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Getting your Teeth Gleaming White with Zoom in South East London

Who hasn’t sat down and watched TV at home in south east London, of an evening, and thought- how do those people get their teeth so white? Well it’s quite simple really, they have had their teeth whitened with one of the fashionably best treatments on the market right now- Zoom teeth whitening. The irony is, if you are a telly addict, you may well have seen it on some of the popular make-over programmes. It’s simple to have done and cheap to boot as well. If you fancy having that glamour look to your smile too, the first thing you should do is get down to your dentist and ask about it. Your dentist will then check for any signs of gum disease and if you get the all-clear, you will be booked in for a session. When you are in the chair, your dentist will put protection over your lips and gums and then cover your teeth with a bleaching agent. Then, a heat lamp will be fired at your teeth so that they absorb the bleach; this will be followed by two of the same and then you will set free smiling. Of course, there are ten shades that your teeth can be whitened to so this will govern how long you are in the chair for and this choice is down to you. But there is no illusion about the outcome, that’s for sure: your teeth will look immaculate- just like the people you have been watching on TV!

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