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Archives for March, 2013

The problem of Hypodontia in South East London

3590004_blogSome conditions are more irritating than others in south east London, but you can always rely on your dentist to cover most bases. However, some situations require more specialist work and one such condition is hypodontia. This is a condition found more in children and their secondary teeth and what it actually means- the secondary teeth have failed to erupt correctly or in some cases, even at all. There are many reasons why this could happen; some of it is down to genetics, sometimes because the teeth have not the room to grow into and this could lead to impacted teeth. Either way, treating the condition may require the work of your dentist, an orthodontist and if the child is very young, a paediatric dentist as well. The work may involve the use of space maintainers so that the teeth may come through, or orthodontic procedures to free the hidden teeth and straighten the ones in the mouth. Later, cosmetic treatments such as bridgework, implants or the wearing of dentures may be required to not only make your smile healthier, but it will also help to protect your bite as well.


Luscious Laser Bleaching comes to London SE1

429735_blogIf you decide to get your teeth whitened in London SE1, there are quite a few ways you can go about this: there are dozens of products you can buy in the shops right now that will gently but surely alter the colour of your teeth for the better. However, it seems fruitless to go down this avenue that can take weeks in some cases when for a few pounds more, you can get your teeth whitened in an hour by your dentist. All it takes is to sit yourself down and let your dentist cover your teeth with a bleaching gel and then your teeth are blitzed with a laser. This will be repeated until you have got the shade of white to your liking….and that is literally all there is to it. You may need to use whitening toothpaste for the first few weeks and try to avoid anything that can stain your teeth, but this is easy considering how remarkable your smile will look straight after the treatment.


The good, the bad and the Amalgam Filling in South East London

Dentistry has gone through quite a few changes over the past 100 years and some of the treatments you can get have never been more reliable and efficient. There is also a bigger emphasis from a fashion angle to have wonderful looking teeth. However, new techniques mean that others that have been around for years get pushed into the background as new ideas are tried out. One such casualty in all of this has been the amalgam filling- this has been used literally for decades and has been helping to overcome tooth decay with unswerving service. Though it is still used by some dentist, people are opting for prettier, white resin based fillings as opposed to ugly old grey amalgam, but there is also a health question hanging over these old style fillings because of the mercury used in it. In truth, there haven’t been many deaths from amalgam fillings, well none recorded, so it is more likely it’s more vanity that has seen the changing fortunes of amalgam, but one thing for sure, this type of filling is very strong and will last you for life in south east London, which is still yet to be proved by white fillings.


Delicious Dental Veneers for you in London SE1

3177025_blogCosmetic dentistry is a wonderful way to make your smile look good and for you to feel good about yourself. This is especially fruitful as you get older and your teeth start to lose their shine and vibrancy. Normal tooth whitening can work in some cases, but it will not cover gums that are slowly starting to recede or teeth that have become worn down and generally looking war-torn. Dental veneers can hide away all of these problems whilst restoring a fantastic look to your mouth again and it really is quite easy to have done. Normally it would take a few weeks to complete the treatment and have your veneers cemented into place, this is because the casts taken of your teeth have to be sent off to make the fittings, but it can be done in an hour if you can find a dentist that performs CEREC treatment. Either way, your teeth will look incredible once these priceless little gems are on your teeth and can take years off your smile. They are robust and can last up to 20 years if you look after them and one of the more reliable forms of cosmetic procedures you could choose to go for to cover up a number of sins in London SE1.


Being gentle with Broken Teeth in South East London

Whatever you try to do to look after your oral health and your teeth each day of your life in south east London, you cannot ever prepare for an emergency; all you can do is to find ways of overcoming the crisis as best you can. A damaged tooth is such a crisis you need to be ready for and although in some cases, it isn’t always viable to get immediate treatment it is always useful to know what to do. You can hold out with painkillers and also by ensuring that your injury is clean, you will also hold off infection, but it is important that you get any injury to a tooth repaired to stop such infection further down the line. There are cracking little cosmetic treatments that will restore your tooth completely: a crown is used in the rebuilding of a badly damaged tooth and will ensure that the bite remains true. If you have just chipped a bit off your tooth or the enamel has been cracked, dental bonding or veneers will help seal the tooth and also stop any chance of infection breaking out. With any injury in your mouth, it needs to be attended to as soon as you can so that things don’t worsen.


How LANAP helps the people of London SE1

Some of the dental treatments around today are really rather wonderful and as they improve with developments in technology, the more you and your mouth will benefit in London SE1. The first level of protocol that a dentist trains for is to keep your teeth in your mouth and this also means that they will fight alongside you to protect you from tooth decay and gum disease, as they are two of the greatest threats on your mouth. If things do get complex however, there are also procedures that you can have done that will fight even the worst cases of periodontal and gum disease; LANAP is one such treatment. This remarkable procedure doesn’t cut and chop things out for the sake of it, what it does is remove any signs of disease using a laser and in doing so, it allows fibre and gum tissues to recover and then regenerate life back into the damaged areas. This is a very healthy approach to saving teeth and repairing your gums and in the end this treatment will go a long way to overcoming disease and tooth-loss.


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