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Archives for April, 2013

The worries behind a Dental Abscess in South East London

It is safe to say that with most dental emergencies in south east London most can be handled with a few painkillers until you can get seen. With a dental abscess though, this can quickly turn into a life threatening situation and you’ll need to be treated immediately and stuffed with antibiotics. The reason for this is that as soon has the damage caused by tooth decay has forced the abscess to erupt, it will make your face horribly swollen, but this is caused by quite nasty little toxins that have now set off via the bloodstream, through your body and this has been known to infect the brain and induce a coma situation. All you can do is sit tight until the antibiotics have begun to work and the swelling has gone down. Then your dentist can get in there and remove the decay in the tooth, normally with a root canal in order to save it. However this can be a false economy and there is a warning with an abscess: they don’t walk lightly and they have a habit of returning which sadly means that only by removing the tooth can you stop yourself going down this path again.


The emergency of a Knocked-out Tooth in London SE1

2861857_blogIf ever you find yourself with a knocked out tooth in London SE1, it is imperative that you take immediate action, for you have a very good chance of saving it if you can get it popped back in. You could try this yourself, but if you are not up to it and after all, you may well still be in shock, you need to get along to a dentist or A&E. Of course, you still have to get the tooth there too and it needs to be handled delicately. If you can, only handle the crown of the teeth and bathe it in a saline solution or in milk; this of course isn’t always practical, especially if you are out and about. At times like this, it is safe to put your tooth under your tongue or down in the cheek until you can get seen. Time is of the essence here: the roots and gums will fuse together and the tooth will set again if it put back quickly and correctly, but after around 24 hours, the tissue will die and the hole start to heal over in your mouth.


Fighting Toothache in South East London

4652780_blogTo be able to tackle something, even fight it, it is always wise to learn a bit about your enemy so that you can handle problems and emergencies efficiently. Such a problem that can flare up unexpectedly is toothache, and it can take on many guises and be caused by several things, none the less, the outcome will always be uncomfortable. Tooth decay is the usual villain and it can not only cause terrible pain, but it can leave you toothless in the long run, pretty much like gum disease can cause as well, and lead to infections from abscesses. Other problems stem from minor injuries; chips and cracks can leave the tooth vulnerable to changing temperatures. Most forms of tooth ache can be treated with painkillers until your dentist can treat you. However, having a tooth knocked out, getting an abscess or impacted wisdom teeth can be dangerous, so these are needed to be treated immediately so if need be, get along to the hospital in south east London.


How dentists in London SE1 can restore your Teeth

4683491_blogThere may come a time in your life, especially as you get older, when you may well have to turn to your dentist for a little bit of tooth restoration. This may not only be for aesthetic reasons, but it can also benefit and promote your oral health too. There are many forms of tooth restoration available to you in London SE1 and it all begins when you are young: you may well suffer from tooth decay and probably require some from of orthodontic treatment as your teeth develop. As you get older, your teeth will go through changes and also your teeth may become jaded with age; you may even lose a few along the way, but there are an amazing array of treatments available to you to overcome adversity. Procedures such as tooth whitening, the fitting of crowns, veneers and cosmetic bonding can help to improve the look of your smile, whereas dental bridges, dentures and implants can help in cases of tooth loss and help to restore your smile. It is also advisable to have the money in your bank to cover any eventuality should it crop up.


Changing your Toothbrush for healthy teeth in South East London

464425_blogIt is a never ending battle to maintain the health of your teeth. There are dozens of products to choose from and at times it can seem just a little too much effort: don’t give up as it is imperative you keep chipping away at your oral health until you get this right; in the mix of all of this is getting a toothbrush in south east London. Again, you may well get blinded with choice, though whatever you go for, be it a hand held one or an electric one, the bristles will start to wear down after a time; some brush heads are colour coded and when this fades, it’s time for a change. Generally though, you should consider changing your brush or the heads after about 6 months so that your brushing maintains it effectiveness and continues to remove bacteria and acids from the surfaces of your teeth properly. Brushes are cheap anyway, so it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you had a few always on standbys in the bathroom cabinet.


Getting around Tooth Discolouration in London SE1

1787127_blogIf there is one really irritating condition in your mouth that can seem to age you prematurely and that condition in London SE1 is tooth discolouration. Sometimes, illness, heavy medication, diet and tooth decay can all help take the shine from your teeth, though ageing also takes its toll. The good thing is though there are many treatments to help you overcome this problem. If your teeth are in fairly poor shape, it may take some cosmetic dentistry to cover up your problems and here you can have a little bonding or have veneers fitted. However, if your teeth and gums are fairly okay and free of tooth decay and gum disease, the most common method is to have your teeth whitened. The easiest way is to get a dentist to give you laser bleaching: it’s fast cheap and the results are exceptional. Yet, people like doing things themselves these days and the shops aren’t short of bleaching products that you can buy, from toothpastes to bleaching kits; all of these methods work fine and will help you to overcome any discolouration in your teeth.


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