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Archives for January, 2014

Priceless and Pretty- Porcelain Veneers in London SE1

4976621_blogIf you have found yourself becoming conscious of how your teeth are looking of late and it’s making you depressed in London SE1, then never fear, the porcelain veneer is here! Now these priceless and pretty gems will turn you your teeth, your confidence and fortunes around once you have been fitted out with them; you will feel rejuvenated and never look back. Now before you get excited, think about paying for them first; they are available on the NHS, but if you need quite a few fitted, you may need to look into a payment scheme of some sort- but it will be the best money you spend to cheer you up. What makes them good to start with is being made from porcelain, the will give off a stunning, natural glow to your teeth whenever you open your mouth or smile. However, what makes veneers rock is what they can cover up: gaps between the teeth are ugly, as are teeth worn down; add to that the possible problem of receding gums and boy do you need these. The treatment is fast; it takes around a fortnight after you have been initially prepared for them to be made but once the dentist has them, they are cemented in and then cured. After a quick, polish you are subjected to the mirror and WOW! You won’t recognise yourself. They may take a little getting used to at first, but persevere, look after them and they will give you many years of beautiful service.

Checking out your Teeth in South East London

585986_blogOut of all of the checks that people have throughout their lives, the one that gets generally put-off the most is the dental check-up. It seems that in a busy place like south east London, going to see the dentist ranks very low down on the list; many people assume that because they use the best products in town, they can get away with cancelling the odd appointment or two. Can you honestly say though that you always get your oral regime right? All it takes is for a slip here and there for plaque to start its evil work on your teeth and if you are even more flippant with your cleaning, you run the risk of tooth decay and gum disease setting in. By going to see your dentist a couple of times a year, such problems can be picked-out with an x-ray and then rectified immediately. Your dentist can also scale and polish if you are showing signs of tartar and this will also help to remove bacteria from below the gum-line. You should also use this time for discussion: dentists today understand a huge range of subjects concerning not only your oral health but the health of your body too. You can broach topics such as giving up smoking, dental anxieties and phobias, diet and oral hygiene. You can also get advice about the amazing ways cosmetic dentistry can help improve the look of your teeth. So come on, keep in with your dental check-ups, use the time wisely and move your appointments up to the top of the most important things to do in your life.

Dealing with Dental Anxiety in London SE1

352388_blogEveryone in London SE1 should know by now that by going to the dentist regularly will help to promote oral health; your dentist can pick bad things up and then address them on the spot- this will ensure your teeth and gums continue to remain in good shape throughout your life. But going to the dentist can be a very uncomfortable experience for some people, and though they may sit in the chair, for some, the anxiety can be unbearable; this can also make it difficult for the dentist to do the required work. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you really need to deal with just what it is that worries you and the best way is to talk it through with your dentist; they know all about conditions like these and can help you through this particular problem. The more you understand about modern dentistry, the more you will be involved with your treatments in the future. Sure, some procedures are more complex than others, but there are a lot of sedation techniques your dentist can offer you from hypnotherapy to aromatherapy and these will help you to relax a lot better whilst be worked on. You also have the option to have anaesthetics administered, from local to being put under completely. Weigh up your options but remember, you are paying for your treatments and have the right to choose what you want and with this in mind, such shift of power to you will see your anxieties begin to ease.


Confronting Rotten Teeth in South East London

459343_blogIt seems odd that with all of the amazing dentistry on offer today, people still suffer from rotten teeth in south east London, yet they do- people use their time differently though and just maybe, people, for whatever reason, place their oral health way down on the list of important things to do. However, oral health should be as important as anything else that you do; poor teeth and gums can impact on the rest of the body and in the long term, your whole health could fall into decay because of rotting teeth. The causes of bad teeth are many-fold: what you eat and drink and habits like smoking can have sinister affects on the enamel of the teeth and coupled with poor oral hygiene, the bacteria that aren’t removed will soon form plaque and tartar; from this, the enamel will soon erode and the teeth will begin to decay- quickly. As well as all of this, if you are poor with your oral hygiene and fail to make dental appointments, your teeth will rot. You run the risk of losing your teeth and veer dangerously to the world of abscesses. All you need to do is look after your teeth each day with some brushing, flossing and mouth-washing- it isn’t hard to do; watch your diet and make sure you go for regular check-ups, because your dentist will spot anything untoward and then fix any problems. By doing this, you will promote your overall health and have great teeth in the future.

Good or bad? Fluoride Toothpaste in London SE1

464425_blogYou can find fluoride in abundance in London SE1, especially as it is the most commonly used element in your daily drinking water, put in essentially to kill off bacteria. The other most common place to find it of course is in toothpaste; most of the brands used today put it in their products, mouthwashes too. The reason for this is because it is considered to protect your teeth better against the threat of plaque and tooth decay, as it has been doing for over a hundred years now. Fluoride has been proven to re-mineralise the enamel, making it stronger against these threats to the teeth. Sounds good eh? Well not exactly. Fluoride in high levels is very toxic and can lead to fluorosis of the brain; it is also dangerous for children in high levels- kids love to eat more toothpaste than they brush with and in some cases, this has been fatal. It is a very thin line, but choice does err on the side of fluoride because of its advantages, however, if you have concerns, you should get the facts on-line or broach your concerns with your dentist before you make way up the odds and making any rash decisions about fluoride.

Why you must stop grinding your Teeth in South East London

3534882_blogIt isn’t easy to unwind after a long and taxing day in south east London, it’s a hectic place, but if you haven’t de-stressed by the time your head hits the pillow, you will be taking these stresses into your sleep; it can leave you fatigued the next day but more destructively, it is very likely to lead to you grinding your teeth. Now this will wear away the enamel quickly and leave you more likely to suffer tooth decay; your dentist will pick up on this and give you a mouth-guard to stop the damage to your teeth. However, you are by no means out of the woods, far from it because it won’t stop you from the grinding action and if you don’t address this, you will be wrecking your jaws, your head, neck and upper back, and this can do very serious injury- even to your nervous chord. The only way to overcome this is to seek professional help to get to the root of your stress- it may even include anger management but once this has been identified, then you can employ a series of calming techniques to ensure you chill-out completely at night so that you are stress-free when you sleep, and shortly afterwards, the grinding should cease altogether.

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