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Archives for July, 2013

How South East London keeps its Teeth Clean

One thing you have to do throughout your life in south east London is try to keep your teeth clean and considering all of the things that are out there to support you, there is no excuse at all if you fail to do so. For a start, you have a dentist, and this is the best support you can get to help you with your oral hygiene: you can go in at any time you fancy for a check-up and a scrub and polish, and the dentist will be able to get right inside your mouth and get to areas which you never could. But it would be unfair just to rely on your dentist; in fact it would be awfully lazy on your part. You need to go out and get products that will help you with your daily cleaning; the most important being a toothbrush. Take your time with this, in fact, why not buy a few, they are cheap enough, even the electric ones- which are rather quite amazing, so why not indulge yourself. The same can be said of all of the other products you invest in: get lots of different toothpastes and try them all until you find the one for you. Buy lots of flosses and inter-dental brushes and use them freely; and then try out several different mouthwashes too. The moral here is that you can never have enough when it comes to looking after your oral health and by keeping your teeth clean and free from bacteria, you will have a healthy and wholesome life, not just in your mouth, but in your body as well.


Benefiting from Dental Procedures in London SE1

1904692_blogWe have all been on the end of some form of dental procedure at some time in our lives: having your teeth probed, a filling, a scale and polish, surgery from injury….these are all dental procedures, although they tend to ones that you have to have done to maintain your oral health. It would be pretty safe to say though that most people living in London SE1 would be more interested more in the more cosmetic procedures that they can choose to have done: teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges….this seems to a better area to study, and herein lies a good point. You should learn about everything that is going to be done to you because if you do, you can get involved with the decision making and therefore feel part of these procedures. Your dentist will only be too pleased that you are showing interest in your treatments and would welcome your involvement: you can also research stuff on-line these days about all aspects of dentistry. By doing this, it will make you more relaxed when you lean back in the chair and put you in charge of what is being done to you. Everything around the mouth is a dental procedure, so study the art, learn all that you can and who knows, you may even enjoy going to the dentists in the future!


Wheeling out the Dentures in South East London

3403082_blogConsidering the hammering they have taken in the press over the years, it would seem that dentures are making quite a remarkable recovery and seem to be back in vogue in south east London. When the dental implant came along, a lot of people in the dental world thought that it would signal the end of dentures; the irony of that is, is they have helped to make them as popular as any other method of recovering from tooth loss around. Today, dentures are sympathetic to the wearer: with the use of softer materials and better cements, people are turning to dentures again- it does help that they are far cheaper than the opposition as well. However, a lot of scientific work and study has gone into understanding how gum disease works and how it can be treated better, which means we are seeing fewer people having their teeth pulled out, and a massive trend towards the use of partial dentures: they again are softer, look more realistic than ever before and are easy to manage as well; you just pop them in and out with no fuss at all. So what about these implants then? Well for anyone wearing full dentures, all you have to do is have a handful of implants strategically positioned around the mouth, and with a customised denture, it locates onto each implant and then locks securely and tightly against the gums, and will only come out when you decide to take it out. Who would have ever thought it would be fun and safe to wear dentures!


Looking good with Porcelain Veneers in London SE1

Everyone loves a drop of perfection in their lives and when it comes to your smile, there is none better to give it to you than the porcelain veneer in London SE1. It’s a dream of a treatment and will cover away any issues that you may be having and leave you feeling fresh, young and rejuvenated. All you need to get these is to sit down with your dentist and discuss the problems you are having: gaps, wear, discolouration cracks and shrinking gums. Then your dentist will prepare your teeth by taking moulds of them and then post them off so that the veneers can be made bespoke to you. A couple of weeks later they will be cemented into position- and that is essentially it. If you can’t wait that long, you can book yourself in for CEREC: this will do exactly the same, but in as quickly as an hour. Both techniques will leave you breathless however: they are mightily strong and robust (as well as beautiful), considering how fragile they look beforehand, and if you treat them kindly and with the respect they deserve, they will return the favour by giving you years of unbridled smiling and pleasure.


Cheering for the Dental Check-up in South East London

2912114_blogThe dental check-up is one of those wonderful opportunities in life in south east London where you will find out whether or not what you are doing at home is paying off. Yes, you may use the best products money can get, but they are pointless unless you know how to use them, and your dentist will soon let you know either way. But a check-up isn’t just about your self gratification, this is the chance for the dentist to give you a proper look at and check for bits and pieces that you may have missed. Digital x-rays can spot things in seconds and if they reveal any problems, your dentist will set about remedying them instantly. Your dentist will look carefully around your mouth for tiny errors in your fillings, between your teeth, check the strength of any veneers or other cosmetic work and any problems you may be having with your gums. After all of this, you will get a quick clean and polish to finish up your session with. Your dentist will also give you advice on where they think you may be going wrong and how you could possibly improve things at home. Similarly, this is your chance to talk about your views on things: use your time wisely and don’t waste this time together- it’s your health you are talking about and it should be important to you.


Getting yourself through Dental Anxiety in London SE1

459343_blogEveryone should know by now the importance of going to see your dentist regularly in order to maintain excellent oral health throughout your life. Okay then, but it doesn’t help if you have the ‘fear’ every time you sit in the dentist’s chair: if you find yourself getting hot under the collar, your palms sweat and your body begins to shake every time you cross the threshold of a dental surgery, then you may well be suffering from dental anxiety, and it is more common than you think in London SE1. This is an issue you should take up with your dentists, as they know how bad it can be for you, it can also be hard for them too: it can’t be easy to administer the proper treatment to someone who is fidgeting all of the time and fighting against the work they are trying to do. Talking it through beforehand can be beneficial to both parties and your dentist may be able to offer you sedation techniques in the future so that you don’t get so uptight each time you go for an appointment. Also focus on the fact that at least you do go and get treated, however uncomfortable you may feel; some people don’t even make it to this stage. Most important though is that you need this treatment, so somehow you must work out a way to make it more pleasant for you each time.


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