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Gain A Confident Sparkling Smile With Our Lingual Braces

4569651_blogConfidence is key in the modern world and with our incredible lingual braces, we can provide you with a stunning straight smile without impacting on your confidence or your looks during the treatment process. With lingual systems, the braces are completely invisible, so nobody will even know that you’re wearing braces at all.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are fixed braces, which offer complete invisibility throughout the treatment process. These braces are attached to the back of the teeth, so they cannot be seen when you speak or smile.

STb Social 6 lingual braces are designed to correct issues with the front teeth, also known as the social 6. Treatment times are very short, the braces are invisible and they use the latest technology to minimise discomfort.

The advantages of STb Social 6 braces

STb Social 6 braces offer patients a quick, invisible solution to orthodontic uses that affect the social 6, the front teeth on the top and bottom arches. With this system, you’re guaranteed amazing results in a very short space of time and you can relax safe in the knowledge that nobody can even see your braces. Many patients come to us wishing they had straighter teeth but worrying about the impact braes would have on their looks and their professional image; with this system, there is no impact and patients have complete peace of mind.

The average treatment time is just 16-20 weeks and the braces are much smaller than traditional fixed braces, so you should find them comfortable.

If you have minor issues with your front teeth and you’re looking for a discreet, rapid solution, STb Social 6 could be the perfect treatment for you. Call us now to find out more!



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