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A Simple Screening Could Save Your London Life

18625029It sounds rather dramatic to say that a trip to the dentist could save your life, but the reality is that this could be true. With oral cancer screening, we are able to spot the very early warning signs of mouth cancer and this means that the disease can be treated at the best possible time, when the chances of survival are high. We look out for any potential signs of danger during a routine check-up and we also offer screening services. We strongly advise all our patients to keep up to date with their check-ups, as they really can make a difference to your health.

About oral cancer

Oral cancer is a form of cancer, which has become more common in the UK; over the last ten years, the number of people affected by this disease has nearly doubled. One of the main problems with oral cancer is that most cases are currently diagnosed at an advanced stage when treatment is less likely to be successful because there is a risk that cancer has already spread. The concern is that many people are still unaware of the symptoms of mouth cancer because it does not have the same media profile as other types of cancer, such as prostate and breast cancer.

The symptoms of mouth cancer include a persistent cough, ulcers that take a long time to heal (more than 2 weeks), the appearance of red or white patches and any abnormal lumps or areas of swollen tissue in the mouth or throat. Some of these symptoms are very general and it’s very likely that there will be nothing to worry about, but getting checked out is always a good idea. Early diagnosis and treatment can increase the chances of survival by 90 per cent, so a screening session or a routine check really could mean the difference between life and death.

What causes mouth cancer?

The main risk factors for mouth cancer include smoking, drinking alcohol on a regular basis and exposure to the human papilloma virus (HPV). If you smoke and drink, you are up to 30 times more likely to suffer from mouth cancer than a person who does not smoke or drink alcohol frequently.

To find out more about oral cancer screening, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Getting back to normal after Oral Cancer in London SE1

There are some problems in your mouth that can be fixed quite quickly, sometimes painlessly and then even so, if they are painful, they only take a few days of discomfort and the problem is solved. Sadly the same can’t be said for oral cancer and it’s a problem that still seems to thrive in London SE1. The causes are never clear with this disease, though if you love a smoke, a drink and have an awful diet, it’s clear that you are not doing yourself any favours and are putting yourself a great risk. Symptoms are hazy too, though any niggling thing that recurs in the mouth all the time are considers to be signs that you may well have an issue: mouth sores, constant sore throats and aching necks are a few of the symptoms that indicate the onset of oral cancer and after you have had some tests and the news is not good, you are going to have to prepare yourself for a battle royal in order to beat it. Once you have had the necessary surgery, the real fight begins. You will need nurses and friends around to help you through this tricky recovery period, as well as turning your lifestyle on its head and throwing away the bad habits. You must build up your immune system after this type of surgery and improve your diet. Your body must become a temple and only by altering the way you once lived can you give yourself a chance of beating the disease: good news is that recovery statistics have got a lot better over the years and played down the stigma once associated with this disease.


London SE1 dentist can recognise oral cancer symptoms.

As with any cancer, oral cancer is a life threatening condition which needs to detected and treated as soon as it appears. Although everyone is at risk of oral cancer, it is especially of concern for smokers and users of chewing tobacco, 75% of UK cases being due to tobacco in some form. Alcohol also increases the chances of developing oral cancer and can lead to many other issues relating to your oral and bodily health. The rise in rates of the sexually transmitted infection human papillomavirus (HPV) have been linked with increased rates of oral cancer in the last decade. It is important to be aware of all these factors.

The sign of oral cancer is often mistaken for a mouth ulcer that does not heal. If you are unsure about any symptoms your London SE1 dentist will be able to do a full check up and inspect any suspicious areas of the mouth. Oral cancer does not directly affect teeth but all the soft tissue in your mouth (gums, tongue, lining) are all vulnerable to oral cancer. Using a small mirror, your dentist is able to inspect every part of your mouth that would normally not be possible to view. If they find anything that needs further inspection they are able to refer you to a cancer specialist who will be able to run further tests.

If your dentist is able to spot the beginnings of oral cancer at an early stage, modern therapies are now very effective at treating it. Do not delay if you have any concerns, visit your dentist for an inspection. The best method is of course prevention. Not smoking, moderating your drinking and wearing protection during sexual activity (including oral sex) will all help to greatly decrease carcinogenic influences.


