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London Teeth Cleaning Simple Strategies To Help You Take Better Care Of Your Teeth

Caring for your teeth is of vital importance to your general health. However, too many people neglect proper dental hygiene and end up with painful and expensive problems with their teeth. If you need to take better care of your teeth, the following advice can help you maintain a healthier mouth.

Plan on going to the dentist regularly. You should go get your teeth inspected and cleaned at least twice a year. If your teeth hurt or if you notice anything unusual, go to your dentist as soon as possible. Find a good health insurance to cover your visits to the dentist.

Teach your kids proper dental habits from the beginning. When your children get their first teeth in, brush the teeth for them. Once your child is old enough, teach him how to brush teeth on his own. Get a big timer and put 2 minutes on it for your child to make sure he is brushing for long enough, and take him to his first dental appointment when he turns three.

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Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to aid in teeth whitening. Pour a teaspoon or so into a small container and dip your toothbrush. Take measures to ensure that you keep away from your gums while brushing. Then, brush your teeth again with toothpaste to help you have sweet smellling breath.

You should floss at least once a day. Flossing really makes a difference. Gently slide it between the teeth you wish to clean. Use a back and forth motion. Never floss below the gum line. Carefully make the floss go back and forth to clean every tooth.

Schedule a visit to your dentist if you have sensitive teeth. Pain in your teeth when eating hot foods or drinking cold drinks may be indicative of serious dental issues. You may have a cavity, nerve inflammation, or nerve irritation. These are dental problems you do not want to ignore.

Talk to the dentist before making an appointment with them. Ask them how they keep their equipment clean. It is your right to know about things that directly affect your health.

London Teeth Cleaning Everything You Ought To Know About Dental Care

Sugar is a major cause of most types of tooth decay. Eating sugar isn’t the only problem. Drinking sugar can be even more harmful. When you drink sugary drinks, the sugary residue just sits on your teeth. It coats your mouth. As long as the sugar is on your teeth, it is causing damage.

If mouthwashes out on the market do not appeal to you, and you want your mouth rinsed for fresher breath, you can use a natural method. Mix up 3 cups of hot water with a tablespoon of salt, hydrogen peroxide, and three tablespoon of baking soda. You now have an excellent DIY mouthwash.

After you’ve completely brushed your teeth, brush your tongue too. All sorts of built-up gunk can develop on your tongue, and this can cause everything from bad breath to gum disease. A clean mouth means every surface, so brush your teeth and tongue and then floss for the best hygiene.

As you read above, you may not have an innate understanding of what you should do to care for your teeth. You sought good information about proper dental care, and you found it here. Anytime you want to go over the information you learned, feel free to read it again.

London Teeth Cleaning

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Dental Cleaning London

Dental Cleaning London Best Tips And Tricks To Having The Healthiest Mouth

When it comes to dental care, you want the best. This means that you need to look at several different factors when you’re choosing the right dentist. And you want to know some general things about dentistry as well. Consider the following tips that will help you navigate your way.

Brushing your teeth properly is important for your overall mouth health. When brushing your teeth, use a vertical motion on the outside of your teeth and a horizontal motion on the inner parts of your teeth. Concentrate your efforts by brushing each tooth for approximately fifteen seconds to help ensure proper cleaning.

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There are self soothing techniques that can be quite effective when you are experiencing anxiety in the dentists chair. After you have identified a means of staying calm, be sure to use it throughout the entire process. When you do this, you will have an easier time of it.

Keeping your tongue healthy is an important part of dental care, even though most people only focus on gums and teeth. Buy a tongue scraper to protect your oral health. They’ll help remove bacteria that might be on your tongue. If you’re not able to access a tongue scraper, it’s good to just clean off your tongue with a toothbrush.

Get regular check-ups for great teeth. When you avoid going to the dentist, you are at greater risk of developing serious dental issues. Visiting the dentist provides you with a cleaner mouth. In addition, if there are any small problems, the dentist can immediately fix them before they get serious.

Flossing is not difficult, but many people have a hard time doing it. Ask your dentist to demonstrate for you on a model of the mouth and to allow you to practice on that same model. You can also floss in front of the mirror in your dentist’s presence so that you can learn how to floss properly.

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If you are a smoker, you need to stop smoking for a healthy mouth. Smoking has been linked to oral cancer, tooth discoloration, bad breath and tooth decay. The best thing that you can do for the health of your mouth is to quit smoking. Not only will your mouth thank you, but you body will as well.

What you eat matters as much to your dental health as how frequently you brush or floss or visit the dentist. Eating a lot of sugar-laden foods will leave your mouth full of rot and cavities. Try to reduce the amount of sugar you eat, and also the sugar in your drinks.

Two minutes is the minimum amount of time that your should spend brushing your teeth. The longer you brush, the more you’ll remove. You won’t get everything if you rush through it.

There are effective and natural alternatives to commercial mouthwash. Here are the ingredients you should combine: 3 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide, 1 tbsp salt, 3 C boiling water. This makes the perfect oral rinse.

