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Archives for June, 2014

Porcelain Veneers Can Make You Feel Young Again In London

3014970_blogNobody likes the idea of getting old and before you know it, a lot of aspects of this time bomb will manifest itself around the face and mouth; it can also affect your teeth and hence your smile. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but many people suffer from ageing problems with their teeth and lots of issues can start to show up: gums tend to recede, cracks can appear, the teeth can turn yellowish and worst still, gaps can start to form between the teeth.

You don’t have to just sit there and let your smile ebb away though and one cracking technique to get that young looking smile back again in London Bridge is to have your teeth covered over with porcelain veneers.

The magic of veneers

Porcelain is a superb and beautifully white material that just loves to glow in the spotlight, so imagine your teeth looking this good. These small, fragile coverings will be made from moulds, taken after your teeth have been prepared by the removal of the enamel.

Once they are ready and back with your dentist, the teeth are cleaned again and then the veneers cemented into position, covering up all the faults with your teeth and gums. The transformation will take your breath away when you look in the mirror for the first time- your smile will be radiant. Though fragile to hold, veneers treble their strength with the cement- making them tough and durable, and if cared for, your smile will look and stay young and sparkling for a good 15 years ahead.

Summer White Dental Bonding Can Plug Those Oral Gaps

2904387_blogUnfortunately for all of us in London Bridge, we will grow old and with that, parts of the body will require a lot of effort to help repel the years and try to keep an air of youthfulness going. Some of the body parts though tend to show signs of ageing a lot quicker than other parts and changes in the face are the most obvious as it is always on view; the same can be said of your teeth. The teeth can become worn down, start to become discoloured, but worst of all, horrible gaps can appear between them.

Dental bonding

However, help is never far away when it comes to modern cosmetic dentistry and with issues such as these with your teeth the magic of dental bonding is at your disposal. This treatment utilises layer upon layer of resin that is coated onto the teeth until all of these problems are safely hidden away; then the teeth can be sculptured to shape. Other benefits of this versatile treatment are firstly that you will have a fantastic new set of youthful teeth; the treatment is very fast and cheap to do, but best of all, the resins can be coloured to any shade of white you desire and if you fancy it, you can get your teeth brilliantly white for that hot, holiday and summery feel. If the resin starts to fade in the future, a simple touch up will restore them to glory again.

Feeling Free To Eat Comfortably With Our Delightful Modern Dentures

iStock_000001998629XSmallDentures would probably be last on most peoples list as a method to overcome tooth loss with in London Bridge; there are more durable ways of rectifying this situation and history has never placed older forms of dentures in a great light, possibly because aside from the fact that they often looked like what they are – poorly constructed and fake, and they could be at times, awfully difficult to keep in the mouth.


Over time, the gums tend to shrink after loss, leaving the dentures ill-fitting and no matter what cements you use, they can come loose easily. This is why it can make eating very uncomfortable. But dentures have been going through a bit of a revival of late and that is testament to the amount of effort put into their design and manufacture; digital imaging and x-raying can also help to make precise measurements and predict the possibility of future gum shrinkage.

Modern Dentures

Here, the use of softer materials used in the making of modern dentures means that they cater for gum shrinkage and adhere to the mouth better. Cements have also improved and the combination of both these elements means that the denture holds fast when in place. Throw in a third element of having mini implants set into the jaws with which to attach the dentures to, and suddenly steak is back on the menu. Another reason why people go for dentures is that not only are they the cheapest option to overcome tooth loss with, but they are easy to manage as well. So all in all, dentures are starting to become a reliable and attractive option to choose.

Learning To Trust Your Central London Dentist

2143132_blogWhenever you sit down in the dentist’s chair, you are instantly throwing your trust into a professional who is going to probe around in the inside your mouth; it is instantly assumed that this person knows what they are doing and for some of the more nervous of you out there in central London, it can take a huge leap of faith to go through this.

Dental phobia

One of the best ways of getting to trust your dentist is to learn all you can about what treatments and procedures are on offer so that you can get more involved; getting to know your dentist more will also help, so the more you are treated by the same person, the more relaxed your will become. However, all dentists have the same remit and work by the same rules; all dentists are equally qualified to work on you in a professional way so you are always going to be in safe hands. All of these factors are important to take on board because you rely on your dentist to check for things that may have gone wrong and if so, fix them up again.

Aside from this, a dentist can keep your teeth clean and polished and offer you advice about a range of topics which are important to your oral health: oral health relies not only on brushing and cleaning your teeth properly each day; the foods and drinks you put in your mouth, your overall diet and problems such as smoking and drinking are all issues that a dentist can advise you on. So you see you really do need a dentist in your life to rely on.

Teach Your SE1 Toddler To Protect Their Teeth From Dental Disaster?

221838_blogHaving a kid is a wondrous time for most of us in London SE1, as it should be, but as your toddler starts to grow, it will take a monumental effort to teach the child the ways of the world and to look after itself when you are not around, or have your back turned. One of the most important elements in this growing-up is caring for and teaching your child about the aspects of oral health. Every kid goes through so many dental changes until they reach adulthood and tooth decay is the most dangerous threat throughout this time, but many other factors will come into play too; so teaching your toddlers how to look after their teeth can save them from dental disasters in the future.

Good Oral Hygiene

You have to set a precedent here and show your tot how you do it properly and monitor it until you are happy, as well as trying to explain the dangers of tooth decay; this will be a good start. However, the biggest problem is watching out for what you feed your sibling; in the beginning it is vitally important to feed a child good food and ensure that you avoid problematic foods and drinks that contain lots of sugar and starches.

Now this is all very well, but once a child heads off for school, they will eat what they want with their mates and let’s face it, sugary things are absolutely fabulous to a child’s palette, and you won’t be able to do much about it. In this instant, you can fit your kid out with dental sealants which will prevent bacteria and acids reaching the surfaces of the teeth; don’t forget you also have your dentist to fall back on and to help with your child’s oral education. As they grow, children will learn faster, (especially after their first filling!) and hopefully if you have taught them well, you can save your child from a dental apocalypse.

Put A Dent In That Devastating London Bridge Decay

4546258_blogDental decay is a constant, ever present threat to the health of your teeth and if it isn’t kept in check and monitored, it can eventually lead to gum disease, abscesses and tooth loss. Generally, prevention is better than cure in LondonBridge and there are enough shops and chemists in the area to buy the best products from to ensure that you avoid the build-up of plaque and tartar on the surfaces of the teeth, the acids from which will slowly but surely eat away at the teeth’s enamel. Your dentist will be able to check these problems too, so regular visits are vitally important.


Diet is also important and you need to understand what foods can be detrimental to the surfaces of your teeth and what promotes acids in the mouth. However, none of us are perfect and from time to time, some of these problems get through our best laid plans: once the acids and bacteria start to work their ‘magic’, caries and cavities can form which will result in you needing a filling to put a dent in the progress of the decay. If left though, the decay can become quite devastating; once inside the tooth, the pulp and roots become infected and in order to save the day, a root canal will be required. Any more after this and you are heading into the choppy waters of tooth loss. It is always wise to try to maintain high levels of oral hygiene and if you detect anything at all going awry, get your dentist to take a look at the problem.

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