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Archives for February, 2015

Getting Invisible Braces in London: What Causes Those Crooked Teeth?

Around the world, Britons are quite known for having crooked teeth with the exception of British luminaries such as Victoria Beckham and the Duchess of Cambridge. Exactly what, however, causes crooked teeth? Read on below for some answers:

What Causes Crooked Teeth

Sometimes, it’s simply in the blood. Although oral development in those genetically predisposed to crooked teeth is otherwise healthy and there may be plenty of room in the jaw for teeth to grow, they tend to grow crooked regardless of how well they are taken care of. If you’re aware of your family’s history, early intervention is key to keep your own kids from developing their own misaligned set of teeth.

Childhood Habits

Was thumb sucking a childhood habit of yours? Although this might have been your way of coping with childhood stress, the long-term effects aren’t so pleasing. Pushing your teeth through your tongue or frequently chewing on objects such as your pacifier could have also led to crooked teeth, particularly if you persisted in these habits for a long time.

Jaw Size or Injury

Having an oversized or undersized jaw can cause crowding or awkward spacing of teeth, which can eventually lead to crooked teeth since the teeth are struggling to fit in. Moreover, crooked teeth can also be caused by trauma or injury sustained by the jaw or if the jaw has been twisted out of alignment, which tends to push teeth out of position.

Risks of Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can cause further oral and dental problems if not treated early on, especially since they could become very hard to clean safely. Dentists would recommend early intervention in order to correct a crooked set of teeth, and one way to accomplish this is to have a set of invisible braces installed.

Before looking for invisible braces from London practices like London Bridge Dental Practice, you must first remember that not everyone can have them. Invisible braces are more advisable for teens and adults, and even then, you’ll need to consult your dentist to determine if they’re best for you. Moreover, having them will not hinder you from brushing and cleaning your teeth.

In the end, between knowing the causes behind crooked teeth and finding the right dentist to install Invisalign braces in London, you will definitely be on your way to a straighter, more beautiful smile.

(Source: What Causes Crooked Teeth?, WiseGeek)

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Dental Implants in London as an Option when Decay Destroys Your Teeth

Sugar has always been linked to the development of cavities, and more people are aware of that today than ever before. Of them all, it’s undoubtedly your dentist who will try to convince you to stop munching on sugary desserts too much lest you develop dental caries on every single one of your permanent teeth.

WHO's recommended sugar intake 'should be halved to combat dental cavities

Previously, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended a target free sugar intake of 5% of your total calories (typically 25g) every day or a maximum of 10% or 50g. That includes the sugars you add to food and drinks and the natural sugar components of fruit juices, honey, and other syrups. Research from the University College London and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, however, revealed that a 5% maximum and a 3% target will be more effective in lowering the prevalence of tooth decay.

The kinds of guidelines or studies are very significant because of the risks associated with tooth decay. The sugars can provide sustenance for bacteria and the fuel to invade the teeth and gums, produce infection, and cause severe discomfort. Worse, the cavities may be so serious that the dental tissue can’t be saved, which results in tooth loss.

Fortunately, it’s not the end if you do lose a tooth or two due to a diet high in sugars. There are many kinds of replacement you can consider when your teeth are destroyed by decay, such as the classic dentures and bridges. One of the best options today, however, would be getting dental implants in London.

Unlike alternatives, dental implants are very stable and are less prone to failure. They can be used to replace either a single tooth or a complete set of teeth (where they anchor dentures in place). There may be barriers to having and maintaining these teeth replacements, but with proper consultation and education, you can be more satisfied with the aesthetic and practical results and enjoy them longer.

Of course, not everyone would be a candidate. You must have sufficient bone structure in your jaw, where the prosthetics will be anchored. Visit experienced dentists like London Bridge Dental Practice’s dental professionals who have been offering dental implants in London for years, so you can determine if dental implants are indeed the right choice for you or if you need to explore other options.

(Source: WHO’s recommended sugar intake ‘should be halved to combat dental cavities’, MNT/Medical News Today)

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Teeth Whitening in London: Thinking Ahead for Your Prom-Night Smiles?