The war against Oral Cancer in South East London

So how has your mouth been feeling of late? Sounds a strange question because if you have any problems, you’d get them checked out right? Well make sure you do at the first sign of things like ulcers, sore throats or lumps, because these are attributed to the onset of oral cancer and you should know that this is on the increase in south east London. Any sign of a problem, then get down to the dentists for a thorough check-up and don’t take no for an answer either, because this is your life we are talking about and an early diagnosis of the disease is the key to beating it. You should demand a series of tests if you are worried that will ascertain any signs of the disease, and, at what level it has reached. If the tests are positive, then this will govern the type of treatment you will need. Yes, it’s a very traumatic period and can put the fear of life into you and so you should pull out all the stops you can and get everyone you can on your side as back-up, from medical support to that of your friends and family. Take heart from the fact that the positive results from treatments in the area have grown, but you may also like to take a good hard look at your lifestyle afterwards to stop the chances of the disease coming back, which was probably the reason you found yourself in this position in the first place.

The rise and fall of Oral Cancer in London SE1

Many professional dentists in London SE1 would attribute the problem of oral cancer to lifestyle and diet- smoking, drinking and fast foods. But to be fair, there are those walking among us that do these things all of their lives without an issue at all, which rather suggests that although it is wise to limit these excesses in life, no-one really can pinpoint the reasons behind the disease- but there is no mistaking the signs of it. Everyone knows when something is going wrong in there mouth; it can range from repetitive sores, sore throats, recurring lumps to ear and jaw aches, but if there is anything wrong at all, the best remedy is to get a diagnosis done as soon as possible. You will have some blood tests and an analysis of skin tissue done to find out if there is a problem and this will be sent off for testing. If the worst case scenario comes back and you show signs of the disease, you will then have to have immediate treatment. The thing about this disease is that although it remains prevalent in society, which rather comes back to the lifestyle issues, the successes in the treatment have also soared. It is never an easy fight to go through and one that you need to embrace all of the support you can get, but it isn’t the end of the world, as the stigma of cancer has started to fade and with the right attitude, oral cancer is beatable.

The scourge of Oral Cancer in South East London

It is never going to be the easiest of days in south east London when you are rocked to the very foundations with the fact that you have been diagnosed with oral cancer- horrible. But there are quite a few facts that you should consider about this disease. Bashing your mouth up on a daily basis with a woeful diet and smoking and drinking is obviously going to take its toll on your immune system and if you start to feel you are having problems with your mouth and that things are going wrong- anything that you are not familiar with- then it is time for a check-up….pronto. You should never take risks with your health, but if you get in quick and have a few tests, then the sooner the problem is diagnosed and analyzed, the easier it is to treat and the quicker you will recover. It isn’t easy and you are going to have to prepare yourself for the greatest fight you have ever been in. But you can win through in the end and you should take heart from the fact that the success rates of overcoming oral cancer have risen dramatically. Be strong because by doing so, you can beat it.

London SE1 dentists are the first line of defence against oral cancer

Recognising the intimate access that dentists have to your mouth, they have now been trained so that they are able to spot the early signs of oral cancer. This is a welcome development because the condition can be fatal but actually has quite high survival rates if it is spotted as early as possible. Go and see your London SE1 dentist every six months, or as advised, so that the general health of your mouth can be monitored and oral cancer can be dealt with effectively should it occur.

The high risk categories of oral cancer are those who smoke tobacco and regularly drink to excess. Men are also more likely to develop the condition than women. You can look out for the signs yourself before or after you have brushed your teeth. Be alert for things such as hardened patches in your mouth which you can feel with your finger. These patches might also be discoloured and can sometimes be accompanied by the sudden loss of bodily weight.

If your dentist thinks that he or she has spotted any of these signs and is thusly concerned then you will be referred to a specialist oncologist where the appropriate measures will be taken. With any luck, you will stand a good chance of retaining your good health if an early diagnosis is possible as treatments are improving all the time. If you are in the higher risk group of oral cancer then think about your lifestyle choices and consider giving up smoking and cutting down your alcohol intake. Regular visits to your dentist are wholly advisable too so that oral cancer be given a swift diagnosis.

