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Archives for February, 2014

The wonderment of Teeth Straightening in London SE1

758140_blogIn today’s dental surgeries in London SE1, dentists are very much on the ball and offer some great options to you to keep your teeth straight, healthy and true, and when it comes to getting your teeth straightened, there are some cracking choices on offer. Orthodontics has got its game together over the past couple of decades and has taken the stigma out of wearing braces. The super-duper ones right now are the clear removable aligners; not only can you take them out, but they work fast and are virtually invisible when they are in the mouth, there is also one that can give you results in just 6 weeks! However they don’t do the more complex work that may be needed if your teeth are really bad, and this is where fixed braces step-up to the mark. Though they can be notoriously hard to keep clean, they work really efficiently and fast too, and don’t listen to history, because some of these braces are also very discreet when they are set into place. There is also another way to get your teeth straightened and it involves veneers: for fairly innocuous crooked teeth, they can be shaved flat and then veneers can be cemented onto the front of them. Look into all your choices before opting for the one that suits you.

Looking out for Teeth Erosion in South East London

2658670_blogAmong the many issues that can occur in the mouth, some can go unnoticed for ages until much of the damage has been done. Now a dentist will pick up on these quickly, treat you and then advise you on what to do about it for the future. The general meaning of ‘erosion’ is that the enamel has been worn away from the surfaces of the teeth, and this is where the danger begins because without the protection of the enamel, the teeth are extremely vulnerable to caries and full blown tooth decay. Erosion can be caused by a myriad of things: sugary and starch based foods and drinks are lethal unless they are removed from the surfaces so oral hygiene is a key here to stop these things attacking; dental sealants can also prevent bacteria settling on the enamel. However, don’t get too excited with your brushing; heavy brushing can also have detrimental affects on the teeth and wear away the enamel. The worst destruction though comes from teeth grinding; if you suffer heavily from this condition, it will wreck your teeth in no time at all. If you identify with any of this or feel you are in danger of tooth erosion, get along to your dentist in south east London for advice on the matter.


Spotting a Dental Emergency in London SE1

5538155_blogIf you find yourself in a situation where something has gone wrong with your mouth and it is causing you discomfort, it can be very easy to begin to panic, but if you were to do a bit of light reading about the nature of a dental emergency, you will know how to act if a problem strikes out of the blue. Obviously, if you get a tooth knocked out or an abscess erupts in the mouth, time is the element here: a lost tooth can actually be put back in if you get somewhere fast; an abscess is dangerous due to the poisons released into the bloodstream so again time is of the essence here. However, some situations aren’t as dramatic as these and if you know what to do, you can handle the situation calmly. If a filling, crown, bridge or a veneer becomes dislodged, yes they may cause discomfort and may cause lacerations to the tongue and gums, but by using painkillers, soothing gels and herbal oils, they can be managed until you can be seen by someone at the next available chance; these same treatments can also be applied to wisdom tooth pain. However, all of this is easy to say before the event, when it happens is totally different, so if you are worried, find a dentist- there are 24 hour ones dotted around London SE1 and the city, or you can just go to the hospital, but don’t take chances if you are unsure.

Keeping your Teeth nice and clean in South East London

361951_blogIt is always a great feeling having clean teeth and keeping your mouth fresh in south east London, but you will have to work hard at it each day, otherwise you may quickly fall foul of plaque, tartar, tooth decay and gum disease. Now you always have your dentist to help you out, so keep up with check-ups; you can get your teeth scaled and polished to make your teeth feel smooth and fresh, plus your dentist will patch you up if things have gone wrong- but the real work is done by you at home. Get yourself set up with some cracking products- a nice electric toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss, and then practise using them properly. All of this should be enough to keep your teeth clean. Watch what you eat and drink as well; some products can do a lot of damage to your teeth and gums as well as breaking down the mouths saliva. Try and cut out the smoking as well as it ruins the gums and discolours the enamel. Of course as you get older, your teeth may discolour anyway and though they may be clean, they may not look it to you and others. Getting your teeth whitened will be the crowning glory for you here, especially psychologically; you see, if your teeth look clean, they will also feel clean and give an amazing healthy aura to your mouth overall.



Knowing your Dental Procedures in London SE1

585799_blogIt probably is true to say that most people rarely question the treatments that they are getting whenever they go along to see the dentist in London SE1- they just tend to trust the person who is probing around in their mouths. However, you should really try to take time out and study just what dental procedures are on offer for the future and what each one involves. The basic procedures of cleaning, filling and root canals will always be there, though these have been dramatically improved will the introduction of lasers. But probably the greatest innovations have come through cosmetic dentistry and the range of what you can have done has been widely advanced over the past few decades. Tooth loss can be rectified with dentures, bridges and implant coupled with crowns; crowns are also there to repair damaged teeth caused by decay. Gum disease also can be treated by some exceptional new innovations that help to keep your teeth in. If your teeth are suffering visually, you can get them glowing again by having them whitened or by having veneers fitted. Gums can be laser contoured and now, even wrinkles can be ironed out on the face by dentists using BOTOX and dermal fillers. There is also surgery proffered by dentists to help with any injuries suffered the teeth, gums and jaws. So come on, get clued up for the future.

Dicing with Dentures in South East London

18625029People should always try and read up about the way modern dentistry has changed and what is on offer; by doing so, you will be able to make informed decisions about the treatments you get in the future in south east London. One of the situations that are particularly sensitive is the issue of tooth loss and if it happens, you would be wise to rectify the situation as quickly as possible for a couple of reasons. By getting your teeth replaced will help to protect the general health of your mouth and prevent early ageing in the face. Your vanity when you smile will also benefit from getting your holes plugged up. Now dentures wouldn’t be high on the list of options for people if a tooth or two has gone missing, but do the research and you may well be pleasantly surprised at just how good dentures are these days. For starters, they are the cheapest of options around and that is not to belittle them in any way. They are made from more natural, softer materials which give visual satisfaction as well as making them comfortable to the wearer; they are also easy to manage on a daily basis which is why dentures are becoming fashionable again. Coupled with the fact that cements have improved and what with the addition of the mini-implant in the mix to anchor them in place, dentures are more wearer friendly and solid in the mouth than ever they were; they are an option you should really look into.

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