Strong and healthy teeth are definitely something to smile at. Neglecting oral hygiene or failing to protect your teeth can have serious consequences for your overall health–not just in your mouth. Use these simple guidelines to avoid or minimize a variety of dental woes, such as bad breath, staining, and more.

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London Bridge’s 4 Toothbrush Tips To Treat Tooth Decay

361951_blogYour toothbrush is one of the best weapons against tooth decay, so it’s important to use it in the best way possible. Here are 4 toothbrush tips to treat and prevent decay:

  1. Change your toothbrush regularly: the bristles of your brush become worn with time and once they start to wear, they clean less effectively. It’s important to change your toothbrush or the brush head on your electric toothbrush frequently to ensure the best clean. Some brushes are marked with coloured indicators, which show you when you need to change your brush. Usually, brushes need to be replaced every 3-4 months
  2. Invest in an electric toothbrush: electric toothbrushes are proven to remove plaque more effectively than manual brushes, so we recommend investing in an electric brush. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and once you’ve bought the brush, you only need to buy replacement brush heads; brushes are available from £10 and they are easy to use. If you want to pay a little more, you can benefit from additional features, including timers and different brushing modes.
  3. Be gentle: many people assume that the harder they brush, the better, but this is not true. In fact, brushing too hard can actually be harmful for the teeth because it can damage the enamel and cause it to become worn. If you’re using an electric toothbrush, the brush does all the hard work for you, so simply guide it along your teeth; you don’t need to apply any additional force or brushing motions.
  4. Reach right into the corners: when you are brushing your teeth, it’s really important to make sure that you cover every surface of every tooth and reach right into the corners of the mouth. We also recommend using inter-dental brushes to clean between the teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns about teeth cleaning, don’t hesitate to ask our dentists or dental hygienists for advice.

Bad Breath Bacteria In The Mouth Can Spread Quickly

Bad breath (halitosis) is a common dental problem, which is associated with bacteria gathering in the mouth. When these bacteria feed, they release gases, which smell unpleasant. We can help you to deal with bad breath and prevent further problems in the future; we have a dedicated team of expert hygienists and amazing dentists to make sure that bad breath is a thing of the past.

Bad breath and oral health

Bad breath is commonly caused by a build-up of bacteria in the mouth, which is often linked to poor oral hygiene. Without good oral hygiene, bacteria collect in the mouth, increasing the risk of decay, bad breath and gum disease. Brushing and flossing are effective ways of removing bacteria from the mouth before they can combine with saliva and food debris to form plaque. Plaque is very dangerous because it contributes to gum disease and cavities.

In recent years, there have been several studies, which have connected harmful bacteria in the mouth with an elevated risk of systemic general health problems. Bacteria from the mouth can travel to other parts of the body via the bloodstream and there is evidence to suggest that these bacteria can increase the chances of heart attacks and strokes; gum disease has also been linked to an increased risk of diabetes and problems in pregnancy and labour.

Preventing bad breath

Good oral hygiene is the best way to keep bad breath at bay and an effective daily regime should include brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Diet is also really important when it comes to bad breath, as many people find that certain foods trigger bad breath; common examples include garlic and spicy food. Smoking is also another common cause. In addition to good oral hygiene at home, we also recommend regular dental check-ups and sessions with a dental hygienist.

Put A Dent In That Devastating London Bridge Decay

4546258_blogDental decay is a constant, ever present threat to the health of your teeth and if it isn’t kept in check and monitored, it can eventually lead to gum disease, abscesses and tooth loss. Generally, prevention is better than cure in LondonBridge and there are enough shops and chemists in the area to buy the best products from to ensure that you avoid the build-up of plaque and tartar on the surfaces of the teeth, the acids from which will slowly but surely eat away at the teeth’s enamel. Your dentist will be able to check these problems too, so regular visits are vitally important.


Diet is also important and you need to understand what foods can be detrimental to the surfaces of your teeth and what promotes acids in the mouth. However, none of us are perfect and from time to time, some of these problems get through our best laid plans: once the acids and bacteria start to work their ‘magic’, caries and cavities can form which will result in you needing a filling to put a dent in the progress of the decay. If left though, the decay can become quite devastating; once inside the tooth, the pulp and roots become infected and in order to save the day, a root canal will be required. Any more after this and you are heading into the choppy waters of tooth loss. It is always wise to try to maintain high levels of oral hygiene and if you detect anything at all going awry, get your dentist to take a look at the problem.

Banish Those Bad Breath Baddies At The Bridge

If you have bad breath, you probably feel self-conscious, especially after eating or when you’re in a crowd of people or a more intimate gathering. The reality is that bad breath affects most people to a degree at some point in their life, but if it’s a persistent problem, it’s likely that there will be an underlying cause and identifying and treating this can make a massive difference to your oral health, as well as your social life and general wellbeing.

What causes bad breath?

There are many factors, which may cause bad breath. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene, but bad breath can also result from smoking, taking certain medicines and eating strongly flavoured foods. If you only have bad breath after eating or in the mornings when you wake up, it is likely that there is nothing to worry about; however, if you find that you have bad breath on a regular basis, there may be an underlying issue.

