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Archives for February, 2017

Top Tier Cosmetic Dentist London Has To Offer

The intricacies of cosmetic dentistry require a deft touch and creative prowess.

With London Bridge Dental Practice, it’s easier to achieve top-grade results and enjoy a beautifully crafted smile. This dental team continues to set the standards for world-class cosmetic dentistry and is heralded for the work it does.

While selecting an ideal clinic for detailed changes to your smile, it’s best to look at a trained and respected team with years of experience. London Bridge Dental Practice offers this and more to all of its patients ensuring the results are picture-perfect.

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Here’s more on what makes this the best cosmetic dentist London has to offer.

Modern Techniques

With rapid advancements in technology and a commitment to using modern techniques, London Bridge Dental Practice prides itself on remaining steadfast with useful strategies for cosmetic improvements. Patients will know they’re in the hands of the best while coming to this clinic.

These techniques ensure each case is handled with meticulous attention to detail and the right approach is used for maximum efficiency.

Why go with a solution that lacks flair and skill? This team is ready to assist at a moment’s notice and will utilise techniques renowned for providing flawless results from top to bottom.

Take advantage of this clinic and know the techniques being employed will work like a charm. It’s important to note all methods used at this clinic are vetted and are safe. Patients can trust the work being done at all times.

Accredited Team

At London Bridge Dental Practice, the clinic is accredited and well respected in the region for its cosmetic dentistry.

It’s home to the best professionals who have been doing this for years and appreciate the importance of creating a safe environment for patients to come and have cosmetic procedures carried out.

For optimal results, it’s best to choose a clinic that’s passionate about cosmetic dentistry and appreciates the finer details. This enables a patient to pick and choose what they desire. While creating the perfect smile.

Full Customisation

Whether it’s Invisalign, teeth whitening, or general dental hygiene, London Bridge Dental Practice will cultivate a seamless approach for each patient. This ensures the aesthetic changes are fully customised and meet a patient’s needs.

The team is home to a fantastic set of professionals who have been doing this for years and understand the power of customisation and the quality it can bring to a person’s smile. Stop settling for less and choosing a world-class dental clinic such as this to customise your smile down to the last detail.

This is a top tier cosmetic dentist London has to offer with a commitment to excellence and professionalism. Call now and book an appointment to begin your consultation with a well-regarded cosmetic dentist. This team continues to push itself to new heights by using modern techniques and world-class equipment to help patients achieve the results they’re after.

All it takes is one call to bring your desired smile to life.

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What To Look For When Choosing Invisalign Braces London Specialist

Are you tired of hiding your smile because of misaligned teeth? You may have considered getting braces to correct the problem, but it pays to learn that a new solution offers so many more advantages. Invisalign has become very popular in recent years, thanks to its ability to align the teeth without the use of unsightly brackets and wires. When it comes to Invisalign braces London has one of the best in the industry in Dr. Michael Akere. Keep reading to learn the most important factors to consider when choosing a London-based dentist.

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You can’t expect to walk in any dentist’s office to get Invisalign aligners. While general dentists may offer the service, you’re far better off choosing somebody who specializes in this particular system. Dr. Michael Akere is one of the most decorated cosmetic dentists in the UK. Having worked with over 1,000 patients, he has unparalleled experience in terms of using Invisalign to correct misalignments. This has also earned him the recognition as a Platinum Invisalign provider.


It is also beneficial to work with a dentist who ensures that his office stays ahead of the curve when it comes to modern orthodontics. Using the latest technology also guarantees that all dental services are carried out in the most efficient manner possible. At London Bridge Dental Practice, state-of-the-art technology is used for all procedures. For Invisalign treatments, iTero intraoral scanning helps in creating a 3D model of the teeth, enabling the cosmetic dentist to create the aligners and show what the end result will look like.

Payment Plans

In general, Invisalign is more expensive compared to traditional braces. If you consider, however, all the benefits it brings, you can justify the added investment. You just need to make sure that the dentist offers flexible payment plans. A reputable service provider can offer a custom payment solution based on your budget. This allows you to enjoy the Invisalign system without having to worry about damaging your pocket.

Customer Service

You should understand that the Invisalign aligners need to be replaced ever two weeks. This means that you will have to work with your dentist for quite some time. The last thing you want is to visit somebody regularly who only treats you as just another patient. You want to feel at ease and enjoy a relaxed experience every time you step inside the dentist’s office. Dr. Michael Akere is known among his patients and peers for making people feel as comfortable as possible throughout the course of the service and giving them the sense that they’re in capable hands.

If you’re in search for a provider of Invisalign braces London, then look no further than London Bridge Dental Practice. They have cosmetic dentists with several years of experience transforming smiles of patients while using the latest equipment technology has to offer. You can also get affordable payment plans and outstanding customer service, ensuring that your unique needs are attended to in the best way possible.

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