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Useful Ideas For Managing Your Dental Care

Good dental care begins and ends with proper dental habits. Not everyone understands what is needed in order to have a clean mouth. If you want to avoid going to dentist each month for another painful problem, then keep reading for informative tips about good dental care. Read on and get yourself educated.

If you want to boost your chances of selecting a good dentist, be sure to ask friends and family members for referrals. Ask them which dentist they use and get their opinions on the service, costs, and quality of care. Their honest assessments can be invaluable as they save you time and effort in your research.

To help whiten your teeth brush using baking soda. Baking soda is known for its disinfecting and cleaning properties. To use simply sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in your hand and dip your wet toothbrush into the baking soda. Then, gentle brush your teeth for at least two minutes.

Avoid snacking on carbs if possible. Potato chips and other salty snacks will not be easy to remove from your teeth. If you need to have a snack, choose some fruits or another healthy food. Clean your teeth immediately afterward if you can, or plan on spending more time flossing later.

Take care of your toothbrush. After you finish cleaning your teeth, make sure you clean your toothbrush, too. Simply wash it off with water and place it in a toothbrush holder so that it is standing up. Putting your toothbrush in a case is not advisable, because bacteria is more likely to grow that way.

A toothache has been said to be right up there, if not worse than labor pains. For this reason, it is important to address a toothache at the very first sign of pain. Don’t assume that the pain will just pass. Get it checked out to make sure there is not something more serious going on like an abscess, which can turn serious rather quickly.

Get your children used to brushing their teeth as soon as they start to come in. Wipe infants’ teeth clean with a cloth every day so they are used to putting something in their mouth to clean their teeth. When your children become toddlers, let them have a toothbrush to play with and chew on. Then, when they get a little older, show them how to brush their teeth.

Do you refuse to spend 75 dollars on a toothbrush? According to dentists, a high quality electric toothbrush can help keep your teeth clean. While you won’t be getting rid of everything on your teeth 100 percent, you will still get a superior clean. Take the number of heads and the length of the warranty into account when choosing an electric toothbrush.

Don’t just brush the surfaces of the teeth! Brushing your gums will help to ensure that you get any extra buildup. The nastiest cavities are the ones that stay under your gums, so the more that you keep this area clean, the better off you are.

Consider using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Your gums are very sensitive. Medium and hard bristles can damage them more than you know. Try switching to a toothbrush with soft bristles to protect them. You should especially consider switching if you already have any trouble with gum pain or bleeding.

Use a small amount of toothpaste when you brush. While it may seem like more toothpaste would clean teeth better, it will not. The phrase, “less is more” works best when brushing your teeth. All you need is a pea-sized amount of toothpaste in the middle of your toothbrush for optimal cleaning.

When you struggle with your breath, consider avoiding eating garlic and onions. If you can’t cut them from your diet, brushing your teeth and tongue after meals can help. Also use mouthwash and even gargle with it to clean out all the remnants left over from your meal, keeping your breath fresh.

Having an understanding on how to properly care for you teeth is something that must be taught to you. Thankfully, the article above gave you great tips on how to manage good dental care. Stick with the information here to help improve your dental care habits, and eventually you will have the smile of your dreams.

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Get A More Balanced Smile With Our Gum Contouring Techniques

595603_blogIf you have a gummy smile or your smile lacks balance and it’s getting you down, we can help! Gum contouring is a simple, effective procedure, which can make an amazing difference to the aesthetic of the smile.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure, which is used to treat a gummy smile. A gummy smile occurs when there is more gum tissue visible when you smile than normal; this means that more of the tooth crown is covered and the teeth look smaller and shorter. A gummy smile is not a medical problem and it doesn’t cause any unpleasant symptoms, such as pain; however, it can make people feel very self-conscious about their looks, especially when their smile is on show.

With gum contouring, we are able to remove tiny pieces of the gum tissue to ensure that more of the tooth crown is visible; this makes the teeth look longer and larger, which increases the balance of the smile and makes it look more attractive.

What does the procedure involve?

We use innovative laser treatment to contour and shape the gums and the procedure is quick and completely painless. We use the laser to gently trim away the excess gum tissue and shape the gums, to produce a more attractive aesthetic. With laser treatment, we are able to shape the gums without any pain and with minimal risk of bleeding or infection; the results are incredible and you can feel much more confident when you smile in future.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile and you would like to find out about cosmetic treatments that could help, call us now and book a consultation!



Give That Grim Gum Disease the Slip in Central London

2658670_blogMost people living in central London would like to think they have a good take on oral hygiene and know how to look after their teeth and gums; after all, just look at the most amazing products on sale that will help get the job done – lest we forget the dentists who are there to pick up the pieces should things go astray; this combination is perfect for fighting off the evils that threaten the mouth each day.

Hang on though, who can honestly say they have all this down to a fine art and doesn’t occasionally skip a check-up or gets carried away with the joys and naughtiness the city has to offer?

The Pain Of Gum Disease

All roads to pain start with plaque and if not removed properly, it will cause tooth decay and gum disease quickly. Gum disease is especially a killer – literally. Not only will this devil wreck the tissue that supports the teeth, causing them to fall out in the long term, but the toxins leaked from it will start to poison the blood and leave deposits all around the vital organs of the body- especially the heart.

It has been medically recognised that there is a strong link between heart failure and gum disease. If you have started to notice blood on the toothbrush or that you gums are leaking foul tastes onto your palette then act fast.

See your dentist or hygienist because this can be a complex condition to cure which can involve dental procedures, dietary and lifestyle changes, improvements in your oral health involving herbal remedies and generally bucking up your ideas so that you don’t suffer traumas as you get older in your mouth and throughout your body.

