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Having Dentures in London’s SE1

Denture technology has come a long way in London SE1 over the years, and it’s a good job too, as they often reminded the wearer that they are now one step closer to the grave. They were often cheaply made and ill-fitting, that made eating, chewing and even talking, a nightmare. Now however, dentures a made from materials that look more natural as they are worn. Materials have become softer, making the dentures adhere to the gums more closely- even the teeth can be made from more ‘teeth-like’ looking materials, such as porcelain, that give a more natural allure to the mouth. In the past, a dentist would prefer to pull all of the teeth and fix dentures, even when some of the teeth were perfectly healthy. Now thanks to techniques such as CuSil, dentures can be fitted around the teeth that remain, giving a better chance of keeping the dentures in the mouth. Keeping the teeth in the mouth has always been a problem for denture wearers, especially when dining out. Such have been the improvement of fixatives, this problem has become a thing of the past- combine this by having mini implants placed in the mouth, that dentures can lock onto, and your dentures are going no where. Of course, vanity wise, dentures retain the shape of the face and maintain the ‘bite’ between the jaws, keeping you looking pretty and your teeth, healthy.

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