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Archives for May, 2013

Readying yourself for a Dental Implant in South East London

If you are looking for a solution to the problem of tooth loss in south east London, you could be excused for being a bit confused about what option to go for at first, so here’s a little tip for you. If you haven’t the money in your pocket, then go and see your dentist about setting up a payment plan, or some form of insurance, because if you are going to replace your tooth/teeth, you might as well get the best, something that is going to last a lifetime and once done, you wont have to worry about in the future- a dental implant. This slick little treatment is rather remarkable: a laser will first burn a tiny hole into through the gum tissue and then into the jawbone in order that an implant can be screwed into position; it isn’t as nasty as it sounds, will be fairly painless and done very quickly. There will be a recovery window afterwards until your mouth has adjusted and healed- this will be different for different people, but once your body has accepted this tiny titanium rod, then the new crown will be fitted to it. This is such a durable and robust answer to tooth loss, so you would be wise to look into the treatment with your dentist.


Bombing out Bad Breath in London SE1

2797271_blogIf you have ever met anyone with bad breath, it seems odd that they seem oblivious to the fact that they have it; yet as much as you’d like to point the problem out to them, you rarely do. Now consider the scenario if you had bad breath- would people tell you? Hopefully, someone close to you in London SE1 will point out that you have a problem and you would be very unwise not to do anything about it. The causes of bad breath can be many and complex, but it does mean that somewhere in your person, something is terribly wrong and if you don’t act on it, it will only get a lot, lot worse: it could be oral, and yet, if you throw everything at this and it doesn’t work, then it could be gastric, which is a little more sinister. If you are healthy, clean living and have a good diet, then your immune system should supply your mouth with high levels of saliva, the body’s natural defence against bacteria affecting your teeth. Poor oral hygiene and lifestyle will play a major role in promoting bad breath; they will also allow your teeth to decay and your gums to become diseased- which also contribute to foul odours in your mouth. You need to change all of this: get your teeth fixed up at the dentists and talk to a hygienist about how you can clean-up both your oral hygiene and your lifestyle. As has already been said though, if all of this fails, then you need to talk to a doctor and undergo some tests to see if you have issues further down inside your body


Digging out the rot in South East London

Plaque is one of those really irritating things in life that just won’t go away in South East London; as soon as you’ve brushed it away, it simply returns to cause havoc. Sometimes it gets through and then once this has happened, it starts to attack the surfaces of the teeth. From this, caries breed and then full-on tooth decay that infects the inside of the teeth: you have two choices here; let it carry on and you will lose your tooth, contract gum disease and the jaw bone will begin to degenerate. Or, you can try and save the tooth and avoid all of these issues by having root canal treatment. When decay breaks into the tooth, the pulp and the roots become infected and in order to prolong the life of the tooth, it’s imperative that the pulp and the roots are taken out and then disinfected. Once-upon-a-time, this could be a complex operation because of the way roots can grow, today’s root canal treatment though has been refined thanks to laser techniques such as Waterlase, making the procedure fast and painless. Once the tooth is empty, it can be refilled and then crowned: but this is a warning and not only have you threatened your tooth and your oral health, but you have also run the risk of an abscess developing.


The dangers of Tooth Decay in London SE1

The dangers that threaten the health of our mouths in London SE1 are always there and they love to feed off each other. Bacteria lead to tooth decay, which in turn brings on gum and periodontal disease all heading your to the inevitable- tooth loss. To save yourself from these latter evils, you need to tackle tooth decay head on. Good oral hygiene will help to stop the build up of bacteria and acids on the surfaces of your teeth; getting a good brush, floss, toothpaste and mouthwash will seriously limit the possibility of plaque from forming. Cutting down on bad lifestyle habits, having a good diet and ensuring you mouth is well hydrated should thwart the problem of tooth decay. However, left to do their worst, these acids will eat away until they break through the enamel. It can be painful when you bite onto the tooth, but caught early, your dentist can solve the problem with a filling. Left to fester and carry on the decay, these acids will infect the pulp and the roots of the tooth and in order to save your tooth and prevent the outbreak of an abscess happening, you’ll need a root canal to remove any infection from inside. Between your hygiene programme and your dentist (as long as you make regular visits), between the two of you, you should be able to tackle the problem head on and keep your teeth healthy and free from disease.


Oral Hygiene in South East London SE1

585983_blogIf you have been very lapse with your oral hygiene in south east London chances are that you will be leaving yourself open to attack from plaque: this is a beast that takes no prisoners and is always ready to strike in your mouth. The thing about this little nasty is that if it is not removed and allowed to fester freely in the mouth, then the build up of it will harden around the base of the mouth and then calculus will form. This is almost like cement and though there are some fairly good sonic toothbrushes on the market that can remove this, it is not easy to get up close and personal with a brush and you will require help from your dentist. They will have the tools required to pick away at the calculus and remove every part of it and then they can give you a thorough clean. If this condition is allowed to stay in your mouth though, it will strangle the life out of your gums and infect them; then you are open season to issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. As long as you keep up with dental appointments, this should never become a problem and so, in the long run, you will save yourself from lengthy, expensive and intense treatments in the future.


Getting the right Adhesives for your Dentures in London SE1

283481_blogWhenever you have to go down the path of wearing dentures in London SE1 to replace the loss of your teeth, it will be quite a journey and dentures come with a lot of demands. Fortunately, the way dentures are made these days can help them to adhere to the mouth better; dental implants can also help to secure and anchor them firmly against your gums. Even then though, if you have to wear dentures, it may well take a lot more convincing that they will not fall out at inappropriate times, especially when you are eating, so you can always go for extra back-up and get a good adhesive to glue them in. Some of these are designed to create suction between the denture and your palette in order to make them solid in the mouth. Most are water soluble and this helps to thicken your saliva and promote the cementing affect. However, the development in denture adhesives has improved tremendously and they get better by the year. In some, there are chemicals thrown in that will promote fresh breath and oral health, especially in the early days after your initial loss.


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