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Archives for July, 2016

Best Invisalign In London

The perfect smile is right around the corner.

London Bridge Dental Practice has spent years on honing its craft and helping patients straighten their teeth and obtain the beautiful smile they’ve been yearning for.

Why choose this dental clinic over some of the other choices?
Dr Michael Akere Is The UK’s Leading Diamond Invisalign Dentist responsible for straightening the teeth of over 1000 patients over the years

Best Invisalign In London

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It begins and ends with the clinic offering patients high-quality Invisalign treatment. This clinic is heralded for the work it does in London, and the following reasons are cited to bolster its excellence.

Experienced Team

Want a seasoned hand to carry out this treatment? London Bridge Dental Practice is an established team of professionals who have a great understanding of what Invisalign treatment encompasses and will work hard with patients to achieve positive results.

Patient Satisfaction Matters

A patient will want precise results, and this clinic prides itself on meeting those standards. It is a well-reviewed clinic and one that will work hard to provide an Invisalign treatment that works.

Best Materials

The best materials are used for this treatment. Emphasis is put on finding these materials and ensuring they fit the patient’s needs and wants like a glove.


Want to go with a team that is creative and willing to work with you as a patient. The “perfect” smile is often subjective. Everyone has their requirements as to how their teeth should be shaped and corrected. The dentist will sit down with the patient and craft a meaningful plan that is going to be followed to a tee as needed.


The best Invisalign in London has to be safe. Patients should not feel tightness and discomfort after this treatment has been carried out. The team at this clinic is well-learned and understands the nuances of perfectly inserting the materials and ensuring they remain in place.

A safe approach is the only way for patients to have a smile they adore and stay safe at the same time.

Stop trusting dental clinics who are not willing to put in the time and effort to achieve world-class results. This is one of the best options in all of London and will ensure you are more than content with the results.

A perfect smile does not have to be a long shot any longer. Call in now and speak with a representative to book your appointment. These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg for those craving the best Invisalign in London.

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Where To Get The Best Invisalign In London

One of the best ways for people to straighten their teeth, without the use of braces, is to use a technology called Invisalign. Instead of having braces which are fastened to your teeth, you can use these removable aligner trays which are nearly invisible to the naked eye. If you are currently living in London, there are many dental practices that can provide you with this type of service. The best source for Invisalign in London is London Bridge Dental Practice. Let’s look at the difference between traditional braces and using Invisalign, specifically looking at the cost and how long it will take for each treatment to completely straighten your teeth.

Dr Michael Akere Is The UK’s Leading Diamond Invisalign Dentist responsible for straightening the teeth of over 1000 patients over the years

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Why Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

There are several reasons that people will choose to have Invisalign removable aligners over traditional braces. First of all, they are much easier to use and maintain. By simply using them as recommended, you will slowly see your teeth begin to shift as you progress through the aligner trays that are provided. You can also avoid irritating the inside of your gums, or go through the painful process of tightening your braces which many people would prefer to avoid. Finally, you can avoid the unsightly appearance of metal braces on your teeth, something that can be embarrassing if you are older. Invisalign is simply a better choice for people of all ages that would prefer to straighten their teeth without people noticing.

Which One Is More Expensive?

The cost of Invisalign is very similar to the cost of traditional braces, with the average cost for both at about $5000. Invisalign is a recommended choice by most dentists if you need to straighten your teeth, with the exception of needing extensive orthodontic work. Otherwise, if your teeth need to be adjusted, many dentists will recommend Invisalign because the treatment time is much faster, plus it is easier for the patient throughout the entire process.

If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth, and you are wondering if traditional braces or Invisalign would be better, you might want to consider contacting the London Bridge Dental Practice to find out more information. This is an orthodontic practice that is highly recommended, considered to be the best provider of Invisalign in London. This dental practice is highly recommended for all dental services, but if you would like to take advantage of Invisalign for straightening your teeth, you should certainly contact this company today to set a consultation appointment.

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