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Archives for July, 2014

Partial Dentures Are a Great Option for Missing Teeth

3177562_blogIn an age where you are required to look brilliant and most the beautiful that you can around London Bridge – a very demanding place in the city, after you have done your very best to keep up, then losing a tooth or two can be an absolute disaster to all your best efforts, let alone making you left feeling completely demoralised and down after it has happened.


There can be a mourning period immediately after tooth loss, but you need to get through this quick and decide what to do about it, otherwise you could be putting your future oral health at peril as well. By plugging up the gap left behind by teeth that have gone AWOL, you will restore stability in your mouth once more and prevent movement in remaining teeth; also you will greatly reduce the chance of infection in your gums.

So what choices do you have?

Well there are a few but one option is to get partial dentures fitted. Denture technology has come an awful long way and aside from the fact that they are a cheap option compared to other treatments, partial dentures have proved themselves to be a very reliable choice.

They are easy to manage each day, the sealants and fittings to keep them in place are superb and if you want to go that extra mile, especially in the case of multiple tooth loss, you can combine all of the above with a dental implant in order to anchor the denture firmly into place. These dentures will also be made bespoke to your problem, so they will fit exactly into your mouth, whilst looking incredibly natural at the same time.

A Tooth Grinding Habit Can Increase Your London Lament

3520145_blogMaybe it’s because you’re a Londoner, but you must have noticed that although it really is a hot and glamorous, nay special place to exist in, London is also an extremely demanding to live. It is not cheap to live here, especially if you have a family and you will find yourself working hard to make ends meet.

Frightening Grinding


All this effort to survive can creep up on you and though you might not know it at first, it can place incredible levels of stress upon you. Now in time, this stress can manifest itself in many ways and one is through tooth grinding. It may seem nothing at first and you may not even notice it but grinding your teeth can have frightening affects throughout your upper body.

Firstly, your teeth will suffer – a problem that your dentist will pick up on and the supply you with a mouth-guard in order to stop you damaging your teeth further; but this won’t stop your grinding desires. If you fail to understand and tackle the built up stress after each hard working day, this horrible condition will wreak havoc to your jaws, cause headaches and tinnitus, and then go through your head and into your neck: from here on in, you may possibly damage your central nervous system and attack your upper back, let alone cause walking difficulties.

It is a very scary condition which will take possibly some therapy in order to combat and you need to sit down with your dentist to remedy once it has recognised that you have a problem.

Summer Time Smiles: Whitening Works Wonders

1567900_blogWhen the sun finally cracks a beautiful smile in the summertime, it has an instant and incredible affect on everyone. People suddenly feel as beautiful as the weather and want to show it by liberating themselves from the months of the dreary winter blues.

Clothes change, hairstyles too; people just feel fitter and healthier, and with this comes a confidence to try out different beauty ideas- such as getting their teeth to shine alongside the sunshine. The easiest way to do this with the best results is to look into teeth whitening and if you live around the London Bridge area of the city, you are spoilt rotten for choice.

Summer White Smile

Most dentists offer the latest whitening techniques on the market today and the results are extraordinary if you go down this route. Laser whitening is so in vogue right now and it just takes a single sitting at the dentists to have it done; in just an hour of having your teeth bleached by the laser-light, your smile will look as good as any model or actor you see in any magazine.

Dentists can also set you up with a state-of-the-art home kit which again will give you superb results: if there is a drawback to these techniques, it’s they can be expensive for some people. However, there are more other subtle and far cheaper ways to achieve a cracking summer look and these can be found in the shops, all of which you carry out at home.

There are DIY kits that will give you great results, but cheaper still, toothpastes and bleaching pens/strips can give a cute little sheen to your teeth at your own pace and help to put the confidence into your smile when the sun shines.

Give That Grim Gum Disease the Slip in Central London

2658670_blogMost people living in central London would like to think they have a good take on oral hygiene and know how to look after their teeth and gums; after all, just look at the most amazing products on sale that will help get the job done – lest we forget the dentists who are there to pick up the pieces should things go astray; this combination is perfect for fighting off the evils that threaten the mouth each day.

Hang on though, who can honestly say they have all this down to a fine art and doesn’t occasionally skip a check-up or gets carried away with the joys and naughtiness the city has to offer?

The Pain Of Gum Disease

All roads to pain start with plaque and if not removed properly, it will cause tooth decay and gum disease quickly. Gum disease is especially a killer – literally. Not only will this devil wreck the tissue that supports the teeth, causing them to fall out in the long term, but the toxins leaked from it will start to poison the blood and leave deposits all around the vital organs of the body- especially the heart.

It has been medically recognised that there is a strong link between heart failure and gum disease. If you have started to notice blood on the toothbrush or that you gums are leaking foul tastes onto your palette then act fast.

See your dentist or hygienist because this can be a complex condition to cure which can involve dental procedures, dietary and lifestyle changes, improvements in your oral health involving herbal remedies and generally bucking up your ideas so that you don’t suffer traumas as you get older in your mouth and throughout your body.

The Benefits of Braces in London

From a very early age, there are many things that can affect the way that your teeth develop, from ill-growing milk teeth to decay, and even hereditary problems, some teeth can become very ugly to look at as you grow up; this can also be the case at any time in your life as you expose your teeth to many rigours. Now the first way that this can affect your mouth as you develop is cosmetic; ugly shaped teeth can lead to confidence problems and leave you more introverted.

However, from an oral health angle, problem teeth can also interfere with the bite in the mouth- the way the jaws come together and if not corrected can cause further damage in the future. Whatever problems you have in London with your teeth, it sounds like you would benefit immensely from having some form of braces fitted. It is important at this juncture to forget whatever preconceived ideas you may have of traditional braces here because modern orthodontics have developed some absolutely incredible treatments to coerce your teeth into shape and leave your mouth not only looking beautiful, but also healthy throughout your life.

Fast treatment option

Most braces today work very fast and discreetly and they won’t burn a hole in your bank balance, but then finance should never be an issue when it comes to putting your oral health first. Many braces are designed to do different jobs but there will be one out there that suits you and once you are treated, you will never look back.

Dental Implants Provide Brilliant London Stability

2797271_blogThere are some very good methods of tackling tooth-loss around London Bridge; methods that have been tried, tested and successful for decades. Dentures and bridges- incorporating crowns, have a great track record in this area and have played a vital role in maintaining the future health of other teeth, gums and the bite of the jaws; cosmetically, these fittings also retain a healthy looking smile and stave off premature ageing to the face.

Over the years, said fittings have been held in the mouth by various cements and though they do their job, they can become fragile over time, especially if there is shrinkage of the gums. However, superb advances of dental implant technology have helped to give brilliant extra stability to these fittings. An implant is dead easy to fit these days thanks to laser and computer technology and can be located into the jaw in just an hour with minuscule damage to the jawbone and surrounding gum tissue.

How does The dental implant work for you?

What the implant does is act as a very strong anchor and it will last a lifetime. It can lock into place a dental bridge tight up against the gums; it can house single crowns, but if you have a few fitted, implants can hold full dentures into place without the fear of them falling out. If you have been affected by tooth-loss, you would be wise to look into the option of having implants fitted for the future, and most dentists in the area offer this treatment.

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