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Archives for November, 2013

Dealing with Dental Pain in South East London

Dental pain can strike in your mouth at any time and it doesn’t stick to any agenda, but the nature of the pain will be needed to be identified in order that you can act accordingly in south east London. Such pain in the mouth can come from many different sources, so when it happens, it would be wise to be geared up for the event and have certain things in the house to cope with it. The most common pain can come from tooth decay and though it can be countered with painkillers at first, but you’ll need to see your dentist to get treated in order to stop it getting worse. The outbreak of ulcers, a chipped tooth or the loss of a fitting- even wisdom teeth can cause incredible discomfort so again, get to see someone when you can. An abscess though is very dangerous and you need to find help as quickly as possible in order to quell the poison that will flow from it by filling yourself with antibiotics. Pain can also come after certain treatments have been carried out and if this doesn’t subside after a few days, then get back and see your dentist. In any case, any pain is unwelcome and if you have any doubts and fears about the nature of the pain bothering, get checked out anyway- you don’t want it to get out of hand.


Getting your Teeth Aligned in London SE1

If you have had the misfortune of having your teeth grow crooked and awkwardly in London SE1, they may or may not be an issue for you and the way you project yourself whenever your mouth is opened. However, the reason why your dentist will suggest a brace or an aligner is not essentially for vanity reasons, but more for the protection of your occlusion (the mouth’s bite) and to ensure that it is healthy for the rest of your life. Now if your teeth are really bad, fixed braces can be made-up in order to get the best treatment you can to get them into shape, and it may take time. However there are some terrific devices on the market that work very fast and very discreetly, so don’t just plump for the first option offered to you- get advice and shop around. Aligners though are the real dandies on the circuit right now and as well as working quickly for you, they can be removed throughout your treatment and are extremely discreet compared to fixed brace. There is another option as well- veneers. If your teeth aren’t too bad, the surfaces of the teeth can be ground down and then covered up with the veneers after. Do your homework, but also take advice on what the best option is for you


The problems of Eroding Teeth in South East London

Teeth erosion can come in many guises and so you will need to be on the ball in order to prevent it from happening to you in south east London. It would also be wise to keep attending dental check-ups because a dentist will pick-up on problems like this quickly and help you get over it; if you ever suspect anything anyway, don’t dither and book yourself in for an extra appointment. One of the main problems is the issue of tooth decay and this stems from the food and drinks that you are putting into each day, the bacteria and acids from which will start attacking the surfaces of your teeth, so you will need to look into your dietary habits, as they can lead to caries and full-on decay wearing away at the enamel. Keeping up with good oral hygiene each day will help to stop this from happening, although don’t be over-vigorous with your brushing though, as this too can wear away the surfaces of the teeth. The biggest threat however comes from teeth grinding and if you don’t keep this in check, it will erode your teeth possibly more than any other condition that crops up in your mouth. Get this sorted out fast because this can lead to other more severe issues arising as well as the impact on your teeth.


Identifying a proper Dental Emergency in London SE1

London SE1 is blessed by being on the edge of the bustling city; it flows for 24 hours a day and so many institutions are open all year round as well, like hospitals and certain dental surgeries. This should instil you with a lot of security, especially if a dental emergency breaks out- at least you are safe that you have somewhere to run to if things go wrong because problems don’t stick to the script and can arise at any time of the day. However, understanding the nature of the emergency and having the appropriate products in the house will also put you in good stead to cope with any emergency. Painkillers and herbal products can help to soothe and calm any problems like tooth pain, the loss of a crown, a filling and a veneer or mouth ulcers breaking out, so you needn’t panic with issues like these and help you to avoid ringing your dentist in the middle of the night- these may cause discomfort, but they can wait until your dentist can see you the following day. The loss of a tooth or the flaring-up of an abscess though can be tricky and dangerous and if you can’t find your dentist, then find a hospital, because time is important with these conditions so don’t take chances. Talk with your dentist about emergencies in the mouth, even go on the internet a do some research; there are also help-lines you can call. But if ever you feel something is not right and you can’t cope, get and see someone as quick as you can.

Keeping your gob clean in South East London

If you are really into maintaining your oral health in south east London, you’ll have to put in a lot of legwork and effort in order to keep your teeth clean throughout your time on earth, and having great looking teeth can also help to retain a good, wholesome image whenever you smile and talk to others. One of the biggest benefits you have to help you do this is your dentist, for they can give that gob of yours a proper going over with scaling and polishing procedures; you can also have them whitened if they have lost their way over the years. However, the real work begins at home and how you look after your teeth here will define how magical your smile will be further down the line. By cleaning your teeth properly three times a day (especially after meals), you are keeping away nasty acids and bacteria that can cause things like gum disease and tooth decay to break out in your mouth. Open your cheque-book up and go out and buy yourself decent products- toothbrushes, toothpastes, flosses and mouthwashes and when you have settled on what you think are best for you, then work at learning to use them; practise makes perfect and if you get this right, your future will be bright and smiley.


Dental Procedures in London Bridge SE1

Whenever you pop along and see your dentist in London SE1, you will instantly be getting into some form of dental procedure. At a check-up, you may get prodded and probed, have an x-ray and if all is good- then you may be scaled and polished and sent on your way. It is when things are going wrong though that a dentist get to use all of the procedures available in order to get you back on track. The basics of these are fillings, root canal treatment and the possible fitting of crowns. However, cosmetic dentistry has rather expanded the range of procedures open to you: veneers, cosmetic bonding, gum contouring, bridge-work and implants, as well as BOTOX and dermal fillers are just some of the services offered by dentists today. Of course when things go wrong as well, your dentist can patch-up an abscess, a knocked out tooth, repair other problems in the mouth, or do restorative work after an injury or operation. The good thing about this, as well as the wonderful technology that has arrived in dental surgeries to refine these procedures, is that you are in safe hands and anything can be done in order to keep you smiling for the rest of your life.


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