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Archives for February, 2013

Painless ways to Detect Caries in South East London

When you go for a check-up with your dentist in south east London, you hope that your dentist will pick up on any signs of tooth decay and gum disease quickly so that your problems can be eradicated. Sometimes, your dentist can pick up problems just by probing and prodding around in your mouth and by sight: if you flinch then you may have a problem from dental caries and if caught early, the problem can be solved with a filling, but there are ways to detect problems without having you to respond in pain. The first way is to have an x-ray, as this will highlight any signs of dental decay. Some of the more modern laser technology is also used in the detection of tooth decay and then is used to treat it. But one of the most used methods to highlight decay when it is just starting to get going, especially if you are wearing braces, is to use a dye; this will show up the early signs of plaque and then reveal caries. Early detection is key to prevent any form of decay developing into more sinister situations.


Brushing and flossing your problems away in South East London

Although we have our dentist to fall back on if things start to go wrong in our mouths, there are lots of things we should do at home to prevent these issues cropping up in the first place, and something we should always be evolving throughout our lives in south east London is the way we brush and floss our teeth on a daily basis: your teeth will change as you get older and hence, so then should the way you care for them. Brushing and flossing should be done at least twice a day, especially after eating so that you ensure any film carrying bacteria and acids are removed from the surfaces of your teeth. Getting a good brush is imperative and there are some brilliant ones on the market to choose from- especially electric ones and then once you have settled on your choice, you need to learn how to use it until it becomes second nature to you; your dentist can advise you on these techniques. Brushes however are unlikely to remove foodstuffs from between the teeth and up around the gums, which is where flossing comes in. Flosses too come in different guises and thicknesses so it’s vital to get one that suits your mouth. Again, practise make perfect and keep doing it until you have got your technique perfect. These things that we can sometimes take for granted are the difference between a healthy mouth and one that has tooth decay and gum disease.


The gravitas of Gum Disease in London SE1

We know things can go wrong in the mouth, which is why we have our dentist to look after us when problems crop up in London SE1. But this reliance on the dentist can breed complacency and ignorance and you should never take problems with a pinch of salt. One such evil is gum disease: this bad boy takes hold anywhere poor oral hygiene is evident in the mouth. Unchecked tooth decay will soon start to infect the gums as well as the teeth and probably the first sign of this is blood on the toothbrush after cleaning. This is where the disease needs checking and quickly. You need to change your oral hygiene completely, use herbal products maybe to sooth your gums, massage your gums, your diet should be improved and you should always keep your mouth hydrated. On top of this, you’ll need to get regular deep cleaning below the gum-line from your dentist. If you decide to be flippant at this stage, then your gums will become badly infected, recede and your teeth will loosen and fall out. However, gum disease doesn’t just ravish the mouth, it infects the rest of your body by leaking toxins into the bloodstream and over the years, your vital organs will become infected and fail.


Murder after midnight: beware the Apnea in South East London

When you are awake, you are conscious of what you are generally doing and can make informed choices about how you go about your day in south east London. But when you sleep, you are at the mercy of your body’s automated system to get you through the night. If you are healthy, your heart, brain and lungs will work in beautiful unison to keep you ticking over until you wake. If however you are obese, have had some nerve damage to your spine or something is blocking your airways, then you are in danger from being killed off from sleep apnea during the night in south east London. Your brain sends signals to your lungs to take in air to stock up the bloodstream with oxygen. Then, the heart pumps the blood through the body and back into the brain. Block the airways or the signals being sent to the lungs, they lungs will stall and cause the heart to falter and the brain will begin to panic. It can cause breathing to stop for up to 30 seconds at the time and hence your body system will be put under tremendous stress as the heart struggles to operate normally: over time, it won’t bother and give up altogether. This will also spill over to how you breathe during the day. Symptoms are hard to spot as well: Fatigue during the day mixed with a bad temper, as well as bad snoring indicate problems but only by having sleep therapy can you analyse the level of the problem.


Getting a Root Canal in London SE1

In dentistry, there are lots of different procedures and treatments that your dentist can employ to put right any problems that crop up in your mouth. One such problem that is always cropping up in London SE1 is tooth decay and it comes in a couple of main guises. Once bacteria have settled onto the surfaces of the teeth, the acids that come out of these bacteria will start to eat away at the enamel. It left to continue unchecked, these acids will inevitably break through the surface of the tooth. You will at first suffer discomfort from sharp pains whenever cold or hot things are placed on the tooth but at this juncture, you may only have to have a filling done. But sometimes the pain may subside and you may decide that it was just a ‘passing’ problem. In reality, this isn’t the case and the whole of the inside of the tooth will become affected and you will be running the risk of an abscess forming. To solve this problem and save your tooth, you will need a root canal. This treatment was once a painful operation to perform, but lasers have made this a very routine and painless procedure. The pulp within the tooth needs to be removed so that the dentist can get to the roots and remove them as well. Then once done, the tooth will be cleaned and then filled. Depending on the level of decay to the tooth, you may need a crown fitted in order to restore the size of the tooth


Getting the perfect smile in South East London with Porcelain Veneers

It’s pretty hard to achieve perfection in your mouth, but by having porcelain veneers fitted, you can get pretty well near to it in south east London. We strive to look after our teeth the best we can, but for some of us, the inevitable onslaught of ageing can play havoc with your smile. Not only can the teeth yellow, they can also crack, become worn and worst of all, gaps can appear between them. No level of teeth whitening can repair this damage, but a porcelain veneer will not only cover up all of these problems, but it will also rejuvenate the youth to your smile in an incredible fashion. Porcelain veneers can be quite thick at times and so placing them over the teeth will involve a little preparation that involves the removal to the teeth’s enamel. Then a mould can be taken and sent off to the lab so that your veneers can be made. After around 2 weeks, they will return and then your dentist can cement them into place covering up all of the evils that were there before. Though they look flimsy in the palm of the hand, they become extremely robust when cemented into position and with a little care, will last you many years to come. They can be cleaned in the same fashion as the rest of your teeth and are very resistant to discolouration.


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