Facing up to Oral Cancer in London SE1

If you have any issue crop up in the body in London SE1, like anything, if the problem is identified in its infancy, there is a fantastic chance it can be treated and cured; so it is with oral cancer. Though we are still struggling to nail this disease, better understanding of exactly how it starts and what causes it have been realised. Mostly, most dentists will concur that a high percentage of people suffering from the problem normally smoke, abuse alcohol, have a bad diet and poor oral hygiene- in all, a poor lifestyle and cancer will thrive on this, attacking the inside of the cheeks, the roof and floor of the mouth, gums and tongue. These fleshy areas are at further risk too from constant irritations in the much, from rough teeth, dentures and even fillings. It manifests itself through constant ulcers, sore throats, chewing and swallowing pains and bad tastes in the mouth and this is the time to get a check-up. Some simple tests at the dentist will soon identify if you have a problems; if so then you are in for some pretty testing periods of chemo, radio therapy or even physical surgery to beat the disease. But it’s how you approach these periods that will give you the optimum chance of removing the cancerous cells. Everything from diet to oral hygiene must be changed to give you a fighting chance, most of all, your attitude. You may require the help of a support group afterwards too, to help you through the psychological trauma, but success rates are up, so there’s every chance that you can beat this disease.

Oral cancer: get the facts from London SE1 dentists

Of all the afflictions which can affect your mouth, one of the most dangerous is oral cancer. It serves as another reminder to visit your dentist every six months so that your mouth can be checked by a trained and dedicated professional. With access to your mouth your dentist will be able to examine it for any early signs of the condition and nip it in the bud. Survival rates are actually quite good for oral cancer but it is imperative that you spot it early so it can be dealt with.

The high risk lifestyle-groups for oral cancer are those who smoke tobacco and regularly drink to excess. The disease is also more prevalent in men than it is in women. But you should be vigilant for oral cancer if you are not from one of these groups.

Dentists will be on the look out for discoloured patches in your mouth. These patches might be a sort of rusty colour and may be also be hardened. You may notice that you suddenly have unpleasant, almost metallic tastes in your mouth and sudden, otherwise unexplained weight loss might occur. You can look out for these signs at home, perhaps when you are flossing or brushing. If you discover any of the symptoms then you should report them to your dentist immediately; don’t simply wait for your next six months check up.

Like many other oral ailments, oral cancer needs to be diagnosed early so that it can be dealt with. Treatment is able to be far more effective if it is done at the early stages and you are less likely to have to undergo invasive treatment which might compromise your health. If you have not had a check up in a while, contact your London SE1 dentist to make an appointment.

Dealing with Oral Cancer in London SE1

Through all the advertising and advice that we are given to keep ourselves healthy in London’s Se1, we are still drawn to the evils that can have serious health implications, and especially to our mouths, as what is put into the body starts here first. Smoking, excessive drinking, poor oral hygiene and poor diet can expose our mouths to all manner of dental problems, the worst case scenario being oral cancer. Treatments to cancer and recovery to the treatment of it, have improved dramatically in recent years, but as good as our understanding of the disease has grown, it hasn’t gone away. Stress, a poor immune system and exposure to UV light have all been linked to the problem, but because we all have our own unique DNA constitution, it makes it difficult to identify why oral cancer can affect one person badly and another, not at all. Of course bad oral hygiene will promote the disease if it’s around another reason why regular dental visits are of the utmost importance, especially if your suffer from problems such as bad breath, repetitive ulcers, aches in the neck, jaw, ears and head, or if you have trouble swallowing, for these are the more common, early signs of oral cancer. But if it’s caught early, the higher the success rate in the treatment and this success also depends on the level of ‘fight’ you are prepared to put in, by getting actively involved and prepare yourself with procedures that you are about to undergo such as chemo or physical surgery. Remember that oral cancer can be beaten as long as you are prepared for a scrap.

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