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Archives for March, 2014

Grasping Gum Disease by the neck in London SE1

4207449_blogThere are many serious problems that can break-out in your mouth in London SE1 and if you aren’t on the ball, they could be very damaging to your overall health in the future. One of the worst is gum disease and if you fail to spot it and treat it, it will not only kill your teeth, but the toxins from it that leak into your heart will kill you too. The early signs of it are blood on the toothbrush, weeping gums that will leave a foul taste in your mouth and receding gums. If you spot any of these going on, you need to act fast and getting advice from your dentist/hygienist would be your first stop-off. Many people think that just by upping their oral hygiene may do the trick but this disease is more complex than that; smoking, diet, drinking and a dry mouth can all add to the woe. Now beating it will take big effort from you; take on board the advice you get and follow it, for you must change your ways. Learn all you can about the disease because there are many remedies to conquer it. Obviously once you have deployed all of the dentist’s advice there are other methods: herbal remedies are becoming more and more recognised in the treatment of gum disease and they can help to turn your fortunes around; find out about these from the net or a certified herbalist because they regenerate the blood flow through the gums, calm them down and in some cases have been known to reverse the problem; don’t dither- just do it!

London SE1 loves the 6 Month Smile

3014970_blogFixed braces wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice to get their teeth straightened out, considering the options that are available around London SE1. However, if the treatment you require is complex, this is the only way forward to get your mouth in shape and healthy for the future. Don’t despair though, because modern fixed braces have come a long way and whatever you may have heard about braces from the past, the 6 Months Smile will have you up and running in, well, 6 months. Utilising all the techniques of traditional braces before it, this brace fixes many difficult things like overcrowding and biting issues quickly, but with a modern take. The materials used to construct this brace are sympathetic and discreet to the wearer. A series of ceramic pads are placed on the obvious offending teeth and linked by a wire that is attached at the back of the mouth. Every now and then, your dentist will tighten the braces to keep the teeth on the go. As with any brace of this nature, you will have to keep on top of it when it comes to cleaning, but your dentist will supply with all the tools of the trade to get you through. Anyway, before you know it, your treatment will be over with and you will have an amazing set of teeth at the end of it all.

Why the Inman Aligner is king in South East London

2445507_blogTeeth can often grow ugly in south east London: most people would have had them sorted out at an early age, but for others, they wouldn’t have bothered. However, with the passing of time, these can become an issue; you may find yourself ducking out of photograph’s and having crooked teeth can often hold you back from expressing yourself; time then to do something about it for once and for all. Now if it’s just the front teeth that are the issue here, you can get a treatment that will blow your socks off. For a reasonable price, you can have the removable Inman aligner fitted that, because of its unique mechanism, it will literally shake your teeth free and have them on the move before you know it. This wonderful gadget will keep your teeth on the go until they are set into their new home and though afterwards a retainer will be required to prevent the teeth popping back to their original position, your teeth could be fixed up in as little as 6 weeks! Now most people of a certain generation would shy away from any orthodontic treatment, but this could be the answer they have been waiting for most of their lives.

Immaculate and invisible: Invisalign in London SE1

3492515_blogWhat a dream it would be to be invisible in London SE1- the nonsense you could get up to eh? Wouldn’t it be great if braces could be like that too? Getting your teeth straightened can be quite a traumatic time for the wearer, mainly because of the look-you have a mouthful of metal and this leaves you open for ridicule from so called ‘friends’. Well, orthodontics has come a long way now and thanks to Invisalign, braces can indeed be invisible…oh yes! The Invisalign program is brilliant- if you suit the treatment and it will only take a few consultations to see if you can go for this, (not all people can), you will be in for a real treat. Once your series of aligners have been made, you fit the first one in and as your teeth start to move, you swap the first for the second and so on until the treatment is complete. This is very fast working and some variations can work as rapid as 6 months. The aligners are removable, which gives extra luxury when it comes to cleaning your teeth after eating. But, the real dream of this is the fact that each aligner is made from a transparent plastic, making them virtually invisible! Though it doesn’t come cheap, Invisalign has incredible advantages over its competitors and being invisible must surely seal the deal for anyone.

London SE1’s Crowning glory

2797271_blogLosing a tooth, or getting through serious tooth decay will need some serious restoration if you want to keep a healthy balance in your mouth and a great aesthetic look for the future in London SE1. The way to get through this and restore your mouth to its former glory is to have a crown placed in the troubled areas. Now crowns are generally made from two commonly used materials, gold and porcelain. Obviously, porcelain looks and matches in naturally to the general look of the teeth that surround it: a full porcelain crown is generally more for the aesthetic look whereas porcelain-over-metal crowns are used for strength. Gold too is very durable and strong and is good for damage or loss done at the back of the mouth; however some people love to show-off their golden look at the front of the mouth. The choice is completely down to your fancy and what you can afford; you can have one made from any material that floats your boat from wood to brass to copper (???), through to silver, platinum and diamonds. Whatever your choice, having a crown will be good for you in the future and not only will it be good for stopping other things going wrong in your mouth, but it will give you peace of mind and restore your confidence again.

Numbing out Dental Pain in South East London

585986_blogThere is nothing worse than having a pain in the mouth in south east London: dental pain can halt you in your tracks, so when it crops up, get it looked at as soon as you can. The worst type of pain that can arise is that from a wisdom tooth coming through, an abscess breaking out, or having a tooth knocked; these need immediate attention. The other type of pain can come from tooth decay: caries and full blown decay will leave you reeling from shooting pains whenever something comes into contact with a tooth; in this situation you will require a filling or a root canal in order to save you losing a tooth. Losing a filling, veneer or a crown can also leave your gums and tongue sore from the sharpness, but they can be soothed by gels and painkillers until you get seen. But most dental pain is more commonly felt after you have been worked on by your dentist and there are many procedures that can cause this. Tooth extraction, especially wisdom teeth, can leave you uncomfortable for days and if the healing is not completed, you could suffer from a very painful dry socket. Cosmetic treatments too have a way of leaving you a bit sore: crowns, gum contouring and implants all need a recovery period so you need to be geared up with products to help you get over your treatments.

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