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Finding the Best Dental Implants in London

There are many different types of dental treatments out there, and which one you need is going to depend on the extent of the damage. While fillings, root canals, and crowns all have their place, these are options for when the teeth are damaged, but when the tooth needs to be removed completely or already has then at that point you need to look a step further up to oral surgery and what dental implants bring to the table.

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Not every dentist in London provides these services and if you find yourself in need of a replacement tooth then it’s time to look at what a good dental implant brings to the table. If you’re looking for implants, there’s no question that London Bridge Dental Practice offers the best dental implants in London.

Molded to Your Mouth
One of the amazing things about our dental implants is how they are molded to your mouth and your teeth. The dental implant for one patient may look completely different than another’s even if the same tooth is being replaced. This is because each patient will have different surrounding teeth, different gums, a different jaw line. When put together that’s how we create an implant that not only looks great and is strong but will fit in perfectly to make the patient’s teeth look better.

Titanium Anchors
Here at London Bridge Dental Practice we firmly believe in using the best materials and the most recent techniques to create implants that will last the test of time, increase your oral health, and help bring back that healthy smile. Titanium is used because it is completely non-toxic to the body and actually melds with bone. This allows for an incredibly firm anchor for the custom molded replacement implant.

Personalised to Your Specific Dental Needs
These are fit to your mouth, just as the anchors are, which helps to guarantee a firm position. When properly cared for and maintained, implants can last many decades. Often times 30+ years. By making sure these implants are customised to fit with your mouth and your smile, we help guarantee that you teeth and your smile are in the best possible shape. They will be fully functional as well as bringing up the appearance of your smile back to where you want it.

Pulling Teeth Is Not a Permanent Solution
Even if a damaged tooth is pulled, that is not a permanent solution to your issues. When teeth are removed the bone in the gums can slowly dissolve away, remaining teeth can shift around, and there are studies that show people with multiple teeth issues tend to have more heart issues, as well. In other words, it is a major health concern. Putting in an anchor to successfully add permanent dental implants takes care of these problems and restores your full chewing capacity in addition to restoring your full healthy smile.

Why Wait Another Day?
Our professionals at London Bridge Dental Practice have decades of experience working with every type of implant and every major oral surgery situation. We will get your smile back and bigger & better than ever!

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