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Archives for January, 2013

Delicious Dental Bridges in London SE1

Tooth loss can be a very stressful time in London SE1 and the race can be on in some cases for you need to get it fixed to avoid the problem escalating any further. Dental bridges have been with us for quite a few decades now and that can only be testament to how good they are. There used to be three major types of bridges to choose from, and all would be used depending where in the mouth the tooth is missing. However, thanks to the rise of the mini-implant, the fixing of dental bridges has gone through a bit of a revolution. Used in conjunction with an implant, the bridge has evolved and can be fixed strongly up against the gums and then anchored. They were already a robust option to go for, but now they are stronger than ever before. However, bridges are hard to get the hang of at first as they require a completely different hygiene programme when it comes to cleaning them, requiring special tools but it shouldn’t take long to get the hang of this and you will have the perfect replacement for any teeth that have disappeared and once you get into the swing of having one fitted, you’ll carry on as normal. Cared for in the right way, you should get a good 15+ years of service out of them


Zooming to Whiteness in South East London

18625032There are a lot of ways of getting your teeth whitened in south east London and quite the fad right now is home bleaching kits. However, it seems rather ludicrous you would attempt this on your own when there’s a perfectly brilliant way to brighten the colour in your teeth by a quick trip to the dentist for some Zoom teeth whitening. This is the real dandy of the whitening world right now and in the wake of its first TV appearance some years back, it has become very popular indeed and it couldn’t be easier to get done. Just sit back in the dentist’s chair and then your gums and lips will be covered for protection. Then the bleaching agent is applied to the surface of your teeth; now your teeth are zoomed with a laser light for your first 20 minute session. Two more of these and you are out of the dentists in around the hour with no fiddly mucking around like you would be doing for days at home. Your teeth will look amazing and you also have varying shades of whiteness to choose from. And the costs of this short, sharp blitz on your teeth? It varies but generally levels itself out at £100 and for the time from start to finish getting that result you want, that’s amazing. Come on, you know it makes sense!


Getting back to normal after Oral Cancer in London SE1

There are some problems in your mouth that can be fixed quite quickly, sometimes painlessly and then even so, if they are painful, they only take a few days of discomfort and the problem is solved. Sadly the same can’t be said for oral cancer and it’s a problem that still seems to thrive in London SE1. The causes are never clear with this disease, though if you love a smoke, a drink and have an awful diet, it’s clear that you are not doing yourself any favours and are putting yourself a great risk. Symptoms are hazy too, though any niggling thing that recurs in the mouth all the time are considers to be signs that you may well have an issue: mouth sores, constant sore throats and aching necks are a few of the symptoms that indicate the onset of oral cancer and after you have had some tests and the news is not good, you are going to have to prepare yourself for a battle royal in order to beat it. Once you have had the necessary surgery, the real fight begins. You will need nurses and friends around to help you through this tricky recovery period, as well as turning your lifestyle on its head and throwing away the bad habits. You must build up your immune system after this type of surgery and improve your diet. Your body must become a temple and only by altering the way you once lived can you give yourself a chance of beating the disease: good news is that recovery statistics have got a lot better over the years and played down the stigma once associated with this disease.


Guarding your mouth in South East London

As much as you look after your teeth and gums in the bathroom, you must also be aware of any danger you may be exposing them to in the big wide world, especially if you love your sports in south east London, because without taking the precaution of getting a decent mouth-guard, you could be exposing your mouth to serious damage. Contact sports are the perfect example of this as your mouth will suffer from impacts at some point so you need to be guarded against this. If you are deadly serious about doing your sport, then you should be deadly serious about the guard that you wear and so, you should get a tailor made mouth-guard made up that will be bespoke to you and the sport that you do. There are some that you can buy that you can mould to your mouth yourself, or if you are a cheap-skate and you’re not so serious about the sport that you play, you buy one straight off the peg. Dentistry also uses mouth-guards for the protection of your teeth; teeth grinding is common place in the city and so a guard can protect the teeth from serious wear and tear. Such ‘mouth-guards’ are also used in orthodontic procedures when straightening teeth.


Superb Mini-implants arrive in London SE1

As technology improves and sneaks its way into dental surgeries all around London SE1, the range of treatments get faster, safer and easier to do. The prime example of this is the fitting of dental implants: once a long and complex operation, this treatment has become more refined thanks to the use of lasers and computers in their fitting and in the case of mini-implants, they can be fitted and ready to use in under the day! They have steeped out of the shadows of their bigger brother and are used in extraordinary treatments themselves. They can be used to house small incisor crowns when a tooth has been lost, but they do exceptional work when combined with dental bridges and help to anchor the bridge more securely to the mouth. But their most dramatic claim to fame is bringing relief to denture wearers: five or six of these implants strategically placed around the mouth simply lock onto the customised denture and hold it true and securely to the gums; combined with some of the latest cements on the market, your dentures are going nowhere ever again.


Seeing through Invisalign in South East London

If you ask anyone about the most important thing about having a brace or an aligner fitted, it is that they be discreet in the mouth, as this is important psychologically to the wearer. Well, if it’s discretion that you seek in south east London, then you should take a look at the master of illusion- Invisalign, as you’d be hard pushed to see it at all in the mouth. The reason for this is that when you sign up to this treatment, a series of aligners will be constructed from a completely transparent plastic that sit barely visible in the mouth! Which rather makes a mockery of its next asset: on average, this device works up to three times faster than its other competition out there, however, you may fall in love with its invisibility that you wouldn’t care how long it took to work. And this device gets even better as you can take it out whenever you want; great for eating and great for cleaning your teeth. Invisalign isn’t the cheapest option on the market today, but it is probably one of the most unique and hassle-free devices you could opt for to get your teeth straightened.


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