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Archives for June, 2013

Ridding yourself of Rotten Teeth in South East London

2912114_blogWho would have thought that people today still suffer from rotten teeth in a prestigious urban area like south east London- yet they do. For all the science thrown at the products that are designed to protect your teeth, there is the eternal battle against modern lifestyles. Modern living can play havoc with the teeth and the temptations of fast food, coffee, cigarettes, booze and everything bad for the teeth can be very difficult to resist for some people and if you are not doing what you should be when you clean your teeth at home, your teeth will succumb to the ravishes of decay; the enamel will dissolve, as will your teeth, they will lose their shape, become deformed and hence rot: this manifests itself when the teeth become terribly discoloured and even black in some cases- the way in which some people term rotten teeth these days. Your fabulously, scientifically designed products will try to do their best if you use them right, dentists will do their best to clean you up, but if don’t change your ways and realise what you are putting into your mouth, you may well end up with no teeth at all to call rotten.


Fabulous Fluoride in Toothpaste in London SE1

464425_blogYou may have noticed that a lot of the toothpastes sold in shops throughout London SE1 contain fluoride, in fact, most of the water piped into your house each day does too. It has always been considered to be a wonder mineral for the health of the teeth: it re-mineralises the enamel and ensures that bacteria are kept at arms length, whilst giving a protective barrier to the surfaces of the teeth; hence, it is considered to vastly reduce the chance of caries forming and breaking out into full blown tooth decay. If your dentist spots a fluoride deficiency in your teeth, you can have your teeth coated and even take fluoride supplements in the form of lozenges. This is why you will find the mineral in most toothpaste today, just to ensure that your teeth have some protective treatment each time you brush- you will also find it being used in mouthwashes. To support this, the water that you use each day has fluoride added to it: this not only reduces the amount of bacteria that comes through your taps, but it also helps to give your body the right amount of intake each day to give your teeth’s enamel the strength to fight the damage threatened by plaque and decay.


Tackling with Teeth Grinding in South East London

1787127_blogGrinding your teeth is an extremely destructive and damaging condition in your mouth and unless you get on top of it, you could be looking at some serious surgery and dental bills in the future. Stress is the main reason why people grind their teeth, although heavy medication can also cause the problem. In the beginning, you may not realise you are doing it, but if you are finding the pressures of living in a bustling place like south east London difficult to cope with at times, you may be getting worked up and angry without being aware of it. You will go home at night with all this bottled up, negative energy and if you don’t completely relax, then you will take the stress to bed with you, and this is where most of the damage is done- in your sleep. The only way you will start to notice something is wrong is when you start to feel fatigued during the day and your jaws start to ache: your dentist will also notice the destruction on your teeth and supply you with a mouth-guard. But it will take some form of therapy to resolve the issues that you have and then teach you to unwind each night. If not, and you may do damage to your jaws, your hearing your head and then down into the neck and shoulders- it could even affect your central nervous system.


What to be prepared for with your Children’s Teeth in London SE1

3484557_sIn the first 18 years of a child’s life in London SE1, their teeth will go through some very radical changes as they grow up and as a doting parent, it is down to you to not only nurse them through these changes, but to finance any treatment that they will require, so you better be prepared. Even as a baby is growing in the womb, so are their teeth; in rare cases, some babies are born with their teeth showing. Normally though, a baby will start to teethe after about 8 months and when they break through, you will have to be vigilant about tooth decay and infection, which is the time when a paediatrician should be on the scene to help out. As the child grows, then a dentist should be brought on board too, for the next big moment in a child’s life is when the milk teeth fall out and the secondary ones come through. For lucky kids, these will grow straight and present no problem, but if they don’t, orthodontic treatment will be required as the child moves into its teens in order to straighten the teeth out. Finally, as a child moves into adulthood, they will be confronted with wisdom teeth. Of course during all this time, kids love a chocolate or two and often fail to clean their teeth correctly after eating, meaning that it is common for children to have fillings as they grow up.


How to deal with Dry Sockets in South East London

3590004_blogWhen you have a tooth pulled in south east London, you probably take it for granted that nature will take its course, and that your mouth will heal itself naturally after the event and in most cases, it will. But it does hinge very delicately on a tiny blood clot forming in the hole after the extraction; this serves to bond the gums together and afterwards, it will just dissolve. If this goes wrong though and for some reason, the blood clot is disturbed and falls out before the healing is complete, then you are left with a gaping wound, exposing the bone below to the air. As you can imagine, this will not only be terribly painful, but the chances of the area becoming infected are very high; this is what is known as a dry socket. If it happens to you, you’ll need to seek immediate attention from your dentist as the wound will need to be dressed. This will involve treating the hole with special pastes and gauze in order to continue the process left behind by the blood clot- and it will have to be done daily until the hole starts to heal. This may take up to a week, but unless you have it done, you could be putting your oral health in terrible jeopardy.


Why London SE1 loves Tooth Bleaching

3129552_blogIf you want to keep up with the latest trends in the way you smile in London SE1, the most obvious answer is to go out and get your teeth bleached: all the rage right now, it is just the ticket to make your teeth beautiful and make you look like a star. You are so spoilt for choice too: you can go down the DIY route and buy your own products over the counter, or you can get a dentist to do it for you. Home bleaching kits, pens toothpastes and bleaching strips are all available to purchase in the shops right now and very cheaply too, so have a quick look in the mirror and then go out and see what you think would do the best job for you; they all work remarkably well. However, if you don’t trust yourself, then have a chat with your dentist and see what the latest laser treatments have to offer. In just an hour in the chair, your dentist will apply the bleach to the surfaces to you teeth, zap you and you’ll walk away, around a £100-200 out of pocket, but with a smile to light up the sky. In fact, dentists are the best people to go to anyway in the beginning for advice, for they can point you in the right direction when it comes to bleaching your teeth.


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