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Give That Grim Gum Disease the Slip in Central London

2658670_blogMost people living in central London would like to think they have a good take on oral hygiene and know how to look after their teeth and gums; after all, just look at the most amazing products on sale that will help get the job done – lest we forget the dentists who are there to pick up the pieces should things go astray; this combination is perfect for fighting off the evils that threaten the mouth each day.

Hang on though, who can honestly say they have all this down to a fine art and doesn’t occasionally skip a check-up or gets carried away with the joys and naughtiness the city has to offer?

The Pain Of Gum Disease

All roads to pain start with plaque and if not removed properly, it will cause tooth decay and gum disease quickly. Gum disease is especially a killer – literally. Not only will this devil wreck the tissue that supports the teeth, causing them to fall out in the long term, but the toxins leaked from it will start to poison the blood and leave deposits all around the vital organs of the body- especially the heart.

It has been medically recognised that there is a strong link between heart failure and gum disease. If you have started to notice blood on the toothbrush or that you gums are leaking foul tastes onto your palette then act fast.

See your dentist or hygienist because this can be a complex condition to cure which can involve dental procedures, dietary and lifestyle changes, improvements in your oral health involving herbal remedies and generally bucking up your ideas so that you don’t suffer traumas as you get older in your mouth and throughout your body.

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