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Archives for August, 2013

Going for some hearty Root Canal treatment in South East London

Root canal treatment has always horrified people in south east London in the past and with good reason. On paper, it was the perfect way of saving a tooth from severe dental decay; however, the tools to do the job weren’t quite up to the task and the procedure could become quite tricky to perform- as well as being very painful on occasions. However, technology has changed all of this around and now that theory of what was on paper has become brilliantly painless and easy to perform. Laser surgery has revolutionised treatments such as this and so you can have it done without the fear of the agony that once so often followed. An infected tooth means that the pulp and the roots of the tooth have become poisoned, so to ensure that the tooth stays in your mouth and that you avoid the dread of an abscess breaking out, all of the infected rubbish has to be cleared out from inside. Once this has be achieved, then the tooth can be filled in and if need be, crowned. It won’t take long these days to carry this procedure out and you will be securing the future health of your mouth once your tooth has been repaired.


What to look for in a Dental Crown in London SE1

3170978_blogIf you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered from bad tooth decay or lost a tooth, you need to recover the situation pretty quick in order that you avoid the risk of further complications developing in the future; the usual cosmetic way is to have a crown fitted. Crowns will not only recreate the look of the tooth once again, but it will help to maintain the alignment of the jaws when they close together. Your dentist will give you the option at this point to choose what material you would like your crown made from. You can choose anything that you like, but there are three general types used in most dental surgeries today. Two of the strongest materials are gold and porcelain-over-metal; normally these will be used where there are a lot of forces involved, generally that involves chewing, so you would normally see them being placed towards the back of the mouth on the larger teeth. The third option is a purely porcelain crown; this looks very natural, though it is a lot weaker than the other two, so a dentist would locate this towards the front of the mouth. On saying that, it may not have passed you by that a lot of people in London SE1 have gold crowns at the front of the mouth and it is rather ‘cool’. The choice is always yours, so as long as you are practical about your choice, you have whatever takes your fancy, after all, you are paying for it.


Tempering down your Dental Pain in South East London

Dental pain can strike in many different ways in the mouth and it can often be a little confusing about what to do about it. The most common cause of pain is a toothache: this is generally caused by tooth decay and so you will need to seek treatment from your dentist, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons behind pain in your mouth. Chips to your teeth can cause lacerations to your gums and tongue; a filling or veneer falling out can have the same affect. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of discomfort when they erupt, and ulcers can be terribly painful: if you grind your teeth, it can cause your jaws to ache, and the eruption of an abscess can be excruciating. However, when anything goes wrong, there are direct ways of fighting off the pain. Painkillers will help cope with most problems initially so if you pump yourself with a few of these, plus back it up with some soothing gels or herbal products, it should temper the pain. Then, you need to see your dentist for treatment for all of these issues: once you have been seen and analysed, then you can be sorted out. It sounds simple but if you think about it, a very logical way of nursing yourself through this pain in south east London.


Correcting the crooked: Teeth Straightening in London SE1

There may well come the time in London SE1 where you will have to have your teeth straightened and whether or not you are in love with the idea, it is for your own good: crooked teeth can impact on the way your jaws come together and cause extra pressure on them. Over a prolonged period of time, your jaw-joints will suffer and start to fail, and then you are looking at surgery to put it all right. Now there are a lot of orthodontic treatments on the market right now, some pretty and fast, some not so and slow. Some aligners work ‘invisibly’ and incredibly fast, whereas traditional fixed braces work in the opposite way. However, what you may love to have done (and who wouldn’t want an invisible brace/aligner), may well not be suitable for what your alignment requires, so in some respects you don’t get too much of a choice- your condition dictates your treatment. If your teeth are only mildly crooked, you may only need to have the front of them planed down and have veneers attached to the front of them- and this will only take a couple of weeks to do. The point is, you will need to go and get checked out first and then you can start choosing what sort of method by which to get your teeth aligned with.


Overcoming Teeth Erosion in South East London

Your teeth are hardy souls and the enamel on the outside is also just as tough: it can take a lot that is thrown at it, even the acids from food and drink. All it does is weaken a little and once the bombardment is over, the enamel re-mineralises itself, with the help of your saliva, and then it will get back to its former self. But if you keep throwing things at it, something will give and over time it will weaken and break down the enamel and then the inside of the tooth is exposed, which leaves it wide open to abuse from decay: this is what is known in the trade as teeth erosion. Maintaining high levels of fluoride on the surfaces of your teeth from toothpaste and treatments from the dentist can help prevent this from happening. However, no amount of fluoride is going to help from other forms of attack: if you are a little gun-ho with your brushing, this too will help to wear away the enamel on the teeth. But probably the most viscous attack on your teeth can come from grinding: This will devastate the teeth’s enamel in a matter of months unless you spot the problem early and get your dentist to issue you with a mouth-guard; even then, it won’t stop the grinding action itself- which you have to deal with in another way. The enamel will support you and protect your teeth as long as you respect it; abuse it and your teeth will deteriorate very quickly in south east London, you can be sure of that.


London SE1 tackles a Dental Emergency

London SE1 has quite a few hospitals within striking distance of the area and all will be furnished with an A&E where you can go in a crisis. Similarly, there are dentists in the area that carry out 24 hours treatments, or at least have a hot-line number to call in a crisis. The point of all of this is that if you are aware of where these places are, and have their numbers to hand, you will be in poll position to make calm and collected decisions should you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency. With serious situations such as an eruption of an abscess or if you have a tooth knocked out, you need to get somewhere, anywhere fast and with all these numbers to hand, it will give you peace of mind to cope in the heat of the moment, so if you can’t get to one place, get to the next. Other minor emergencies such as chipping or cracking a tooth, losing a veneer or filling or having a viscous toothache can be tempered with painkillers and can wait until your dentist is free to see you. However, it is your health and seeing as you will be paying to reverse these types of emergencies, if anything is bothering you that much, then pick up the phone and get it fixed. Try to be calm in an emergency so that you can make rational decisions and don’t waste people’s time, but also, don’t settle for something that is uncomfortable either- it’s your life.


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