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Archives for September, 2013

The dangers of Teeth Grinding in South East London

If there is a terrible condition to avoid in south east London, amongst the many, it is teeth grinding. It is not only the teeth that can be wrecked by this problem; it can put wear and tear on your jaw-joints, cause havoc throughout your head, your neck and nervous system, and then cut down into the upper back. It is a condition caused by excess stress and though you might not notice it creeping up at first, if you carry this stress into the sack at night, the grinding can be at its most potent when you sleep. Fighting the problem isn’t going to be easy either; sure, a mouth-guard will prevent damage being done to your teeth, but the grinding won’t stop and it indicates that you have serious pent-up issues to rid yourself of that build up during the day- and this may require you to sit down with a psychiatrist or someone that deals with stress and anger management in order for you to learn about your issues and learn how to ‘chill-out’ after a hard days work. It may take a while to learn how to adapt to this, but in the long run, it will help protect your teeth and your health in the future.


Getting up to speed with your Children’s Teeth in London SE1

Children will always take a monumental effort to look after the moment they are born in London SE1, but their teeth will be particularly hard to monitor as they get older; there are so many things to consider as their mouths develops. Decay is always something that will threaten a child’s teeth from the off and in the early days, you will have to watch how you feed your child, be careful with the bottle feeding and learn how to clean their teeth for them until they are able to do it themselves- later however, you can fit your kid’s teeth out with dental sealants that will protect them from the threat of decay. When teeth break through, both primary and secondary teeth also pose a threat of infection and decay but by this time, you should have a dentist around in order to check the teeth regularly and repair anything that may go wrong. After this, there is a strong chance that your kid’s teeth will need some form of orthodontic treatment in order to straighten them up. Lest we forget that all of this will cost money, so you’ll need to be on the ball and work out a way of paying for all the treatments your children will require.


The hidden woe of a Dry Socket in South East London

After you have had a tooth removed in south east London, nature should kick-in and your mouth should naturally recover and heal itself, that’s as long as you refrain from smoking and be careful with your oral hygiene each day. The thing about losing a tooth is that a blood clot will form naturally over the wound and help to seal the gums up over the hole. If however this process is interfered with and the clot displaces itself prematurely, it will leave the wound naked and the bone below will be exposed. This will not only be very painful, but you will be open-season to infection setting in; be warned because this is what is known as a dry socket and is a very delicate and dangerous situation to have. You’ll need to see your dentist pronto and have the wound dressed daily with specialised products in order to seal up the wound. It may take a week or two, but you need to have it done if you want to avoid serious complications in the future. Watch how you eat, what you eat, how you clean your teeth and ensure that you use a medicated mouthwash throughout this recovery period; don’t take chances with this condition.


The art that is Teeth Bleaching in London SE1

Losing the brightness of your teeth can be quite depressing for you in London SE1 and impair the way you get out there and express yourself in the city. But it isn’t a hard thing to remedy, all you need to do is sit down with your dentist and talk about the idea of getting your teeth bleached. Now there are lots of ways to go with this; your dentist can offer you some excellent and quick laser whitening- it will only take an hour, or set you up with a really good professional system you can do at home. However, it may not have escaped your notice that the shops are full of cute little products that will get your teeth bright as well; they vary from toothpastes, to bleaching pens and DIY kits- there are so many to choose from, but all of these options do an incredible job at putting a smile back in your mouth once more. Think about this before settling on a product, but remember, don’t make a fast decision until you have weighed up your choices. In all cases, the results will be the same and leave you with a glamorous sheen on the surfaces of your teeth and restore the way you show-off yourself when you are out and about.


Loving the Dental Implant in South East London

If there is one dynamic and brilliant way of overcoming the shock of tooth loss in south east London, it is having a dental implant or two fitted to house a new fitting. Now though the idea of having a titanium root fitted into your jaw may sound a little scary, in reality, it is an easy procedure to have done today thanks to some radical changes in technology that have found their way into dental surgeries. A quick blast from a laser can make a hole through your gums and into the jaw in seconds with miniscule damage, then the implant can be screwed in straight after. Modern healing techniques will have the implant up and running before you know it; once your mouth has adjusted itself to be invaded like this, you will be ready to go. Implants are not only the answer to dentures; ironically, they can help to support them as well, along with giving support to crowns and dental bridges. Talk to your dentist about this treatment if you are thinking about having it done. It won’t be your cheapest option, but an implant is very strong, resistant to infection and can last forever; an implant will also restore an incredible freedom back into your mouth. Seriously, give this treatment a look.


Braving and battling Bad Breath in London SE1

If there were ever a condition that can make you a social out-cast in London SE1, it is bad breath and the troublesome thing about this condition is that your so-called friends may be a little coy about pointing out to you that you have a problem. However, once you have become aware of the situation, you’ll need to do something about it for many reasons; bad breath insinuates problems in your mouth or your body and can lead to a breakdown in your health. Getting over it though won’t be a breeze and may take a lot of concentrated effort from you and your oral hygiene, and by also checking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease with your dentist. But if you have turned all of these around and the condition still continues to persist, you will then need to take a hard look at your lifestyle. Smoking, drinking and a poor diet will contribute to the condition, so you will need to seek help about this with your dentist and/or hygienist in order to get your breath back on track. Throw all you can at this problem and you will be doing yourself a huge favour in the future.


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