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Going for some hearty Root Canal treatment in South East London

Root canal treatment has always horrified people in south east London in the past and with good reason. On paper, it was the perfect way of saving a tooth from severe dental decay; however, the tools to do the job weren’t quite up to the task and the procedure could become quite tricky to perform- as well as being very painful on occasions. However, technology has changed all of this around and now that theory of what was on paper has become brilliantly painless and easy to perform. Laser surgery has revolutionised treatments such as this and so you can have it done without the fear of the agony that once so often followed. An infected tooth means that the pulp and the roots of the tooth have become poisoned, so to ensure that the tooth stays in your mouth and that you avoid the dread of an abscess breaking out, all of the infected rubbish has to be cleared out from inside. Once this has be achieved, then the tooth can be filled in and if need be, crowned. It won’t take long these days to carry this procedure out and you will be securing the future health of your mouth once your tooth has been repaired.


Digging out the rot in South East London

Plaque is one of those really irritating things in life that just won’t go away in South East London; as soon as you’ve brushed it away, it simply returns to cause havoc. Sometimes it gets through and then once this has happened, it starts to attack the surfaces of the teeth. From this, caries breed and then full-on tooth decay that infects the inside of the teeth: you have two choices here; let it carry on and you will lose your tooth, contract gum disease and the jaw bone will begin to degenerate. Or, you can try and save the tooth and avoid all of these issues by having root canal treatment. When decay breaks into the tooth, the pulp and the roots become infected and in order to prolong the life of the tooth, it’s imperative that the pulp and the roots are taken out and then disinfected. Once-upon-a-time, this could be a complex operation because of the way roots can grow, today’s root canal treatment though has been refined thanks to laser techniques such as Waterlase, making the procedure fast and painless. Once the tooth is empty, it can be refilled and then crowned: but this is a warning and not only have you threatened your tooth and your oral health, but you have also run the risk of an abscess developing.


Getting a Root Canal in London SE1

In dentistry, there are lots of different procedures and treatments that your dentist can employ to put right any problems that crop up in your mouth. One such problem that is always cropping up in London SE1 is tooth decay and it comes in a couple of main guises. Once bacteria have settled onto the surfaces of the teeth, the acids that come out of these bacteria will start to eat away at the enamel. It left to continue unchecked, these acids will inevitably break through the surface of the tooth. You will at first suffer discomfort from sharp pains whenever cold or hot things are placed on the tooth but at this juncture, you may only have to have a filling done. But sometimes the pain may subside and you may decide that it was just a ‘passing’ problem. In reality, this isn’t the case and the whole of the inside of the tooth will become affected and you will be running the risk of an abscess forming. To solve this problem and save your tooth, you will need a root canal. This treatment was once a painful operation to perform, but lasers have made this a very routine and painless procedure. The pulp within the tooth needs to be removed so that the dentist can get to the roots and remove them as well. Then once done, the tooth will be cleaned and then filled. Depending on the level of decay to the tooth, you may need a crown fitted in order to restore the size of the tooth


Saving your teeth with Root Canal Treatment in London SE1

Some of the greatest problems that arise in the mouth in London SE1, as with anywhere in the world, is that of tooth decay. It’s a villain that never goes away and even our best efforts to avoid it can often fall on barren land. Thankfully however, we have our dentist to fall back on to bail us out of trouble. Deep decay in the tooth leads to the pulp and the roots becoming infected and in order to save the tooth completely, the tooth will require a root canal. Now, this treatment of removing roots from inside the tooth has always had a lot of bad press and out of it has come some very frightening tales. But, although folk-lore never seems to move on, modern dentistry has. Once the tooth has gone beyond the realms of a simple filling, the dentist will have to remove all of the rotten matter from deep inside the tooth; the pulp has to be removed and then the roots also in order to fill the restore the tooth to its former glory and at least, give it a further ten years of life. The older ways of doing this, were by using a drill that could leave the mouth very sore indeed for days afterwards, but the modern use of lasers, digital imaging and computers have radically changed this procedure to the point that the whole operation is no more painful than a filling. Once this has been done, the tooth will then require a crown to ensure that it can operate in a natural way inside the mouth.

South East London dentists treat the inside of patients teeth with endodontics

Having trained for many years to the highest standards and then built up a wealth of experience, your local dentist will be an expert in every aspect of the health of your mouth. While most of us will be familiar with the work done on the exterior of teeth such as plaque and tartar removal, dentists also work with the interiors of teeth too.

Teeth are multi-faceted and what you see on the outside of a tooth is far from being the whole picture. Inside teeth there is a mass of material forming what is known as the pulp chamber. The health of these materials (which include nerves and blood vessels) is vital to the health of the whole tooth.

Thankfully most of us will not have to worry much about what is going on inside teeth because it tends to just take care of itself. But problems can occur, in the form perhaps of a tooth abscess. Any severe impact that strikes the mouth can damage the inside of teeth and leave you with infected material inside the pulp chamber.

When dentists practice endodontics, they are concerned with the interior of your teeth. The most well known example of endodontics is root canal treatment which is the process of removing infected material from the pulp chamber by entering the tooth through the root canal. This is carried out to avoid the need to drill into the tooth.

You might require root canal treatment if you find that you are suffering from chronic tooth ache that it is just not going away. Talk to your dentist in South East London if you want more information about the interior of teeth.

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