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Archives for December, 2014

No More Metal Mouth: Invisible Braces in London Are Better Alternative

Getting braces used to be a nightmare. It required having metal brackets and wires inside the mouth, an often uncomfortable and painful experience that involved cuts, sores, and blisters. In addition, metal braces make it difficult to speak and eat, and for many who have to wear them, they are just plain unsightly. Adults who want to improve their smiles using braces may be hesitant to experience all of those things, but fortunately, there is now an option that gets rid of the challenges without sacrificing the smile: invisible braces.


Clear or invisible braces from London dental clinics are made of transparent plastic, which makes them more discreet compared to metal types. They use a series of clear aligners with each one custom molded to fit the wearer. One of the main differences is that these aligners are changed every two weeks in contrast to metal braces that stay on the teeth for years and adjusted periodically. The aligners work by repositioning the teeth, and treatment time can vary from six months to more than a year.

Another advantage they have over metal braces is that they can be removed, thus allowing the wearer to eat what they want without risk of dislodging the bracket, painful biting and chewing, and having bits of food stuck under and around the braces. According to Health Article 101, this feature also allows people to floss and brush better, making maintenance so much easier and helping to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

Lastly, an adult wearing braces faces a different set of challenges than a child or a teen having their teeth corrected. Metal braces may be distracting at work, such as when talking to clients or rendering customer service. They may also inhibit people from interacting socially because the metal brackets make them self-conscious during conversations. Clear braces solve this problem by correcting teeth while being virtually invisible at the same time.

If you’re interested in getting clear braces from London dentists, it is best to first go in for a consultation in order to determine the specifics of the treatment plan. Clinics such as London Bridge Dental Practice specialise in straightening misaligned or crooked teeth using clear braces such as Invisalign, and a consultation will help patients arrive at the best option for them. Adult braces are now becoming a popular option for those who want a perfect smile, and wearing invisible braces means that no one even has to know they’re there.

(Source: Top 10 Benefits of Invisalign Invisible Braces, Health Articles 101)

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London Dental Implants: The Better Choice for Missing or Damaged Teeth

Teeth may have been built to last a lifetime, but many life events can leave a person with one or several gaps inside their mouth. A traumatic injury, an illness, or lack of good oral habits can lead to damaged or missing teeth. In the past, options such as dental bridges or false teeth were popular solutions for teeth restoration, but dentistry has come a long way since then. Today, patients can choose to have dental implants from London dental clinics, an option that is more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and better for oral health overall.


Implants involve the surgical insertion of a titanium screw into the supporting bone where the missing tooth used to be. This is followed by an abutment (a fake tooth), then a crown. According to The British Dental Health Foundation, treatment depends on the timetable established by the dentist, and it usually takes three to four months for permanent false teeth to be put in after the implants are initially placed.

Because they are surgically inserted, patients don’t have to remove the tooth like one would for false teeth. They also function much like natural teeth, allowing the user to speak, eat, and smile properly. Furthermore, dental implants tend to last for a lifetime when given proper care.

Bridges and false teeth often stand out from the rest of one’s teeth because they look artificial, and this may lead to discomfort and self-consciousness for many people. On the other hand, it is challenging to tell dental implants apart from natural ones because they mimic the look, color, and feel of a person’s original teeth, making the smile look uniform.

Oral Health
Putting bridges in requires grinding down the surrounding teeth in order to carve out a space for the bridge. This can potentially damage healthy teeth just to accommodate the artificial one. Additionally, false teeth can fail to stimulate the jaw bone, thus making it lose strength and firmness. On the contrary, implants are inserted into the bone itself, thus encouraging bone growth and preventing bone loss.

While dental implants relatively cost more than other cosmetic options, their benefits clearly make them a worthwhile investment for those who want to replace missing or damaged teeth. For those who want to explore this option, consulting dental clinics that offer London dental implant services, such as London Bridge Dental Practice, is the first step to regaining their confidence and smile.

(Source: Cosmetic Dentistry › Implants, British Dental Health Foundation)

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In-Office Zoom Whitening Procedure: A Method of London Teeth Whitening

A bright smile creates an impression of youth, radiant health and happiness. It can easily win people over in an instant. Whiter teeth mean better chances to ace that job interview or impress other people. Luckily, there are many methods of London teeth whitening.


One such procedure is called Zoom Whitening. An article by Linda Dyett at Consumer Guide to Dentistry explains that the process uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. This element is meant to expedite the bleaching process, activating 25% of the hydrogen peroxide whitening ingredient in it. When the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, the enamel and dentin are then exposed to oxygen, thereby being cleaned of staining substances. What makes it safe is that despite all this work on the teeth, it basically does not affect the structure.

Before deciding if Zoom Whitening is right for you, schedule a consultation with a dentist who should conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums. Be sure to tell the dentist about your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits as well. Should the dentist recommend zoom whitening, be sure to ask more information about this method of teeth whitening in London.

As for the actual procedure, standard Zoom in-office whitening takes less than an hour. However, prior to the whitening session, a regular teeth cleaning is recommended. To start the procedure, the lips and gums are covered, leaving only the teeth exposed. Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is then applied, combined with the Zoom light to break up stains on the teeth.

The gel remains in place for exactly 15 minutes. During this time the patient can relax. For a total treatment, the Zoom gel is applied for three 15-minute sessions. After this, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride agent will be applied to the teeth.

After the procedure, the task of maintaining the whitening effect falls on the patient. The dentist should provide you with a Zoom home kit and instructions on how to use it. Avoid food and beverages that may negate the effects of whitening like tea, coffee, and red wine. Avoid tobacco products as well and maintain an appropriate oral hygiene.

(Source: Zoom Whitening: See the Light and Unleash Your White, Consumer Guide to Dentistry)

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Cosmetic Dentistry in London Made More Convenient Through Invisalign

Having properly aligned teeth is a sure way to have good dental health and maintain a beautiful smile. Teeth with improper alignment can be easily corrected through getting any of the various procedures of cosmetic dentistry in London or elsewhere.


One effective way to treat misaligned or crooked teeth is to use a brand of cosmetic braces called Invisalign. It is a virtually invisible type of brace that utilizes clear aligners modeled specifically for each patient. Invisalign is an effective treatment that can gradually reposition teeth to achieve the desirable effect of perfectly aligned teeth.

The overall health benefits of using Invisalign are detailed by the very people behind it: “Think of your teeth as a window to the health of your body. Your teeth and gums—and how they look to others when you smile—say a lot about your overall health.” This, however, may come as a surprise to most people. Fortunately, it is so much easier now to have access to a proper dental treatment, for as long as the patient is proactive about it.

Aside from aligning the teeth, other benefits include correction of jaw issues, easing of chewing difficulties, and even correction of improper bite. Another benefit includes healthier gums that can otherwise be swollen due to having widely spread teeth or crowded teeth, an excellent way to prevent periodontal disease. Invisalign will also save the patients the trouble of the painstaking cleaning procedure of regular braces since this application does not have brackets or wires, and is conveniently removable.

Most London cosmetic dentistry practices offer patients Invisalign as a comfortable method to straighten teeth. Treatment times may vary from patient to patient—some cases might take longer, but ideally, a normal treatment would only take somewhere between six months to a year.

So you see, comfort need not be sacrificed for efficiency of a treatment. The constant improvements in cosmetic dentistry, such as with the continually evolving creation of advanced technologies and advanced research, pave the way for more convenient and effective means of treatment so patients can enjoy the benefit of a good dental procedure without any difficulties.

(Source: Health Benefits of Straight Teeth, Invisalign)

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