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Archives for October, 2016

invisalign braces London 5 Reasons why London Bridge Dental Practice offers the best

If you are reading this, you are probably considering Invisalign to straighten teeth and improve your smile. An equally important part of the decision is the person that will be responsible for providing the treatment, providing guidance through the process to guarantee success along with the facilty. This is why it is so important to choose London Bridge Dental Practice since Dr. Michael Akere who is a leading Diamond Invisalign Provider is based there.

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5 Reasons Why London Bridge Dental Practice Offers the Best Invisalign Braces London

1. You Are Guaranteed An Orthodontist With Invisalign Experience

If you want to have an orthodontist with the most experience with Invisalign, you will find him at London Bridge Dental Practice. Dr. Michael Akere is a Diamond Invisalign Provider. Such a designation is only given to those that meet experience requirements.

2. You Can Be Sure That Dentists Have The Best Invisalign Training

Only orthodontists that have finished Invisalign training can determine if Invisalign treatment is the right option for you. The team at London Bridge Dental Practice have the necessary experience to determine this and provide the best care possible.

3. London Bridge Dental Practice Can Treat A Variety OF Cases

Due to their training, experience, and commitment, the team at London Bridge Dental Practice is able to treat moderate to complex cases using Invisalign. Their experience qualifies them to plan for even the most complex tooth movement.

4. Diamond Status Helps You Distinguish Experts From The Rest

Diamond rated Invisalign provides such as those at London Bridge Dental Practice put their long-term experience to work for you. Remember that in some cases particularly the complex ones, other orthodontic treatments may be necessary in addition to Invisalign. Experienced providers understand how to guide the jaw, move teeth, and improve your bite for a healthier mouth.

5. Proven Results

The orthodontists and dentists at London Bridge Dental Practice are experienced and if you are a potential patient you will get to see pictures of the successes of other patients. Even some members of the team may themselves have worn or may be currently wearing Invisalign. The team will tell you the exact number of patients they have treated if you would like to know.

Final Thoughts

Invisalign is truly a revolutionary replacement for traditional braces. The 5 reasons discussed here show why London Bridge Dental Practice is your best bet when it comes to Invisalign. If you are in need of Invisalign braces London, call on London Bridge Dental Practice and enjoy a healthier and better looking mouth.

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Why People Prefer Invisible Braces London

Teeth alignment is an important orthodontic procedure that dentists in London and in many other parts of the world engage in on a day to day basis. There are various techniques or ways to go about doing this procedure. The first option is to use conventional metallic braces. This type of braces are quite common and have been used by many people over the years to gradually straighten up uneven teeth. The other option is to opt for the more modern invisible braces London that are commonly referred to as Invisalign

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Invisalign invisible braces are basically made up of clear plastic molds or aligners that take the place of the conventional metallic braces. This teeth alignment solution is perfect for people who want to reposition their crooked teeth in a much easier and convenient way. Invisalign obviously offers certain benefits over the traditional braces that most people are used to. Getting to know the inner working of this orthodontic procedure is very crucial and paramount in order to attain a perfect set of teeth.

Working of Invisalign

The first step of getting Invisalign invisible braces is to have a computerized three dimensional imaging of your dental and jaw structure taken by a certified professional. This imaging is used to come up with custom plastic molds or aligners that will fit perfectly into your teeth. The shape and size of aligners will be just perfect for moving your teeth into their correct positions. Invisalign treatment involves a patient getting a series of invisible braces over a specific duration of time. 18 to 30 aligner trays are needed for a typical or normal treatment of crooked teeth. Each set of invisible braces or clear aligners is worn for about 2 weeks and thereafter removed and replaced by the consecutive set of invisible braces or aligners. This process is undertaken gradually until all teeth are back into their correct positions.

Benefits of Invisalign

The most significant benefit of opting for invisible braces London is that they are very discreet and unnoticeable in most cases. The aligners used are clear and transparent meaning the whole world will not have to know what is going on in your mouth. When compared to traditional metallic braces, Invisalign invisible braces allow you to correct your crooked teeth in a very comfortable and convenient way. Both children and adults can benefit from this orthodontic procedure.

There is also the benefit of increased oral hygiene that is brought about by the ease in brushing, flossing and cleaning your teeth.

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