Prom night is something many teenagers look forward to – a night of fun, memorable moments, and reflections on a year gone by. To prepare for it, they might want to undergo a number of cosmetic adjustments, such as teeth whitening. Steve Myall of The Mirror says this dental procedure is gradually becoming part of many British teens’ checklists.

Helicopters, Ferraris, speedboats and teeth whitening-How British teenagers are going PROM CRAZY

Normally, schools in Britain hold a special summer’s ball or leavers’ ball to celebrate the past academic year. The supposed influence of American teen media over the last ten years has uplifted the ball into a major spectacle where people who might not see each other for a very long time come together for an unforgettable night. If you’re preparing to flash a dazzling smile come prom night, you can make that happen with teeth whitening at London dental centres, like the London Bridge Dental Practice (LBDP).

Bright Star

A London laser teeth whitening programme will first involve an in-depth consultation with your preferred dentist about your oral habits, which may include taking snapshots of your teeth for further analysis. The study also seeks to establish whether the teeth’s current shade and level of dental care renders a patient eligible for the procedure.

The Zoom!® line of teeth bleaching products is often the leading choice for the procedure, as it involves applying a chemical solution to the teeth and protecting the gumline while a laser-light device is aimed at the teeth. The enamel is also amplified by the light and its whiteness is gradually restored. Be prepared for the possibility of follow-up visits; in the meantime, you should observe proper brushing and flossing, as well as avoiding food and drink that generate stains.

Setting Straight

It may be possible that your teeth are slightly off-kilter, and they could mar what should otherwise be a beautiful smile. You can consider an Invisalign programme, using clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Maintenance, though, will require staying off hot drinks (among other restrictions). Consider arranging for regular cleaning appointments in addition to your home brushing and flossing.

People say that prom night is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you should never take lightly. Let a leading dentist like LBDP’s Dr. Michael Akere help you make the most of it and give you a night to remember.

(Source: Helicopters, Ferraris, speedboats and teeth whitening: How British teenagers are going PROM CRAZY, Mirror)

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Never Do It Yourself: Leave Whitening to a London Cosmetic Dentist

Everyone dreams of having the perfect set of white teeth as seen on their favourite celebrities. Social scientists claim that having great teeth is fast becoming a necessity, particularly in job hunting, since those with bad teeth tend to have lower chances of obtaining certain entry-level jobs. It’s little wonder, then, that more people have been paying to have their teeth fixed, with procedures including teeth whitening using bleach, veneers, and implants.

Cheap DIY whitening 'can leave you with teeth of an 80-year-old': Some products are so strong they can strip away enamel

Some, however, forgo the professional advice of a London cosmetic dentist and opt instead to buy do-it-yourself whitening kits and other cheap alternatives. Some might even resort to looking for ingredients found at home which are said to whiten teeth, when in fact these can lead to serious (and permanent) harm to them.

Bleach and Chlorine

People might still hold onto the popular belief that rinsing with bleach or scrubbing your teeth with scouring powder can whiten your teeth and spare you a trip to the dentist. The truth is: scouring powder can scratch your enamel (your teeth’s hardest substance) and lead to further degradation. Meanwhile, bleaches can cause chemical burns on your mouth and lead to gum diseases.

People looking for a quick and easy path to whiter teeth also try out salons, where beauticians and hairdressers would offer cheap teeth whitening procedures using chlorine dioxide. If you haven’t heard of this substance, then you’d probably be more familiar with its common name: swimming pool bleach. Exposure to this substance can eventually eat away at your enamel and expose your dentine, the brown-coloured core of your teeth.

Citrus fruits

Although there’s nothing wrong with eating fruits per se, some people would see them as the solution to their dental woes, believing that the citric acid found in strawberries and lemon juice can whiten the teeth. On the contrary, dental experts have debunked the belief that strawberries can contribute to teeth whitening while too much lemon juice can actually cause enamel erosion.

It’s understandable that people would look for creative ways to achieve that Hollywood-worthy smile. In the end, however, it’s always best to leave teeth whitening to London cosmetic dentistry specialists, such as those from the London Bridge Dental Practice. Through them, you can rest assured that you’re walking the best and safest path to whiter teeth.

(Source: Cheap DIY whitening ‘can leave you with teeth of an 80-year-old’: Some products are so strong they can strip away enamel, The Daily Mail)

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