Grasping Gum Disease by the neck in London SE1

4207449_blogThere are many serious problems that can break-out in your mouth in London SE1 and if you aren’t on the ball, they could be very damaging to your overall health in the future. One of the worst is gum disease and if you fail to spot it and treat it, it will not only kill your teeth, but the toxins from it that leak into your heart will kill you too. The early signs of it are blood on the toothbrush, weeping gums that will leave a foul taste in your mouth and receding gums. If you spot any of these going on, you need to act fast and getting advice from your dentist/hygienist would be your first stop-off. Many people think that just by upping their oral hygiene may do the trick but this disease is more complex than that; smoking, diet, drinking and a dry mouth can all add to the woe. Now beating it will take big effort from you; take on board the advice you get and follow it, for you must change your ways. Learn all you can about the disease because there are many remedies to conquer it. Obviously once you have deployed all of the dentist’s advice there are other methods: herbal remedies are becoming more and more recognised in the treatment of gum disease and they can help to turn your fortunes around; find out about these from the net or a certified herbalist because they regenerate the blood flow through the gums, calm them down and in some cases have been known to reverse the problem; don’t dither- just do it!

The gravitas of Gum Disease in London SE1

We know things can go wrong in the mouth, which is why we have our dentist to look after us when problems crop up in London SE1. But this reliance on the dentist can breed complacency and ignorance and you should never take problems with a pinch of salt. One such evil is gum disease: this bad boy takes hold anywhere poor oral hygiene is evident in the mouth. Unchecked tooth decay will soon start to infect the gums as well as the teeth and probably the first sign of this is blood on the toothbrush after cleaning. This is where the disease needs checking and quickly. You need to change your oral hygiene completely, use herbal products maybe to sooth your gums, massage your gums, your diet should be improved and you should always keep your mouth hydrated. On top of this, you’ll need to get regular deep cleaning below the gum-line from your dentist. If you decide to be flippant at this stage, then your gums will become badly infected, recede and your teeth will loosen and fall out. However, gum disease doesn’t just ravish the mouth, it infects the rest of your body by leaking toxins into the bloodstream and over the years, your vital organs will become infected and fail.


Keeping your gums pretty in South East London

4732933_blogWhilst we are busy brushing away furiously at our teeth to keep them pretty and healthy, spare a thought for your gums, for they too need a little TLC too in south east London, if not, your teeth will fall out! Gum tissue is far softer that tooth enamel, so you should really think about that when buying a brush, and also learn how to use it with a good toothpaste as well. But when it comes to really caring for your gums, herbal remedies are excellent for this. Soaking your tooth brush and floss in tea tree oil first helps to take away any heat in the gums and then soothe them. Echinacea and Aloe Vera are excellent for massaging the gums after brushing and flossing as it rejuvenates the blood flow through the tiny veins; in some cases where gum disease has been present, such remedies have actually started to reverse the disease and should your gums start to bleed after brushing, table salt on the brush and in warm water to rinse with, stops the blood and heals the wounds. Finally, keeping up a healthy diet with lots of vitamins will not only strengthen your gums, but look after your heart and other vital organs in the long run.

Gum Disease is easily prevented say a dentist from SE1 in London

Gum Disease should be a thing of the past says a dentist from SE1 in London. It is so easily prevented by a simple regime of controlled and habitual oral care and hygiene. Every dentist has an oral hygiene nurse and when we go to have our 6 monthly check up we should talk to them. Preventative dentistry is as important as repairing and curing gum disease, which by the way is incurable. Most people who have constant and depleting gum disease are exasperating the condition by not brushing their teeth properly or for long enough. Your teeth should be cleaned after every meal, but in the absence of the opportunity to do that you should clean your teeth when you get up and go to bed. Rinsing with a quality mouthwash will also help, but it isn’t a `be all and end all` of cleaning the gums and teeth. Flossing is another much missed opportunity to keep bacteria at bay, especially as most gum diseases are caused by food residue lodged in between the teeth. Once a gum disease like Gingivitis takes a hold there is no cure, the best we can hope for is a delay in the disappearance of the gums. Even slight gum disease is hard to eliminate once it occurs and again this is easily prevented by a good and regular regime. Bad breath is a sign of lodged food in between the teeth, and that in itself should sound the alarm bells about gum disease. If you can’t manage to brush your teeth after every meal, then carrying some floss sticks around is the next best thing, they have a floss hoop at the top and a pick point at the other end, this alone will go a long way to keeping bad bacteria away from the gums.

Gum contouring from London SE1 dentist corrects gummy smile

About 7 per cent of men and 14 per cent of women suffer from a condition known as a gummy smile, which is an excess of gum tissue making their teeth appear too short. The condition is not serious and has no real medicinal disadvantage but it can be responsible for a loss of confidence and low self esteem due to embarrassment.

It is very quick and easy to fix a gummy smile using modern technology in a process called laser gum contouring. In the past gum contouring would have been carried out with a scalpel but using the heat of a laser is a much healthier and easier process to perform.

With a diode laser, the dentist can simply sculpt the desired gum line form the existing excess tissue making the gums and teeth look more natural and healthy together. The heat of the laser vaporises the excess gum tissue while simultaneously cauterising it, preventing blood loss. The heat of the laser also sterilises the tissue reducing the chances of post-procedural infection. It may sound a little unpleasant to burn tissue, but contouring is a relatively painless procedure and your London SE1 dentist can administer anaesthetic before treatment.

The surgery usually lasts between 15 minutes and two hours depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, with recovery time obviously increasing depending on the extent of surgery. All gum tissue will usually be completely healed after four weeks. Once gum contouring is complete some patients also opt for porcelain veneers to complete a more thorough smile makeover but this is not usually necessary.

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