procedure that is sometimes necessary for dentists to carry out in the event of a problem with teeth is called root canal treatment. The aim of root canal treatment is to make sure that the inside of the tooth is healthy. Far from just being a solid block of enamel, your teeth are actually hollow. Inside them they have what is known as the pulp chamber which contains many vital tissues that help the health of your teeth.

If anything inside the chamber becomes infected then it will be necessary to clear it out so that an abscess is unable to form, with all the detrimental effects that it can bring. The best way to get into the chamber is through the root canal which is the opening at the base of the tooth, through which the blood vessels and nerves go. This is called root canal treatment and your London SE1 dentist will be an experienced expert in how to carry it out effectively.

Your dentist will be looking to remove any infected material and generally clean the pulp chamber if it has become compromised. It is a complex operation but modern dentists are very good at putting their patients at ease during such procedures and you will leave the surgery knowing that your tooth is healthy once more.

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