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Archives for December, 2013

The years of problems with Children’s Teeth in London SE1

221838_blogIt is a very magical moment in London SE1 when you have decided to have a child and start a family for real. Children are very beautiful and watching them grow up can be very rewarding. But without putting a damper on the proceedings, you will have to be very vigilant and their oral health will most certainly need to be monitored very carefully, as from the day they are born, your kid’s teeth will go through so many changes until they reach adulthood. Your children’s biggest threat comes from the never ending threat of infection, bacteria, plaque and decay breaking out, especially during teething and the secondary teeth coming through. You will need to watch what you feed your kid’s and try hard to direct them away from sugary foods and drinks. You can have the teeth fitted with sealants once the adult teeth are through and this will keep bacteria away from the surfaces of the enamel, but then you may have to get ready for the next big problem- the fitting of braces. Again, a very tricky time and both you and your siblings will have to work together on this. However, you won’t be alone as you will have a dentist in tow to track and monitor the growth of the teeth and fix anything that goes wrong. With all of this in mind, you will need to consider affording all of this, so set up a plan of payment from the off, again something to discuss with your dentist.

The dangers behind a Dry Socket in South East London

2977218_blogThere are many serious conditions that can arise in your mouth and threaten your oral health in south east London, one being a dry socket which can attack after you have had a tooth extracted. When a tooth has been taken out, the body will try to repair the damage and shock to the area by going into self healing mode. It starts with a blood clot forming over the hole and when the gums have recovered and fused together, the blood clot will fall away: this is a very delicate time and you must give your mouth a chance to heal; be careful with your brushing, eating and avoid smoking, then you will be fine. The problem comes if this clot, for whatever reason falls out prematurely, and then you will have the bone below exposed to the elements- a dry socket. Now as well as being deadly painful, your mouth is dangerously exposed to infection and you need to act fact to prevent any further problems. You will need to visit your dentist daily to have the wound dressed properly with healing products; you’ll need to sluice with an anti-bacterial mouthwash each day and you can take painkillers to numb any discomfort. This should reverse the problem within the week; if it doesn’t, the problem could worsen further still.

Bleaching those Teeth in London SE1

4546258_blogThere is no question what is the most popular cosmetic treatment is in London SE1 at the moment- bleaching your teeth. Hiving this done can boost your ego and instil an amazing level of self confidence which may have lost and which made you self conscious of when your teeth started to fade in colour. There are lots of ways you can pretty your teeth up using whitening products. The high end of the market has some very extraordinary treatments to offer; laser whitening is very fast, effective and you will be done in an hour. Two of the top products on offer today, Zoom and Enlighten offer laser whitening as well, along with DIY bits and pieces that you can do at home for remarkable results. However, if going it alone is more preferable to you, you can simply walk into a supermarket or chemist and buy a whole range of cheap yet effective products to get you started nicely. Toothpastes, bleaching pens and strips, brushes and home DIY kits can all put a sparkle into your mouth. The only word of caution here though is to make sure with your dentist that you are free of gum disease, as bleaching will kill your gums if you show signs of the disease.

Making the choice of a Dental Implant in South East London

iStock_000001998629XSmallOkay, losing a tooth or two can be a very stressful time in a person’s life, but once the shock has passed, you have to think about getting a replacement. Now there are many options for this problem, however, if you want something done that you won’t have to worry about in the future and will last you for life, you may as well get your freedom back and go for the best option around in south east London today- the dental implant. This has become very popular because of how easy the procedure is to do; plus because more and more dentists can do it these days, prices have tumbled, so anyone can afford it with insurance or a payment plan- and it’s worth doing. A laser will make a small hole through the gums and into the jaw so that a small titanium ‘root’ can be screwed into the bone. The process is relatively painless and quick- it can be in under the hour and with hardly any damage done to mouth, making healing fast. Once the area has settled down, a new crown can be fitted, restoring the smile and general health of the mouth back to as it was before. You won’t have to worry about it afterwards as it is very strong and robust, and in a way, is even better than the original tooth and root, as it is free of tooth decay and fends of infection better.

London SE1 takes the fight to Bad Breath

357249_blogIf something is beginning to smell bad on the body, it generally indicates something is going wrong and should be immediately be checked out before it worsens, and this is especially true when it comes to bad breath. This can be a very complex and serious condition and once you realise that you have it in London SE1- because some people are blissfully ignorant of the fact, it must be tackled stage by stage in order to fight it. The obvious first step should be to get along to your dentists and get checked out: bad breath can be caused by rotting teeth and gum disease, so these must be first dealt with. Then you must sit down and talk with your dentist and/or a hygienist about the other causes; such things as poor oral hygiene, poor diet and bad habits (drinking and smoking) all play a major part in this condition and you must change in order to give yourself a chance. You can also chew more sugar-free gum and sweets to keep up saliva levels, and also introduce herbal product into your cleaning routine. You must do all you can to keep your mouth healthy, otherwise you may affect the rest of your body as well. The danger though is that none of this works, the problem could be within the body, possibly gastric and this is serious.

Crowns in London SE1

There are a lot of problems that can flare up in your mouth, and more often or not, they can happen when you are not ready for them; tooth decay and tooth loss are two perfect examples of this. However, if you want to retain both the look and health of your mouth in the future in London SE1, then you will need to act fast in order to resolve the situation; invariably, this will involve you being decked out with a crown or two. Crowns can be made from any material that your bank account will afford you, but in general, they are made from either porcelain or gold. Porcelain-over-metal and gold are very durable and strong, so they can absorb lots of forces that go through the mouth; porcelain will obviously look more natural whereby gold brings more ‘bling’ to the table but both will do an amazing job at overcoming problems in your mouth. You can also go for full porcelain crowns, though these are a little weaker than the other two options and will only be placed for more aesthetical reasons towards the front of the mouth where less hostile forces are demanded of them. The treatment will only take a couple of weeks to complete, but crowns will help to keep the status quo of your mouth going.


Clearing out the rot in South East London

2143132_blogThere are a lot of people alive today in south east London that may well have bad memories from the past about root canal treatment; it was once be quite a tough and painful treatment involving drills and possibly scalpels in order to clear the inside of a tooth from decay. You see, tooth decay is a direct result of sloppy oral hygiene; maybe you were not paying enough attention to cleaning your teeth properly, eating poorly and most importantly, missing out on dental check-ups because your dentist would have spotted the decay and you may well have got away with a filling. But to have to have a root canal done, it means the decay has eaten its way into the tooth and infected the pulp and roots inside. Now if you have got to this level, you are in danger of losing the tooth altogether and an abscess breaking out. The procedure involves taking the top of the tooth away and then removing the pulp before the roots can be drilled out. Once clear, the tooth can be filled in and possibly crowned if the tooth is badly damaged. Using a conventional drill could be tricky as roots grow twisted, so to remove these meant coming in through the gums and into the side of the tooth- very painful. Now though, laser surgery has made this a simple procedure which is quick and painless.

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