In most cases, bacteria in the mouth are to blame for bad breath; this is because when you eat, the bacteria feed and this causes them to give off gases, which have an unpleasant odour. Usually, bacteria gather at the back of the tongue and in the areas that are missed when you brush, such as the cracks between the teeth.

How can we help?

Good oral hygiene is the best weapon against bad breath and we advise all our patients to stick to a good daily oral hygiene routine, which includes brushing twice a day and flossing. Many patients who are prone to bad breath also find rinsing with mouthwash after eating very effective.

We also recommend hygiene treatments with our incredible dental hygienists. Hygienists use advanced techniques and specially designed instruments to achieve a deep clean, which will remove bacteria and stubborn plaque and tartar and leave your mouth feeling lovely and fresh. Your hygienist will also give your teeth a good polish, so that they look shiny and healthy.

Keeping your Teeth nice and clean in South East London

361951_blogIt is always a great feeling having clean teeth and keeping your mouth fresh in south east London, but you will have to work hard at it each day, otherwise you may quickly fall foul of plaque, tartar, tooth decay and gum disease. Now you always have your dentist to help you out, so keep up with check-ups; you can get your teeth scaled and polished to make your teeth feel smooth and fresh, plus your dentist will patch you up if things have gone wrong- but the real work is done by you at home. Get yourself set up with some cracking products- a nice electric toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss, and then practise using them properly. All of this should be enough to keep your teeth clean. Watch what you eat and drink as well; some products can do a lot of damage to your teeth and gums as well as breaking down the mouths saliva. Try and cut out the smoking as well as it ruins the gums and discolours the enamel. Of course as you get older, your teeth may discolour anyway and though they may be clean, they may not look it to you and others. Getting your teeth whitened will be the crowning glory for you here, especially psychologically; you see, if your teeth look clean, they will also feel clean and give an amazing healthy aura to your mouth overall.



Confronting Rotten Teeth in South East London

459343_blogIt seems odd that with all of the amazing dentistry on offer today, people still suffer from rotten teeth in south east London, yet they do- people use their time differently though and just maybe, people, for whatever reason, place their oral health way down on the list of important things to do. However, oral health should be as important as anything else that you do; poor teeth and gums can impact on the rest of the body and in the long term, your whole health could fall into decay because of rotting teeth. The causes of bad teeth are many-fold: what you eat and drink and habits like smoking can have sinister affects on the enamel of the teeth and coupled with poor oral hygiene, the bacteria that aren’t removed will soon form plaque and tartar; from this, the enamel will soon erode and the teeth will begin to decay- quickly. As well as all of this, if you are poor with your oral hygiene and fail to make dental appointments, your teeth will rot. You run the risk of losing your teeth and veer dangerously to the world of abscesses. All you need to do is look after your teeth each day with some brushing, flossing and mouth-washing- it isn’t hard to do; watch your diet and make sure you go for regular check-ups, because your dentist will spot anything untoward and then fix any problems. By doing this, you will promote your overall health and have great teeth in the future.

Good or bad? Fluoride Toothpaste in London SE1

464425_blogYou can find fluoride in abundance in London SE1, especially as it is the most commonly used element in your daily drinking water, put in essentially to kill off bacteria. The other most common place to find it of course is in toothpaste; most of the brands used today put it in their products, mouthwashes too. The reason for this is because it is considered to protect your teeth better against the threat of plaque and tooth decay, as it has been doing for over a hundred years now. Fluoride has been proven to re-mineralise the enamel, making it stronger against these threats to the teeth. Sounds good eh? Well not exactly. Fluoride in high levels is very toxic and can lead to fluorosis of the brain; it is also dangerous for children in high levels- kids love to eat more toothpaste than they brush with and in some cases, this has been fatal. It is a very thin line, but choice does err on the side of fluoride because of its advantages, however, if you have concerns, you should get the facts on-line or broach your concerns with your dentist before you make way up the odds and making any rash decisions about fluoride.

London SE1 takes the fight to Bad Breath

357249_blogIf something is beginning to smell bad on the body, it generally indicates something is going wrong and should be immediately be checked out before it worsens, and this is especially true when it comes to bad breath. This can be a very complex and serious condition and once you realise that you have it in London SE1- because some people are blissfully ignorant of the fact, it must be tackled stage by stage in order to fight it. The obvious first step should be to get along to your dentists and get checked out: bad breath can be caused by rotting teeth and gum disease, so these must be first dealt with. Then you must sit down and talk with your dentist and/or a hygienist about the other causes; such things as poor oral hygiene, poor diet and bad habits (drinking and smoking) all play a major part in this condition and you must change in order to give yourself a chance. You can also chew more sugar-free gum and sweets to keep up saliva levels, and also introduce herbal product into your cleaning routine. You must do all you can to keep your mouth healthy, otherwise you may affect the rest of your body as well. The danger though is that none of this works, the problem could be within the body, possibly gastric and this is serious.

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